12 Most Haunted Places Around The World

We can all relate to the moment, when after watching a horror movie, you feel like your house is pretty haunted too. However, in some places around the world, it’s a regular affair. Many places around the world have gotten the reputation of being haunted, due to unexplained apparitions or screams or any other ghost activity. Isolated and located in remote areas, these areas give the spooks to anyone who dares to enter them. So we decided to give you a virtual tour of some of the most haunted places around the world.

12. Monte Cristo Homestead, Australia


When you look at the Monte Cristo Homestead, the first thought in your mind would be that it’s a very homely place. However, the house has a very dark history. Often touted as the ‘Most haunted house in Australia’, it is considered to be haunted due to the number of deaths in the house. A maid was apparently pushed over a balcony, a stable boy burned to death while he was sleeping, and a baby girl was thrown down the stairs in the house. The family who lives in Monte Cristo, the Ryans, purchased the haunted property in 1963 and claimed that they have had many encounters with ghosts in the house. They now run ghost tours and offer sleepovers for those who dare to spend a night in the haunted house.

11. Fort George, Canada

fort george canada

A book called ‘Niagra’s Ghosts at Fort George’ claims that this is the most haunted place in Canada. Fort George, which is located in Ontario, Canada, was an important place during the War of 1812, serving as the headquarters for the British military. Once the war was over, the place was left to ruin and had also been destroyed by the Americans. Today, the place has become famous due to the haunting incidents in many areas within Fort George. Many investigations have been made into the area, with people claiming that they have felt someone brushing by them or have seen apparitions, especially one of a young woman. Commonly known as ‘The Woman in the Mirror’, people claim to have seen her dressed in 19th-century clothing and is often seen in the office quarters. Another common sighting is of a man nicknamed ‘Irving’ who is often seen on the upper level of the barracks.

10. Tower of London, England


The Tower of London in England is officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress but is also famous for the hauntings in the iconic building. It is reputed as being one of the most haunted places in the UK. The apparitions of Thomas A. Beckett and Arbella Stuart are said to be common in the building. Another sinister ghost in the Tower of London is said to be that of Queen Anne Boleyn, who was beheaded in the tower. There have also been many other apparitions in the tower since it was used as a prison during the two World Wars and has witnessed the execution of many prisoners.

9. Poveglia Island, Italy

poveglia island

Poveglia Island in Venice, Italy has earned the reputation of being ‘The Island of Madness’. The island has a very dark history behind it and has witnessed torture and death right from the Roman Era. During the plague famously called the Black Death, it served as a dumping ground for the dead, with almost 1,60,000 plague victims being dumped on the island and being buried or burned. Also, a psychiatric hospital was built on the island in the early 1900s, and many patients within the hospital who were considered mad said they saw the ghosts of the plague victims on the island. Today, the island is isolated and many investigators have visited Poveglia but only returned with dread from the experience of going to the haunted island.

8. Castle of Good Hope, South Africa


The Castle of Good Hope in South Africa is the oldest colonial building in Cape Town. The historic building has become famous for being haunted after many claimed to have seen ghosts in the Castle. Over the years, many ghosts including a ‘Grey Lady’, the ghost of Governor Van Noodt, and an 8-foot apparition were seen in the castle. The guards who guard the Castle at night have given many accounts of hearing screams and strange voices and footsteps from within the castle.

7. Old Changi Hospital, Singapore


Touted as Singapore’s most haunted place, old Changi Hospital is a former hospital which was built in 1935. It was used in the Second World War as a prison camp by the Japanese, and many Australians, Indians, Britishers and Malays were imprisoned within its walls. They were tortured by the Japanese, often being impaled or executed. The building also witnessed the murders of Japanese soldiers after the war ended. The building was abandoned after people reported hearing screams and seeing apparitions of the Japanese soldiers. Even today, Singaporeans and tourists are wary of going near the hospital, due to its sinister aura.

6. Waverly Hills Sanitorium, US


Waverly Hills Sanitorium in Kentucky, US is a building which was opened in 1910 as a hospital for tuberculosis patients. At the time, TB was seen as a very dangerous epidemic and patients, doctors and staff within Waverly Hills were completely cut off from the rest of the world, to prevent the disease from spreading. Records show that there have been almost 64,000 deaths in the hospital. It was abandoned after the cure to tuberculosis was discovered, but the building remained haunted by the spirits of the patients. Many apparitions of ghosts have been seen by visitors since then.

5. Ancient Ram Inn, England


The Ancient Ram Inn is a landmark in the village of Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire, England. It was built in 1145 and was used as a keeping house for slaves, and also the workers who constructed St Mary Church. The building is said to have huge amounts of paranormal energy and has been bought and sold many times. Devil worship evidence has been found in the Inn and is suspected to have been a Pagan burial ground. The Inn has a haunted room called ‘The Bishop’s Room’, where hotel guests have often fled in the middle of the night due to paranormal sightings.

4. Bhangarh Fort, India


Bhangarh Fort is a 17th-century fort located in Alwar in Rajasthan, India. The fort is famous for being the ‘Most Haunted Place in India’ and has witnessed many paranormal activities. It is forbidden to enter the fort or be near it at night. Many have felt the presence of haunted spirits in the area after nightfall. Blood-curdling screams have been heard from within the fort and few people who dared to go into the fort after nightfall reported seeing apparitions. One incident related to the paranormal activities within the fort is that of a boy who was exploring the fort after night with his friends and fell into a well. His friends rescued him, but on the way to a hospital, they were killed in an accident. Incidents like these have affirmed the locals’ suspicison of the haunting of the fort.

3. Island of Dolls, Mexico

island of dolls

On one tiny island of Mexico, one is greeted with a creepy sight- hundreds of decaying dolls as far as the eye can see. The Island of Dolls, or La Isla de las Muñecas, is an island in Mexico which has a haunting history. The island was owned by a local farmer Don Julian Santana, who witnessed the drowing of a little girl, who then began haunting the island. Out of fear, he collected dolls and hung them around the island to ward off her ghost. The island has become a popular tourist spot due to the dolls, and many have claimed that the eyes of the dolls follow them wherever they go.

2. Iulia Hasdeu Castle, Romania

iulia hasdeu castle

Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Romania was built in 1893 by Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu, who built the castle as a tribute to his daughter Iulia who wasa victim of tuberculosis. In an effort to connect with her spiti, Bogdan built a separate room within the castle in which he conducted several spiritual exercises. Even now, years after Bogdan’s death, many people claim to have seen Iulia’s spirit wandering in the castle in a white dress, and some visitors claim to have heard her playing the piano.

1. Aokigahara Forest, Japan


On the foothills of the Mount Fuji in Japan lies Aokigahara Forest or its more common name, the Suicide Forest. The forest which is one of the most popular spots for suicide, witnessing almost 247 suicide attempts in 2010 alone. Visitors have claimed that it is very easy to lose your way in the forest, and they often come across the bodies of people who have chosen to end their lives in the forest. The eerieness of the bodies and the dark atmosphere of the forest has given rise to stories about spirits called Yurei who reside in the forest, and plague its visitors.


In addition to these places, there are many haunted places around the world which give the chills to any person who visits them. There are many who seek the thrill of haunted regions and people host haunted tours or sleepovers in haunted areas. Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, haunted places will give you that spooky feeling that is always unexplained.

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