12 Things to Experience in North Campus, Delhi University

The leap from school to college is a delight for all of us and I know just the place to join if you’re looking for 3 years (or maybe more) of life changing experiences. I’ll tell you how! Though the title makes it pretty obvious, I’ll still name it for you, I talk of the very famous, North Campus of University of Delhi. You might be wondering, what is so great about it? How is it different than any other University? I’m here to answer just that. It’s true that every University has its own charm, but there’s something unique about the aura of the streets of Kamla Nagar, the Vishwavidyalay Metro Station, and the fresh breeze of air when thousands of students are chirping around and enjoying the annual festivals. It sure was a dream come true, to have been able to spend my graduation days in the campus and I only wish if I could go back and relive them for some more. As intriguing as it sounds, you’ll still have a flicker of doubt. Fret not,

Let’s unveil my list of 12 amazing things to experience in North Campus, DU.

12. The food joints


Yes, as students we are always on a budget and that budget also has a limit. We cannot simply waste our money on expensive food. Managing money is very important, for the people who are staying in campus. One needs to pay rent, handle other expenses on their own. Thus, coming to our rescue are the food joints in the campus, promising, delicious meals which are far away from being tagged as expensive. There are some brilliant cafes in Hudson like the University Bistro, BYD, For God’s Cakes, etc that you must try. The food would cost you less than 500Rs for 2 and there is no compromise on quality.

11. Various Markets

Well, to be honest. How many times can you enjoy being at the same market over and over again? I have the answer for you. Forever. Kamla Nagar shines its way all throughout the 3 years of an undergrad student’s life. The experience is awesome for anyone who wishes to shop/eat/simply hang out with friends and enjoy. But the best part is, surrounding the campus, there’s Hudson, GTB, Vijay Nagar that never lets things get monotonous.

10. Societies

When could you think of your college to be hospitable for movie buffs? Well, here we DU( got the joke?). We have societies for every interest of yours. There’s book clubs, gender equality cells in various colleges and also movie societies, where you just gather and watch movies, hold discussions. Isn’t that crazy? The best part is, you can also seek admissions through extra curricular activities, as their are trials for the admission process. Every dancer, singer, writer, archer, has a chance to be here.

9. The Master Faculty


Undoubtedly Arts Faculty and Law Faculty are the most happening places in Campus. The beauty of art faculty is capturing, and it turns out to be the hub for all the brilliant street plays and protests. Law faculty, on the other hand is responsible for the election related stuff, while D School of Economics, promises great food at the lowest of prices.

8. The flat parties

Well, most of the outstation students, rent a flat nearby campus, thus turning every birthday into a flat party which is way better than any bar/pub in HKV. All under your budget. Isn’t that cool? Staying in hostels is also fun, which you’ll see happening in abundance here for there are almost 8-10 Colleges and Faculties in the campus. You know what that means? A HUGE NUMBER OF INTER COLLEGE FRIENDS. Woohoo to that.

7. Election Campaign


Although, I hate the wastage of paper that goes with it, but the election seasons make you experience a different wave and your classes gets cancelled. Sigh. You also get free food and other perks.

6. Living with friends



Living with friends in the campus is the best thing that can happen to you. It is another one of those experience that has its own perks. You enjoy to a whole new level. The late night food hogging, chai time at Sudama which is a favorite tea joint for students near Hansraj College and also is the hub for late night group discussions..

5. Fests



North Campus has some of the best annual festivals. The students turn up in their best dresses and there’s rides and games for everyone. You get all sorts of delicious food, there are some amazing star performances and also, great afterparties, which is definitely, optional. Since you are surrounded by so many colleges, there are multiple fests you could easily attend and be a part of. Bollywood stars come to your college to promote their movies. You don’t need to go anywhere else. A sweet deal, no?

4. The no-dress code zone


Yes, you do not have to come all dressed up here. Students turn up to college in pajamas, and this is true. We do not care about what you wear. Comfort is bliss. You certainly need to experience a life in the north campus, for the love of ditching hours of dressing up in the morning is real.

3. Long Drives

Yes, North campus is huge, a blessing for all your long drive fetishes. The Kamla Nehru ridge is beautiful and has amazing roads to drive on, you’d have a time of your life there. So, go out for long drives and relish the beauty of DU.

2. Amba

Who in there right mind spends 400 rupees on a movie ticket? We do not. Amba and Batra are two of the oldest cinema halls in campus with Rs. 160/ ticket for balcony and the crowd is college students mostly. Nobody can say that they never watched a movie in amba here, they’d be lying.

1. Trips

Trips are the most amazing part of your college life, you get to make inter-college friends. Exploring new places is one key aspect and you’ll surely be making some amazing memories along the way, to cherish life long.

College life can be a brilliant experience for us all. You will find some great friends and they will be an important part of your life, trust me. You’ll learn a lot about life, and people, it helps you grow on a personal level. At the end of it all, you’ll miss your college a lot, for you make an un-breakable bond with everything about it. Its environment, the people, living in campus, and your teachers. Even exam times are cherished out here. I hope, you too find the happiness that I did. Good Luck.

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