12 things only a Make up Addict will Understand

I’m so very fond of my make up kit that it has inspired me to pen a list of 12 things that every make up lover will identify herself with. So let’s find out if YOU are a make up addict too. To that purpose, I have some questions coming up. Does contouring give you a high? Do your colleagues ask for your recommendations on their forthcoming make up purchases? Do you get mad at yourself when you accidentally scratch your right eyebrow? Do you have an extensive wishlist of make up products? If most of the answers to these questions is a ‘that’s me’, I hope you wouldn’t mind putting up with this list. Go on. make

  1. Cosmetic shops are your favorite hang out places

Seriously. You can check them out all day long (and almost certainly all night as well)! You wonder how you could ‘skip’ the plum eye shadow the day before yesterday. Furthermore, you can cover every inch of your visible skin with the testers of lipsticks and eye liners, can’t you? They give you the kind of high which nothing else can give.

  1. The get up is hard to say no to

Certain packaging can actually lead you to buy a product which, obviously, you wouldn’t mind. You’re in love with the ‘awww so cute’ compact case. It’s your kryptonite (under all circumstances) and the multinational companies are aware of this. Take the following as an example. You just ‘needed’ a lip gloss but in some miraculous way, you’re now left with a lipstick, a mascara and a couple of nail paints. How did that just happen?

  1. Money spent on make up is always worth it

You can regret the money you frittered on your last birthday party or on your solo trip or on your French lessons. But can you do the same to all the money you’ve ever squandered on make up? NO. You have made the most of every penny there. Agree?

  1. Your friends crowd you before a party

Do you have a lipstick that will go with my dress? Will you do the ‘smoky eyes’ please? This is the usual state of affairs before any party. You are assigned to make cheek bones and eyebrows ‘perfect’. And why wouldn’t you be? You are better done with your own make up at the earliest!

  1. You can be late for the sake of make up

Those times when the eyeliner just wouldn’t be tamed? Or the foundation just wouldn’t blend? Can the knowledge that you’re running late and your boyfriend has been waiting for quarter of an hour induce you to give up on your make up? What do you think? A true make up addict doesn’t leave her place till she is satisfied that her hard work will pay off.

  1. You’re the happiest while doing your make up

Make up makes you happy. Period. You know you’re headed to a tedious outing and the only things that have the potential to make your day better are Maybelline and L’oreal. You’re absolutely in love with these guys, that’s why you’re the happiest when you spend time with them!

  1. You show your make up off on Instagram

Instagram is ‘the social network’ for you. You pageant either the winged eyeliner or the ‘limited edition’ nail paint. One fleeting look at your feed is enough to term you a ‘make up addict’. Mission accomplished! Phew.

  1. You can’t thank YouTube tutorials enough

Can you? Where do you think you would be without those make up tricks and hacks? You are eternally obliged and indebted for all the knowledge and insight that have ever given to you over the course of years. You even believe in spreading the word and in view of that, you tutor your fellow make up enthusiasts! Keep up the good work. Cheers!

  1. Make up is a magic potion

Who would have thought so? But you know it’s a fact when you juxtapose your ‘no make up selfie’ with your ‘make up selfie’. You can’t help exclaiming, ‘And all of them keep running after ‘natural beauty’? Hah.’ Also, this is how you justify squandering a ‘substantial’ amount of your salary on make up. There will never be a time when you’ll hear these words escape you, ‘I don’t need to buy any more make up. I have every item I need.’ Nope. Never.

  1. Chipping your nails is nightmarish

You’ve just applied the top coat and your hand touches the back of your bag. Who wouldn’t call that a nightmare, come on? Or let’s think about this. You have a date in the evening with ‘this really cute guy I met’ and you break a nail in the morning. Honestly, does this not have ‘catastrophe’ written all over it in bold?

  1. Sleep vs make up? Easy choice.

Your part of the globe may be sleeping, but here you are, wide awake. Yawning and putting on make up. You love your pillows and your bed linens (and you’re allowed to miss them as much as you want), but not more than that white tip pencil and the kohl pencil – no way! How can you step out if your make up is not up to the mark?

  1. You look at someone’s make up and start analysing everything!

I know this happens to you too! Like, ‘look at her lipstick. I have seen searching for that shade all my life.’ Or ‘what mascara did she use? I too want those never ending eyelashes!’ You are adept at striking conversations with complete strangers over make up essentials and you take pride in it. It shows how passionate you’re about make up.

Make up requires dexterousness. And perfecting the art of make up is very much similar to perfecting any skill you possess, whether it may be sewing or cooking or anything under the sun. Everyone desires to look good. Make up addicts just happen to go a step further so as to make sure that everything is in place. It’s the way they have chosen to celebrate the goodness that lies in each day, irrespective of whether they have a party that day or not. One may opine that theirs is an unhealthy choice. Nevertheless, a person’s freedom of expression is something personal which nobody has a right to curtail. Don’t you think so?

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