12 Easy Remedies To Clear Your Blocked Nose

Of all the 7.4 billion people alive till date, the odds of any one of them not being affected by common cold is very slim, since viruses spread very quickly and have already affected a lot of us. You must be very lucky if you haven’t yet fallen prey to the vicious curse of the common cold which brings us a blocked nose with immense discomfort. Congestion in your nose may be triggered because of different reasons that include viral fever, flu, frontal sinusitis, allergies, etc. However, irrespective of the cause, it affects your nose in the same way, by blocking them and making you feel uneasy to breathe. Doctors would recommend you all sorts of medicines to get rid of this acute condition, but for us, it still remains as an ordeal until the medicines do their job. So if you are looking to not be taken aback by this congestion, you could use the following easy remedies to have a clear nose at home.

1. Pressuring the right points

One of the most effective ways to release all the mucus from your nose is to make use of acupressure. By applying pressure in appropriate areas, you can force the mucus to flow out of your system. Force your tongue against the roof of your mouth and then using your fingers, simultaneously apply pressure on the area between your eyebrows that is the area right above your nose. Repeat this procedure until you feel all the mucus draining out of nostrils.

Blocked nose relief

2. Treat your nose to a sauna

After being blocked for so many hours, your nose could surely like to blow off some steam. It is the most simplest technique to clear your nose instantly for sure. Use a steam inhaler, which will drive out all your mucus instantly.

Steam inhaler blocked nose

In case you don’t have an inhaler, you could just boil some water and then inhale the vapours while covering your face and the bowl with a towel or any other cloth.

Home made steam inhaler

3. Basil leaves

Basil is a prominent herb in treating many ailments, including cold and cough. If you are suffering from stuffy nose then consuming basil leaves would help you in relieving the messy nose. Pluck out 3-4 basil leaves, wash them and chew it twice a day, or as per as your convenience. It might not taste so good, but it is a wise compromise from your side for having a clear nose. Or else you could have it with tea or warm water in case chewing isn’t preferred by you.

Basil for blocked nose

4. Consume a bowl of Consommé

Treat yourself with at least two bowls of hot consommé as it helps in clearing your sinuses. One must include hot soups in their meal everyday for their nose to be fully rid of unwanted mucus. Alternatively, you can opt for a hot chicken soup or a vegetable soup as per your preference. Apart from being tasty, it also provides you with useful nutrients.

consomme for stuffy nose

5. Spice up your meals

Spicy food that contains peppers and other chillies are a good way to clear your nasal congestion. The chemicals in these peppers irritate the mucus membranes of your nose and thereby release any unwanted thing in it its way as a reaction to those peppers. These are the same chemicals that have a hot sensation in your tongue as well. Eating spicy meals in times of stuffy nose is thus a good idea if you want to get rid of all the congestion, although at the expense of a possible uneasy nature’s call the next morning.

spicy food for blocked nose

6. Warm compress

Use a warm compress to comfort your sinuses. A handkerchief or small piece of cloth soaked with warm water can be placed over your head and nose. This will surely relieve your sinuses and doesn’t require a lot of efforts. This method will also help in reducing any fever that you have incurred due to the cold. Some compresses can also be put over your head while you are asleep and it can work its magic overnight.

7. Take hot showers

Who doesn’t like a hot shower? It helps you to relax and is such a nice pleasure during winters. The steam that builds up after spending some minutes in a hot spring bath would help you clear your nasal linings. It doesn’t just help your stuffy nose, but spending a few minutes in hot water baths and showers will aid in relieving you from any muscle pain that usually follows common cold and blocked nose. It is a great way to relax and treat your sinuses at the same time.

8. Ginger

Ginger is very useful in treating cold and cough. Consuming it on a daily basis will ensure your sinuses to be safe from any kind of discomfort. You can add it to warm water and drink it is a last minute concoction that will get rid of that blocked nose. This doesn’t show you results very soon, but if you are consistent with these concoctions then you will notice the differences yourself. Add some honey and lemon in the drink, it gets tastier and more beneficial.

ginger ale for blocked nose


9. Herbal tea

You could also have pure herbal teas which are made with special herbs like basil, rosemary leaves, carom seeds (ajwain), thyme, chamomile, peppermint, etc. Tea being a popular beverage consumed by the majority of us is a great drink to treat nasal congestion, adding some herbs to it would actually make it more healthy. Adding ginger and blackberries would further help in aiding the cleansing of your sinuses and throat. It is strongly recommended to drink herbal teas to free your throat and nose from coughs, sore throats and other infections.

10. Garlic

Undoubtedly the best remedy for curing blocked nose is to eat garlic cloves. Have two to three garlic cloves every morning or else prepare a garlic soup and have it before your meals. Garlic is a very flavourful ingredient and can also be used to add some zest in your everyday meal, this way ensuring good flavour and also smooth flow of your mucus.

11. Fragrances for relief

Some fruits and vegetables have a peculiar smell that triggers your sinuses in a way that opens them to make a clear way for the mucus to drain out. You can cut onion peels and sniff it repeatedly until you feel your nose running. Even eucalyptus oil’s fragrance has a similar effect on your nasal openings, try sprinkling some of it on your pillow or handkerchief in order to get its benefits most of the time.

12. Essential oils

A few drops of mustard oil, when dropped into your nostrils will feel uneasy at first, but as soon as it settles it brings a lot of comfort to your otherwise blocked nose. Same is the case with the likes of eucalyptus oil and oregano oil. If you don’t prefer putting it in as drops, you can also rub it around your nose like you would use a vapour rub.

In times of having a stuffy nose, your nose is filled with too much mucus for it to enable smooth breathing and even makes it tough for you to smell and assess any fragrance. Hopefully you have the above mentioned remedies to help you through your tough times.

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