12 Signs you’re Addicted to a TV show

Breaking bad. The Flash. The 100. The middle. Gossip girl. 2 broke girls. Two and a half men. Suits. Jane the Virgin. Dexter. Everybody loves Raymond. The Walking Dead. What more can you possibly want from life right? And this is coming straight out of an out-and-out sitcom aficionado. I often wonder how some twenty minutes can change one’s mood so drastically. Notwithstanding how bad your day has been so far, your favorite TV show will never fail to cheer you up! TV

  1. The theme song takes your breath away

Each time you hear ‘I’ll be there for you’, you are back in the couch of ‘Central Perk’. And every time you hear the words ‘And it all started with a big bang’, you are transported to the broken elevator and Sheldon’s ‘spot’! The theme song heralds the beginning of your favorite show, hence you can’t ever afford to be apathetic – to say the least – to it.

  1. You watch a single episode multiple times

An episode of your favorite show has the power to entertain you not only once but also over and over again. You are more mesmerized each time you re-watch it. There is always something more to love about it, isn’t there? You’re not hooked to a show unless and until you have watched episodes more than once for everybody can watch an episode on one occasion, but in order to join the fan club you need to WANT to watch it again and again! Take for instance, I have watched Sherlock and Moriarty’s first meeting by the pool a countless number of times (literally)!

  1. People who like your favorite show are the best kinds of people that there are

And there’s no doubt about the said fact. You can talk to these people for hours on end. You can talk about your favorite character and what makes them your favorite. You can bet on what the future episodes will unfurl. What will happen to Damon? Can his brother save him? And you can also curse the cliffhangers together or make memes! And what if someone speaks ill of your favorite show? Never talk to him again. Right?

  1. You are friends with the characters

You’re ‘friends’ with Joey and Phoebe and you can’t help it. Why wouldn’t you be? Also, you have been friends with Nathan (One Tree Hill), haven’t you? You’re ecstatic and euphoric when he is happy, and you’re heartbroken and inconsolable when he’s sad. This is one of the biggest signs that you can’t live without the show. The rational you may say that he is an actor playing Nathan’s part but how can Nathan be NOT REAL?

  1. You sacrifice your sleep to watch one episode after another

You know you just CAN’T STOP. Your bed time is long gone but it fails to budge you. You know you’re fixated and you know it never is ‘just this one episode’. But there’s no blaming you, since I know what ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ can do to people. And I know how much you NEED to know if Ted and Robin meet. I hear you pal!

  1. You love to watch interviews of the actors

Would it not be injustice if you didn’t? All hail YouTube! I have a long list of my much-loved shows. Whether it was ‘Make it or break it’ or ‘Packed to the Rafters’, I always made it a point to know more about the people behind the screen. What are they actually like? Is there any particular way they talk which is different from that in the show? You might as well have a different reason, all the same you will inevitably and inescapably research everything that there is on the Internet about the show!

  1. You force those people who haven’t watched the show to watch the show

Haven’t you watched ‘The Mindy Project’ or the ‘Community’ or the ‘Supergirl’? That can’t be it. How can you NOT watch them? Watch them this week itself so that we can catch up as soon as possible. Sounds like you? Let me break the fact to you (though it might be none of your concerns and you may even go as far as to consider it outrageous) that the other person may be busy or may simply not be someone who’s into TV shows. Not impossible!

  1. The wait for a new episode is sickening

Oh isn’t it? How long can your inquisitiveness wait for? You have every right to know if Elena is coming back. Don’t you agree with me? Watching old episodes is one thing and holding your breath for a new one is a completely different thing.

  1. What’s real life?

When you’re into a TV show, you don’t think of it as a virtual world. And even if you do, you let that world take precedence over your real world – that too, very very comfortably. The people around you don’t excite you as much as the people on the show do and so you prefer the show to going out with friends or family. Furthermore, you’re fine with these choices.

  1. The relationships on the show are more imperative than your personal ones

Hell yeah! You let your personal relationships suffer because of the on-screen relationships between characters. Does this not speak volumes on the level of your addiction? You are ready to miss your nephew’s wedding because of a ‘wedding I have been awaiting for I can’t remember how long’!

  1. You take decisions on behalf of the characters

You can give the writers of the show a run for their money. You might even start instructing the characters what to do via telepathy. Oh God how could she say no to him? Why did he not tell her the truth about her cousin? You’re disappointed when things don’t happen the way you would have liked them to.

  1. When the show ends, you know your life will never be the same again

You’re emotionally wrecked. The symptoms of a break up follow because you lose track of the lives of your favorite characters. Nevertheless, I can assure you that you’ll be alright and normal again as soon as you enter a new fandom. It’s not like you won’t miss the show, but you’ll learn to live happily again without it.

So which TV show are you addicted to? And why?

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