12 Things You Wish You Had Known as a Teenager

You know those confusing years of your life when you’re neither a child nor an adult? It could be the best years of your life, or the worst, or both! The teenage years of your life often frame the person you become. And once you grow up, you learn a lot of things that you wish you had known back then, things that might have made your life easier. So we came up with the top 12 things that we wish we had known while going through our tumultuous teenage years.

12. You Are Your Own Hero

being your own hero

As a teenager, you often depend on others to save you from your own thoughts. Overthinking every small little thing causes every teenager to be depressed at some point or other of their lives. You tend to think that your life is a mess, even when it’s really not. We really wish that back then, someone would have drilled it into our heads that instead of depending on others to save us, we should have picked up all the messy bits ourselves and healed those bruises on our mind with our own willpower. At the end of the day, we need to be our own hero.

11. Popularity Is An Illusion


Sure, the golden boy in your school is popular now, but what happens a few years later? Life hits, and that’s when you realise that popularity is not going to cut it in the real world. Many of us chased popularity as a teenager, seeking validity for our lives. Maybe some of us still do. But being popular by wearing good clothes, visiting trendy restaurants or going to clubs every Saturday night is not something that lasts. What lasts is the kind of person you are, and if you really want to be popular, choose to be popular for the person that you are, not the person others want you to be.

10. Love Always Works Out


As a teenager, we all remember that heartbreaking moment when we realise that the person we love, doesn’t love us anymore. We spend all our time in the room, looking through old photos with tears down our face. Back then, we didn’t realise that love will always work out, one way or the other. If someone leaves, let them. Because the person that you’re truly meant to be with, is never going to put themselves in a position where they might end up losing you.

9. Exercise Is Necessary


As a teenager, you are in the growing stages of your life. At that time, someone should have really told us that instead of sleeping late, we should have gotten up half an hour earlier and done some form of exercise. Exercising regularly during your teenage years saves you from many types of diseases, and it also helps you remain in shape throughout your adult years. Back then, our idea of a marathon was a Game of Thrones marathon with cheese popcorn as a date. As you grow older, you realise why your parents always pushed you to exercise more, and maybe we all realise it just a little bit too late.

8. Caring For Your Parents Is Good


Every teenager is embarrassed by their parents and think that it’s uncool to listen to them or talk about how much you love them. But truly, you only realise as you grow older that caring for your parents is not a bad thing, in fact, it is one of the redeeming characteristics of a person. Nobody’s parents aren’t perfect and they are trying their level best to make your lives better. Give them a chance, and never forget to care for them.

7. Click More Pictures


We all wish we had clicked more pictures as a teenager. We could have had the worst fashion sense or have ten bad hair days in a row, but those moments of our life never come back. Pictures help us go back in memory lane and help us be a little happier looking back on all of those wonderful times. And hey, you might even ring up your old best friend for a little chat?

6. You Don’t Need Too Many Friends

too many friends

As a teenager, we believed that the more friends we had, the more popular and awesome we were. That is one of the biggest misconceptions you can have. The number of friends doesn’t matter, the quality of your friends does. One true friend is equal to a million other fake friends. If you’re a friend to all, you’re really a friend to none. You can have a million friends with pointless conversations, but in the long run, long meaningful conversations with one person matters more.

5. All Your Dreams Don’t Work Out..And It’s Okay


Sometimes, as a teenager, we might realise that some of our dreams are gone. Life throws us curveballs all the time, and some of our dreams get knocked off. But amid all that depression of that dream not working out, we wish we would have realised that not all dreams work out, but some definitely do. If you can’t head down one lane, there a million other lanes in the world.

4. You Don’t Need To Please Everyone

pleasing everyone

Most of us battle with the problem of pleasing everyone and yet caring for ourselves too. Many don’t have the power to say ‘No’ when someone asks for a favor a million times. In the long run, giving too much of yourself to please others ends up with others losing respect for you and treating you like a pushover. You can be a nice person without doing too many favors for others.

3. Your Grades Don’t Define Your Life


It’s heartbreaking to see some teenager committing suicide because they failed in an exam. Yes, there is a lot of pressure to achieve good grades, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much you scored in a paper. What does matter is the kind of person that you are and if you love what you do. Nowadays, people major in one subject but end up doing something completely opposite. Good grades no longer determine the capability of a person, and we all wish we would have realised that sooner.

2. Not All Best Friends Are Forever

best friends

It is nice to imagine that you might be your best friend’s bridesmaid one day, that you’ll tour the world together and be friends for life, but that mirror always ends up shattering some time or the other. Very few people enter your life and never leave. And if you’re too dependent on your best friend, if they leave, you’re more heartbroken than in an actual break-up. We wish we would have realised sooner that in the course of life, we meet many people, and the exit of a few people from your life is not the end of the world.

1. It All Gets Better

it gets better

Perhaps the best thing that we all should have realised sooner is that the tough and confusing years of your teenage life don’t last. All those things that you thought mattered will seem insignificant when compared to the magnitude of your life later. Your life will be a much better place in a few years once you figure things out, and no matter how dark it gets, there is always a light at the end of this confusing tunnel.


Teenage years can be the messiest years of your life, but at the end of the day, you only get to live them once. Stop procrastinating, stop taking these years for granted. And remember that while you can’t be a perfect person, you can have perfect moments in your teenage years that you’ll remember for all the years to come.

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