12 Interesting Hobbies for the Homebound

Being at home has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, not disadvantages per se, but you eventually get bored. It’s necessary that you learn the ability to bring change to the monotony of life. As your comfortable sweet spot, your home can be an environment that brings immense confident to tap on to your talents, discover the ways of life, and help you to engage in interesting hobbies for the homebound. It is times at home, that you look towards alternatives to entertain yourself. Being homebound would in no way damper your professional skills, as there are numerous ways to entertain yourself right from the comforts of your house. Hence, for the love of being an introverted yet imaginative being, I’ve combined a list of 12 Interesting hobbies for the homebound. This is something you’ll completely dig and enjoy in your personal time. A free mind tends to accumulate destructive thoughts, but once you find ways to entertain yourself, you never look back.

So, let’s begin,

12. Gardening


As tedious as it sounds, gardening can be great, you’ll enjoy it from the realms of your home.It will also encourage you to pursue your inner skills. Also, plants can be your ally. You grow fond of them, and I can assure you, you’ll love how beautiful your house is going to turn out. There are people you can definitely ask, if you think I’m lying.

11. Social-media buff

You have all the time in the world, to discover social media, which is turning out to be the most entertaining of all sorts. Social media helps you find great deal of information, also, if you have a family business, you can manage the skills of marketing right from home. You’ll be bringing in some cash flow. How does that sound, now? Social media generates a lot many job opportunities. Staying at home, basically comes to your advantage in this case, for you get strong internet connections and a leisure time to think of ideas that could help you while you’re at it. This can actually be a completely amazing journey. Am I not right?

10. Reading Biographies and Novels


Reading is a leisure pass-time, biographies encourage you, while novels enhance your imaginative front. Read about the lives and struggles of famous visionaries, and learn the art to dedicate your life to a goal. Work towards it, maybe this will help you to engage in social activities, which can be easily attained by staying at home. All you need, would be an internet connection to contact the required NGO and help raise awareness for the cause that touches you the most. Isn’t being at home, inspiring now?

9. The diary entry

One thing to definitely try out is the habit of diary keeping, it helps you to maintain routines of the day. Although you stay at home, you tend to do things, talk to people, learn something new. Make sure to keep up with this great habit.

8. Online Courses

Being at home gives rise to a lot of online activity, and one thing to do, is to expand the horizon of your knowledge base, try out various online courses available to you at the click of your hand. Don’t you think the internet has a lot to offer? Ranging from language courses, digital marketing, web designing and what not. All these courses might help you land up a job as well. You enhance your CV and get a certificate as well. Excited much?

7. House Parties


Host house parties, haha! Yes, that too frequently. Once in a week, call your friends and play indoor games with them. You could also have a tea party, a sophisticated way to discuss your week. You can also start a book club and host discussions every 4-5 days. Movies are fun, too!

6. Cooking

Cooking is an art, and food is very dear to us, we love food and cooking gives us happiness.  I can assure you, whether you are a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, the hobby to try new recipes is good for you. The praises you’ll get from everyone at your place is a definite.  Now that you know what to do with all the free time you have, BAKE!! Who doesn’t love cookies? I surely do.


There’s a lot, and I mean this one literally, there are a lot of sit-coms and dramas for you to watch. Finish a season in a day, okay, not that fast. Once you engage yourself in a breathtaking drama, you’d never hear the end of it and it’ll engross you like no other thing can. Check out Net-flicks, get an account. Great idea, no?

4. YouTube

Even though, this isn’t the same, YouTube is a fun way to enjoy your days. There are a lot of YouTubers who post very interesting content. You’d learn a lot of new things. Check out their channels, subscribe and watch your life change to become better, it’s fun mostly because the content is renewed very frequently. Also, if you find it entertaining, start a channel of your own and make great money from home. All you require is a unique idea.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a great hobby for people who tend to stay at home, all you need is to join a blogging site. It can be of various genres including lifestyle, fashion, technology, beauty and makeup. Generate some great content and watch how people get hooked to it. Organize a calendar to make sure you post frequently. It’ll be a fun pass-time, and one that fetches you money.

2. FreeLance jobs



Freelancing is defined by the act of being at home and finding jobs suitable to your talents. There a lot of people online who want brilliant output and are willing to pay per assignment. All you need to do is enroll at any freelance job sites, provide them with necessary certificates, pitch in your bid and get paid for your work.

1. Quilling and DIYs


Now that you know about YouTube and blogging, know that there are a lot of ideas out there and you can try these do it yourself videos for fun, try quilling or arts and crafts to engage yourself and enjoy at home. Now, if that isn’t perfect, then what is?

With this in mind, don’t you think, being at home is not going to be boring from now on? We all wish for a life that is entertaining and throws challenges at us, but there are times, we have to give in, for the sake of children, or for the lack of knowledge, which is very easy to change. Now that you’ve been enlightened, you can turn your life towards a better side, and become self sufficient even while sitting at home, and I believe that to be magnificent in one word. For life cannot tear down the determined and a little fun is meant for all, let it be you or me.

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