12 Quirks to Keep Your Love Alive

Being in love is as enchanting as it can get. It’s a rush, an excitement, a blooming love carries immense happiness which cannot be expressed in its entirety. We’ve all experienced the sleepless nights, the endless dreaming, and some dreamy scenarios in our teenage days. Being in love is a state of bliss, but staying in love is unique. The pleasure of knowing someone like they are a part of you, and still enjoying every day with them like there’s more to discover every passing minute is a sign of an eternal bond, which marks the end of the ever long search for your true love. Love is an emotion, we’ve polluted with all the preoccupied notions where you’re suppose to give up your individuality to find a we, but in reality, the perfect amalgamation of two individuals, where acceptance has penetrated and where positivity exist with the factor of trust.  You let your partner be, and all this leads to the destination to pure love. There is no such thing as compromise, love is effortless, I’m not saying you don’t have to neglect the needs of your partner, but love doesn’t come with terms and conditions. On that note, let’s unravel a list of 12 Quirks to keep your love alive, ignited and soulful for the days to come.

Let’s get going

12. The monopoly of love


No, you are not supposed to trade in your parnter for a better one, I would never ask you to do that. Monopoly here is a reference to a day dedicated to fun activities. Okay, this is an experimental one, dedicate any day of the week, every week for you to enjoy some games together. Now, this game could be a made-up one, you could experiment with making silly videos/vlogs, trying to create your own cookery show, or probably enact a favorite scene from a movie you love, this day is for you to be kids again, for you to enjoy the fun a new relationship brings, the days where you again discover the competitiveness of your partner, Doesn’t this sound interesting, now?

11. Sudden and unexpected surprises

Where have surprises evaded out of our lives?  I remember, earlier, life used to be all about giving unexpected surprises to the people you love, and by surprise, I do not mean, giving your loved one an expensive gift or a party, I am talking about little surprises, showing up at their work-place during their lunch hour, sneaking notes for them to discover later and at places they’d actually find, there is a loop hole after all, cannot let all your effort go into the washing machine. Right? What do you say?

10. Practicing the art of maturity


You’ve been together for a while now, and it’s time for you to let go of the silly fights that persist for they turn into bigger ones and prove to be a breaking point in life, for every human gets tired and so will your partner, to keep your love alive, remember to mature with your relationships, grow and respect your partner, and accept them for who they are, that’s the most romantic thing ever and helps you keep your love alive.

9. Dreaming together

The key to keeping your love alive is in being together, giving space is important which I’ll be coming to in a minute, but it is necessary that you make a wish-list of things you want to do and tick them off with time, enjoy life as it comes, do not be in a hurry, explore each other, and fulfill all your wishes together, a happy heart is content and tends to keep others happy too.

8. Double Dates/Random Outings


Okay, you’d ask, how will I be in the state of eternal love if I enjoy with other couples, I’ll tell you how, with other people around, it is all good for your chemistry to be even become stronger. The more, the merrier, you’d definitely create more memories and enjoy more. Meeting new people with your partner can be a fun one too, you’d discover good things about others and each-other as well.



7. A day at home



Yes, going out and having fun is great but a day at home is a day at home. home is where our comfort is, and for you to keep your love alive, practice the art of enjoying the simplicity and warmth that indoors provide. Watch a movie together, talk about your life, and embrace the love of just being with each other.

6. Building a career with them

A couple that encourages each other is a couple that lasts. You’ve brought the passion for work in your partner, you’ve never let them get disheartened, you always support each other and are trying to be big on your own terms and on an individual level, which makes it all the more fun. A support and backbone makes it special which would increase your love as well as keep it alive for you see them at their down-low and also at heights and you never leave each others site.

5. Food brings love

Yeah, obviously, food is the asnwer to every thing in life, am I not right? On a serious note, I mean, eat one meal together, always, this way you have time for each-other, you discuss things, and are tight as a seal. Yummy, ain’t it?

4. Trust.

Important, very important. You need to put in some trust in your love, you cannot always be possessive and keep on asking for every minute detail about their life, trust your partner and keep their trust intact, a key to a good and secure relationship.

3. The great space factor


All I’m saying is, you need to let them meet new people, go out with their colleagues, and this goes down to both, girls and boys, the way I see it is, if there is some amount of space, you’d have more aspects to explore, and it never becomes monotonous.

2. Going out tripping


You have to, I mean it, you have to go out with your partner to various trips, discover new locations together, go on treks, unravel some adventure sports and have the time of your life, these trips make the immortal memories that you’d cherish forever. I don’t think you should give up on them, ever.

1. You’ve got Mail

I did talk about giving them space, respecting their choices, and their private life but do not get lost in it as well, you need to keep up with the communication and talk to them about problems you might be facing or things that worry you. Write emails to each other, I guess that ways it is easier to express, and is more cute, but, a one on one interaction is the best you can do, well, relish the beauty of being in love and the pleasure it brings.

Any extreme is harmful and so is with your love life, giving more attention to every peculiar detail and not giving any might rampant your relationship but it depends on you whether you keep your love alive or not, all it takes is talking to each other and embracing the love you have. Talk your heart out, know them, become a part of them but never lose your individuality, do not pollute love, cherish it and forever keep it alive.

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