12 Things that Happen to People who stay up Late

You have tried abstaining from tea and coffee after 4 p.m. You have tried exercising in the evening. You have tried banning all bright screens from your bedroom. You have tried them all. But none of them seems to have worked.  Really. Staying up late is your forte and your body clock is beyond repair. You stack your fridge with an eccentric amount of midnight snacks. Your night appetite has, in fact, turned you in to a storehouse of knowledge on every late-night eating place of your town. You may hate yourself when ’10 more minutes’ translates in to an entire night and you keep counting the hours (eventually decreasing) of sleep you are finally going to get. What are the other things that happen to you and the others who stay up just a bit too late?late

  1. Late night TV shows are your thing

Even when these late night shows equal to infomercials! Simply because you can switch on the television set anytime you want. Others may turn a blind eye to you by not answering your calls and your texts when they’re sleeping but never your TV. Do you ever imagine what will your night life be without Netflix?

  1. Saturdays and Sundays are the best

Or, for that matter, any other day when you can sleep uninterrupted without putting an alarm! Isn’t it so? We can stay up as late as we want to, sadly we can’t get up as early as we would like to. Therefore, holidays when we can have our bed anytime we want are our favorite kind of days. At least, we don’t have to convince ourselves to sleep early!

  1. You always have your excuses ready as to why you’re late

I wish I could get what’s up with the early risers. You know what I’m saying right? Getting up early is the solution to all our crises in life. What excuse can be worse than ‘I had a terrible toothache this morning’ or ‘the elevator door refused to open just when I was about to get out’? What’s the worst a.k.a most hilarious excuse you’ve given so far?

  1. You’re cranky in the morning

I get cranky whenever I don’t get an eight hour sleep and I can very well pen an essay on the benefits of a sound sleep. What about you? Do you too scream at the cabbie who doesn’t have any change? Or at the woman who takes forever to cross the road? Even though you ‘have so much to do’, you are lazy and you don’t want to DO ANYTHING in the morning! It’s in times like this that the realization that even caffeine has its limitations strike us.

  1. You’re more creative

Studies have established that people who sleep late at night tend to be more creative. We are the artists, the writers and the painters. On the other hand, people for whom morning remains conveniently the best part of the entire day turn out to be lawyers and accountants.

  1. You can’t help those eye bags

What can you do? Go to bed every night at 10? Please. Who’re you kidding? How many times do you still fancy breaking that promise to yourself? I would recommend Google to thwart this undying and inevitable problem. Your eye bags are the declarations of your being a night person. So why not try to be instead proud of them?

  1. Tossing and turning is every night’s story

We struggle hard to sleep no matter how much we pretend to be asleep. Each and every night. Is it our fault that we’re not able to? Our every attempt to sleep early fails miserably. We finally fall asleep, being weary of all the tossing and turning that we HAD TO do. The fight becomes all the more pitiable when we realize we are alone in it.

  1. You envy people who can sleep at a moment’s notice

Don’t you want to snore your heart out in buses and trains? Then there are people I know who can LITERALLY fall asleep while talking at you. Do you believe there lies some secret deep embedded in their bed? Why don’t you try sleeping on their bed? Only then will you be able to realize that the problem is YOU and not your bed!

  1. The world knows about your sleeping pattern, thanks to your social media history

Be it Facebook, be it Instagram, be it Snapchat, be it shopping online. You’re sleepless at night and they know it. Social media is what you look up to when you’re let down by those nasty infomercials and since it has your back, it can entertain you at your ‘leisure’. Can it not?

  1. When you see the Sun rise, you turn into some sort of a nature poet

You’re friends with the birds whose nests are housed by the tree growing by your window. Their chirping ushers in the dawn for you. This is one of the pros of staying up late. You witness one of the greatest blessings that mankind is endowed with. You become one with Mother Nature.

  1. Their lunch is your breakfast

In a split second of epiphany, you come to terms with the fact that no amount of scolding and reprimanding can be successful in guiding you to amend your eating patterns. And it makes you feel guilty. There stays forever a discrepancy between the time you have your breakfast and the time you’re ‘supposed to’ have your breakfast.

  1. Late night parties are places you can be yourself

You’re the last person to leave after having failed at persuading the others to hang on ‘just a little while longer’! Human company at night is a rare, rare thing and not only do you try to treasure but also to prolong it to the best of your ability. Even the very prospect of a late night party itself is enough to shake the slumber out of you on a Monday morning!

If you too are in the habit of staying up late on a regular basis, I bet you don’t sleep at all when you have a flight to catch at 6 in the morning, do you? Because you can’t bear the sound of the alarm clock barely five minutes after you’ve dozed off. And this condition of yours baffles the people who know you!

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Srijani Nag