12 things only a Shopaholic will understand

To shop or not to shop. That is the question. Have you watched the movie ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ starring Isla Fisher? Shopaholics on popular media even include the likes of Rachel Green (Friends) and Lily Aldrin (How I Met Your Mother). Rings a bell? Notwithstanding how consumerism is largely condemned, we all have an aunt or a friend who drives us crazy whenever we agree to accompany them to the mall. No?!? Well then, YOU might be the one driving your aunt or your friend crazy! Don’t think it’s feasible? Isn’t there even a slight possibility? Think about it. I got a whole list for you!


  1. Shopping is therapeutic

What? Don’t believe it? A shopping therapy can make a shopaholic get over anything you can name under the sun. She may have had the biggest fight with her boyfriend/husband/best friend or she may have just moved out of her parent’s home. It simply doesn’t matter because apparently, shopping is the only possible cure which can drown all her sorrows and miseries of life.

  1. Window shopping is never window shopping

So it’s the end of the month and you are out with a friend just for a cup of coffee and window shopping. But does the window take pity on your bank balance? Of course not. You may have promised yourself a thousand things back at home, but you know how easily you can convince yourself to get that crop top which will look ‘so cool’ with that pair of jeans you bought last Friday!

  1. More is always better

You possess each and every shade of pink lipstick that can be. Yet, when the salesgirl smudges the back of your hand with the new tester – you know you ‘have’ to buy it! It’s darker than the shade you last bought, but lighter than the Maybelline one you are now wearing! In short, more is always better for you. More choices and more options. In fact, the more difficult it is to choose, the more thrilling it is! Isn’t it?

  1. Wearing a shirt for two consecutive days translates into disaster

Yes! Shopaholics take pride in the diversity on the other side of their closet. Chances are, they take ages to decide what they should be wearing – even if it’s just grocery shopping! If a person sees you wearing a piece of attire that you had just donned yesterday, it spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R right away. Doesn’t it?

  1. Being a fashion guru is love

There’s this party this weekend. And people are flocking to you for your priced fashion advice. They plead you to rescue them by escorting them to the showroom and then picking out the best outfit for them. If that’s not what they want, they are after borrowing your clothes. You are overwhelmed by their level of trust and confidence in you. Don’t you just love feeling like a celebrity already? You are the window to the world of fashion and you will never trade this for anything. Right? You go through fashion magazines, blogs, YouTube videos and Instagram photos. You thank them with all your heart because they help you add things to your shopping list. And without them, where do you think you would be?

  1. Your collection of footwear is unimaginable

You got different foot wears to adorn you in each of these occasions: wedding parties, office parties, dates, birthday parties, outing with friends, trekking and so on and so forth. And they obviously have to be in accordance with your dress. That’s not all. There are also foot wears for sunny days, winter days and rainy days of the year!

  1. Buying accessories is what you live for

Shopaholics largely display a fetish for watches, bags and jewellery. Because you ‘just can’t’ wear that gown if you don’t have a clutch to go with it. You have a dozen of bags lying idle at home, and you decide to buy them a friend! Or else how would you possibly justify possessing a sea green sling bag? Oh wait. You can buy a dress next time that would ‘totally go’ with the bag!

  1. ‘Sale’ is another word for ‘happiness’

There’s the synonym for ‘Sale’. Shopaholics shop all year round. Nonetheless, when a shopaholic encounters ‘Sale’ on a shopping spree, she’ll spend more just because she thinks she’s getting so much more for her money! She’ll argue with herself, ‘If I don’t buy this now, I have to spend double the money next month to get it.’ So she buys and buys till her credit card is ready to give up its ghost.

  1. Shopping online is heavenly

You are home because you have already been to all the malls and you simply want to ‘check out’ the online stores. And it’s no secret that you end up more than just ‘checking out’! Shopping is what you live for and probably what you work so hard for. New things inspire you, and when you get hold of one – you can’t wait to show it off!

  1. You can’t ever give up your belongings

Absolutely not! That pink shorts may not have had the pleasure of touching your skin in the last two years, but does that mean you’re ready to toss it? Or the first ripped denim skirt that you bought? There’s a slight possibility of you squeezing into it and that’s how you will wear it again someday, and you feel it in your bones. How can you be even told to imagine someone else wearing that? Arghh.

  1. Price tags and bookmarks are practically the same

It happens! Definitely. With so many tags on the sofa and on the carpet, you just pick one up and put it inside ‘The Bell Jar’ and the ‘Fountainhead’! This way you can gloat over your purchases for a while. It’s also what you can count as one of the many, many advantages of spending hours in cloth houses! Not only are you creative but also highly imaginative. Want some more bonus?

  1. Your closet is jam-packed

Well, isn’t it obvious? You whine and you complain. But the funny part remains, you always manage to squash your ever-widening collection together – no matter what. Because unless you’re so skillfully able to do that, you are not a true shopping devotee! Are you?

So let’s go shopping all the way!

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Srijani Nag