12 things only a Workaholic will Understand

Most people shy away from work per se. Enter a workaholic whom Google defines as someone ‘who compulsively works excessively hard and long hours’. As an afterthought, it adds ‘While the term generally implies that the person enjoys their work, it can also imply that they simply feel compelled to do it.’ Does this look like you? Not sure? Let me help you find out. On the basis of the 12 things given down below, you can assess for yourself if you’re a true workaholic. Shall we get going?


  1. Having a busy schedule gets your adrenaline going

Workaholics go by the mantra ‘To work is to live’ and never the other way round. You are after accomplishing a dozen of goals each day, which will practically leave you with no time for your family or for your hobbies. You are accustomed to being greeted with the cold stare of your kid and the snoring of your spouse (because he or she has let go of her expectations whatsoever long, long ago). Now how cool is that?

  1. There’s nothing like taking the reins of your life into your very hands

Workaholics learn to rely solely on themselves. They know exactly how to get things done and take credit for the same later on. They are extremely independent and responsible people. They are, to put clearly, the best at what they do and as a result, they choose to have all the burden on their shoulders.

  1. Who doesn’t like to talk about work?

Since work is what their entire lives have been pirouetting around so far, they converse about work like nobody else can and like nothing else matters. A workaholic is very likely to skip the parent-teacher meeting in his or her daughter’s school, however he or she is not bothered by it. For that matter, it’s not consequential enough for him (or her). All he/she can think and talk about is his/her meeting with ‘a very important client’ early the next morning!

  1. Who wants to throw away one-third of his life sleeping?

Not a workaholic. Certainly. While most people ‘love to sleep’, we have a completely another breed of men and women. These are the ones whose beds fail to seduce them, and whose best friends are alarm clocks! A person who works ceaselessly and crazily night and day simply wants to make the best use of the time available – to the extent that he (or she) can’t help but forget about the daily cycle of the Sun and the Moon.

  1. Work is both pleasure and pain personified

Workaholics are obsessed with their work. Work is truly their panacea. Nevertheless, it’s work which keeps them up all night and brings out their buried self. Work is pain because work is demanding and draining. For them, there is ‘always more work to do’ and they are never satisfied. Yet they can’t imagine their life sans work. ‘Strange’ you would probably think!

  1. People are sweeped away by your capability

Well, aren’t they? Everyone knows how committed you are to your job, and they are always complimenting you on your superhuman power. And you know you have earned every bit of them and you rightfully deserve them. People are impressed, nonetheless you’re acutely aware of the price you pay each minute. When your colleagues are out partying, you remain glued to the lifeless screen of your laptop. Who would say that’s easy?

  1. Your workplace is more exciting than your home

You spend most of your waking hours at office, therefore it’s given that your desk allures you more than your couch back home. It not only inspires and motivates your productive self to its very zenith but also gives you a feeling of identity as well as self-worth which no other place can possibly do.

  1. Friendships and social contacts are not your thing

Every relationship asks for effort and time. And a workaholic agrees to part with those two most precious things in his or her life only when he or she is assured of its return in terms of ‘work done’. But let me be clear. It doesn’t make him (or her) a bad or evil person. It’s just part of how he/she is wired. Some people derive pleasure from social relationships, and some from the work they do.

  1. You got no time to spend your hard earned money

While a majority of people will work hard in order to splurge even harder, the handful of workaholics that exist are not even used to entertain such petty ideas and trivial affairs. They don’t work to, say, buy things. They work for work’s sake and their aim is to keep working till a distant and obscure future. Moreover, these workaholics will eventually fall out with anyone who inquires, ‘Where’s the fun in that?’

  1. You get way too many missed calls

Unlike non-workaholics, your cell phone has never had the privilege of topping your priority list. The phone may continue to ring and buzz with no respite. You take ages to respond to folks trying to reach out to you. Reason? Because you’re busy with ‘better stuff’ and chit chats on phone are supposed to wait. This may annoy the one on the other side of the line, but that’s not your concern either. Hence, in short, no big deal.

  1. What do you exactly mean when you say ‘a vacation’?

Okay. When 365 days can fall short, how can a workaholic sunbathe in Miami for SEVEN days? Work is oxygen and you better not deprive the workaholic of it. Although he (or she) may be the most restless being in town, no hill or valley can secure him (or her) the peace of mind that comes to him (or her) with working. And no, it’s not eccentric at all.

  1. You don’t visit the doctor

Where’s the time? Just so. And what’s the doctor going to say anyways? ‘Don’t work at the expense of your health’? Or ‘Start doing away with such amounts of caffeine immediately ’? The last thing you need is a lecture about eating and sleeping right. Thus you choose to stay as far away from the doctor as you can. You’re convinced that it won’t serve you any good. So there’s no changing your mind either.workaholic3

So are you a workaholic or do you know one? What say?



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