12 Things Every Only Child Will Understand

We are the spoiled brats. We are the favorites of our parents. We are the only children. We may be typecast as a hundred different things, nonetheless we are super normal (perhaps excluding the fact that we talk to our Mums ten times a day over phone). We are blessed that we don’t have anyone to spoil our little black dress nor to ruin the first sculpture we ever made. We also saved a lot of our parents’ hard-earned money. Isn’t it so munificent of us? Yet, the pitiful and tragic part remains that we’ll never be uncles or aunts (at least biologically). We always wonder what’s it like to have huge family meals. Yep, we are jealous of people with siblings at times. At other times, we’re just thankful for being the cynosure of all eyes. It’s what has made us the kind of a person that we are today. We wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Interested in knowing what’s it like to be a single child (even if you’re not one)? Carry on reading!


  1. Growing up was never lonesome

We might have grown up alone but we were not lonely. We didn’t get to know what or how it feels like to have a brother or a sister, but that may be the reason why we never missed them. You can’t miss anything unless and until you are accustomed to it, can you? At the end of the day, we happen to be a lot more independent than most people.

  1. We are the creative lot

If you are an only child like me, I bet your creativity as well as imagination can surpass that of a multitude. Whether it is writing or photography or acting, you owe it to your being a single child of your parents. Or how do you think you could have devoted so much time to your hobby so as to transform it into your passion?

  1. Our parents are over protective

Why wouldn’t they be? We are all they have and they are all we have. There is only a solitary outlet for all the love and affection. Our parents become the siblings we never had. The relationship on either side is indeed matchless and only one of its kind!

  1. We can share things

True we didn’t care to share things in our childhood because there was no need to. The chocolate bar was fated to be finished just by us! Now that we are older, we have learned the art of sharing. If sharing is caring, we do care and we will offer you anything we’re having (no matter how much we grudge it later)!

  1. We are averse to conflict and drama

Our lives have been quite undisturbed and complacent. We are better off without pointless and superfluous interruptions and intrusions. There was no running around the house crying and trying to punch one’s sister in order to get even or grumbling to father how one’s brother has kept back the remote control of the television all day. Since we are not familiar with impositions and infringements, we like to stay out of trouble and mind our own business in most cases.

  1. We mature faster

We are, more or less, in the company of adults most of the time. We get to spend less time with kids. So folks who have been an only child tend to grow up at a hasty pace as compared to others. With the exception of our friends who belong to the same age group as us, we have chatters and talks with the grown ups and the veteran set of people.

  1. We are thin-skinned

We are emotional. We are not used to fights and bickering. And we are not outstandingly good at handling such state of affairs either. We are sensitive and we don’t know how to deal with irate or cross people at times. We also suck at the blame game, thanks to our gullibility.

  1. We are always trying to make our parents proud

Well, an only child knows that all hopes of his or her parents are pinned on him or her. He/she is aware of an enormous responsibility (or burden) on his/her shoulder. If he (or she) doesn’t do it, who else will? Therefore, one can’t help but work extra hard so that one is able to fulfill all their desires. Only children may even need to trample on their own ambitions.

  1. We may not function well as a group

Most of the only children resist moving in packs. They are their more productive and prolific versions when they are left to themselves. I don’t mean to say that they don’t get along with others, however these people will predominantly have their self-sufficient mode on.

  1. You know how it is to be the negotiator between your parents

The go-between or the third-party so to speak. When parents fight, you can’t stop them and when they go on without talking to each other for days, you might as well win yourself the coveted (or not) role of the messenger. The likes of messages you, as a rule, transmit are ‘tell your mother I’ll be late’ and ‘ask your father to go to the supermarket tonight.’

  1. You don’t know how to hold a baby

This happens. Doesn’t it? Your cousin is a new mother to a baby girl and you’re too scared to rock her in your arms because she’s ‘the most fragile thing you’ve ever seen’! How you envy all the people who not only do it but also make it look so darn easy! You panic because you never have had to hold a baby in your life. You’re not trained because you got no little sister or brother. The blame’s on your parents, right?

  1. Your parent’s home is decorated with your pictures

Isn’t that kind of sweet? You are the one they brag about and there’s no harm in it. You complain about how the wall looks so clumsy or tacky with not an inch left but no body lends you an ear! You might not like your hair in the graduation photograph or your dress in the first day of school, all the same those days are gone – never to return – and so, in due course, you make up your mind to cherish and relish the memories instead.

Apart from these 12 things, I have one more. We have never faced any competition in our early days. So we have turned out to be our best critics and best admirers. Do you have any ‘only child’ story with you?

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