12 things only People who wear Contact Lenses will Understand

Where do I even start on this necessary evil commonly named contact lenses? You can’t rub your eyes. You can’t cry. You panic when you forget or are unsure if the contacts have expired and also when you put them in the wrong eyes. Because, apparently, you can’t throw one of those things away which cost you a fortune (may the Lord forbid you to ever go by the size of them) just like that. You have to REMEMBER to take them out before you go to sleep. No matter how difficult it is to keep this in mind each and every night. Aren’t there some nights (presumably followed by hectic days) where you just want to lie and not get out of bed? And some other nights where you ‘simply forget’? Well, you can’t afford to do that. And when you put in or take your contacts out, you must be familiar with your acquaintances exclaiming unsolicited things like, ‘Oh my God how do you even do that?’ or ‘Did you just touch your eyeball?’ or ‘I can never do what you just did!’ Touching your eyeball is NOT GROSS. Come on people. And this is coming from someone who has been wearing contacts since years. Do you wear contacts too? If yes, I’m sure this list is going to delight you! contacts

  1. Never take out your contacts before you have your glasses in sight

Never ever. Because once you take out your contacts, you won’t be able to find your glasses. Trust me. And I don’t think anyone can emphasize enough on eyesight. Impaired vision remains acutely in want of artificial correction. If it’s not contacts, it’s glasses that we have learned to live by.

  1. Taking out the last pair of contacts from the pack hurts

Glasses or contacts? Contacts. No questions asked. When you exhaust your precious reserve of contacts, you have no alternative but glasses. It’s all the more painful for me given the fact that glasses make me look ugly. Argh!

  1. Dropping one or both the contacts has dire consequences

Seeking out contacts on the floor is appalling. When my contacts take a hit to the ground, I know that chances are, I’ll never be able to trace them. Therefore, the moral of the story is never let your contacts fall. Convincing enough? Moving ahead.

  1. You can’t let water into your eyes

Showering and swimming included. But think about the following case. What if it rains and you don’t have an umbrella nor a shelter? What would you do? Being able to carry contacts is not exactly a cakewalk. There’re so many things to be taken care of, like the number of hours you’re wearing it for or finding a place to wash your hands when you’re running out of sanitizer.

  1. How can you possess an odd number of contacts?

What’s to be done to the other eye? You might not even have a freaking idea how you can be left with just three contacts! Peculiar it may seem, all the same this happens. The problems faced by contact lens wearers are endless! It’s our predicament.

  1. Sitting in front of a fan has never been so hard

Hard even when it’s the hottest day of the summer and the A. C. has stopped working. And what about motorbike rides? You have to keep the swelling speed in check, notwithstanding how much you hate doing it. It’s mandatory. It’s the price we’re supposed to pay!

  1. When you have another foreign particle inside your eye

You can’t shun the dust and the dirt. But you can shun an eyelash or a streak of your hair from your eyes. Because it turns out that they are excruciating and agonizing when they try to go along with your contacts. And these things would normally take place when you’re either driving or giving a presentation. Bottom line remains, you wouldn’t want to wait long before getting rid of them.

  1. Unplanned sleepovers are hard to accomplish

This is among a ton of other things which make us envy all those who can live without contacts. We are bound to miss all the fun of spontaneous sleepovers if we are not accompanied by our contacts solution and its case. How unfair is all this! This leaves us only with the sleepovers that we come to know of beforehand which, by the way, are lesser in number than you would like to think.

  1. You’re utterly clueless as to what to do when your contacts blatantly refuse to stick

And this always occurs when you’re already running late for the office. You take them out, wash them and turn them around to no avail. Over and over again. You might be a pro,even so contacts can give you a hard time. They may simply fall off. Or they may irritate you, thereby leading you to blink at an absolutely abnormal pace. They may also give you teary, red eyes to alarm and startle any onlooker. Not the precise and faithful definition of fun I would say.

  1. Taking them out at night is divine

You’re finally home! That’s how it feels like, right? Everyday is a struggle for us. To me contacts feel like a burden to be cast away. What about you? Do you too wait to get them out of your eyes as soon as possible? And rekindle the romance with your glasses? Got ya.

  1. Wearing glasses for just a single day will inevitably draw compliments

That too, from all and sundry. Yes. But why exactly does this happen? I mean, why? I try not to believe them because I don’t think, even for a second, that they’re true. Had I an iota of belief, I wouldn’t have troubled myself to go through the ordeal named contact lenses.

  1. Eye make up and contacts are not exactly ‘besties’

Are they now? Smudging your contacts with your make up accessories is never a wise option. Nor is putting in contacts after you’re done with your make up and when there remains exactly 12 minutes for the movie to start.

Thinking about a Lasik? Ha. I can’t let go of my contacts just yet. P.S. I’m allowed to grumble as much as I want to though. Do you have any funny or embarrassing contact lens story with you?

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