12 Things You Realize In A Long-Distance Relationship

Let’s face it. Long distance relationships can be very, very annoying. You can only meet your partner very few times in the year. And when they leave again, you’re left with that empty feeling. Airports will become your most favorite and your most hated place on earth. And there’s always that world-wide theory- Long distance relationships don’t work. But when you and your partner are determined to make it, a long distance relationship is just another obstacle to overcome. The two of you will definitely realise these top 12 things when you decide to be in a long distance relationship!

12. You Realize How Creative You Can Be

Painting a butterfly

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you realise that every free Sunday afternoon can’t be spent with them anymore. Instead, that free time is now used for doing something that will distract you from thinking about them- like a hobby! You take new classes, join a club, or learn how to make jewellery. Anything to fill that empty space in your brain which misses them too much.

11. You Realize How Much You Love Surprises


When you’re both living in different places, you choose to surprise them at the most random of times. You pack up your bag, book a ticket, and head over there to be by their side. The look on their face when they see you is worth all the travel time. And even if you can’t make it all the way there, you choose to surprise them with gifts from time to time.

10. You Realize How Important Your Phone Is


Your friends will get annoyed with you, but you’ll be on the phone with your partner almost all the time. All social media apps will be your lifeline, and the second anything happens, you’re texting them about it. You’ll keep sending pictures of yourselves back and forth, and their photo will be your most prized possession.

9. You Realize How Much Communication Matters


You and your partner will realise the importance of communication in a relationship. In a long-distance relationship, the only thing you both can do is talk, and that’s when you really connect with another person. You know they are the one when you never run out of topics to talk about, and the highlight of your day will be Skyping with them.

8. You Realize How Emotional You Can Be


Your emotions go on a virtual rollercoaster practically every day when you’re in a long-distance relationship. You become extremely happy and then realise they aren’t with you and you become extremely sad within seconds. It can take a toll on your health, but the important thing is to remember that nothing is permanent and you both will be back together soon!

7. You Realize The Magic Of Old Photos


You will look over all those old photos of you together and be transported back in time to that moment. You won’t delete any photos. including the blurred ones. Each one of them will hold a special place in your heart. Your phone could have basically no memory left, but none of the selfies you took together will ever be deleted.

6. You Realize The Many Different Meanings Of A Text


You will over think each and every word of their text, trying to be a detective. A simple “I’m busy right now” can easily turn into a “He doesn’t love me anymore” real quick in your brain. At these moments, you just need to calm down and wait for his text instead of stalking his Instagram and seeing if he’s cheating on you with that cute girl he posted a photo with once.

5. You Realize Your Friends Think It Won’t Work

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It is a famous theory that long-distance relationships don’t work since most relationships aren’t that strong to survive being apart for a long time. Your friends will use this as an evidence of sorts to convince you that your relationship won’t work once one of you moves away. But in the end, your relationship is about you and your partner, and once you decide to be in a long distance relationship, you do not listen to others and only focus on the two of you.

4. You Realize How Annoying Time Can Be


Time is the worst enemy in a long-distance relationship. A day can feel like a year once your partner has moved away, but when they are visiting you for a week, it’ll only feel like a day. Time passes by before you even realize it, and it’s time to say goodbye again. You have to again face the agonizing wait until you see their faces again. But time won’t always be the bad guy, it will pass by and you’ll both be together in the same place again soon.

3. You Realize Distance Doesn’t Matter


When it’s true love, you realise that no matter how much distance is there between the two of you, you both will always be together. Long-distance relationships give you that assurity that if you can make it work despite the distance, you can work out any obstacle in your relationship. They’re not too far away, they’re just one computer screen away.

2. You Realize The Importance Of Trust


The main problem in every long distance relationship is the absence of trust. Even couples who have been together for ten years will suddenly have jealousy issues. You simply are convinced of the fact that his colleagues are flirting with him, and you are overcome with insecurities. What if he realises he likes them more than he likes me? The only way to overcome this problem is to regularly assure each other that you both are meant for each other.

1. You Realize That Nothing Else Matters When You Meet Them


When you finally meet each other after that long wait, everything else is just background noise. All those fights just seem meaningless, and each moment is cherished. There will be tiny different things about them like a new hair cut, a new dressing style, maybe a foreign accent they picked up. But it’s still the same person, and you want nothing more than just giving them a giant bear hug and spending each and every moment with them that you can.


Long-distance relationships aren’t easy, but if you make them work then all that’s left for you and your partner is a lifetime of happiness. They may move away physically, but you can still hear their voice and see their face whenever you want. You may fight more, have trust issues, but keep your faith in your relationship. If you can survive this, you and your partner are definitely meant to be!

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