13 Benefits of Staying Positive in Life

Life is a messed-up journey, it’s all about juggling the ups and downs, the joy of love, the pain of loss, the great departure after times of laughter but at the end of it all, it is a beautiful carnation of memories and a blissful voyage to be cherished forever.Unfortunately, us mortals are never content, we always dwell in the little flicker of what if, what if, I could have achieved more, what if i could have chosen something else, or maybe, someone else. Well, honestly life is much more than desires and wants. There is always a ray of hope for the despicable, a shine of revelation for the ungrateful, a satisfaction to the curious and answers for the seeker. All you need is positivity by your side. It’s important to tackle obstacles with a complete can do attitude. It’s wonderful how positive thoughts work, they make way for dreams to turn to reality, teach you to deal with failure the right way and help you to come out of dainty and depressing situations of everyday life. So why not you turn that frown up side down, and pack a little positivity every now and then, before you leave the house? I’ll tell you why!

So, here are 13 benefits of staying positive in life,

13. For the joys of an adventure

no. 1







Don’t you think, somebody who deals with life with a positive attitude tends to have a bucket full of choices in life? YES, they do! If you remove the doubts and worries from your mind, you’d be willing to experiment more, take up adventures and make choices without the balloon of overthinking bursting up right in front of your eyes, shattering the love for a brilliant experience. It’s not late yet, start to be positive, you’d definitely see yourself choosing various sports and other adventures, you’d experiment with your looks, bang on! Why the wait, then?

12. The growth of the mind

Okay, so let’s revisit the last point, with a positive and a curious outlook, you’d tend to take up newer experience and try out new adventures in life, hence learn more from them, you’d travel with an open mind, you’d learn a lot about other cultures, you’d meet new people, you’d experiment with your behavior and practices giving rise to an extended base for your knowledge, isn’t that great? Who wouldn’t love to expand their horizons and learn the quirks, life has to offer? Me, for sure!!!

11. Assuring a great relationship

no. 2






I have a situation for you, think of your partner as a tightened up, doubtful about the way things are going, getting scared at little pit-stops in your relationship and a negative attitude. You must be thinking, WHY ARE YOU EVEN IN THIS HYPOTHETICAL RELATIONSHIP? Okay, being a positive person will help you to keep your partner happy, it’s in the time of worries that they need a supportive hand, and you ensure that, with your constructive advice. Isn’t that a great problem fixer, now?

10. For a goodnight sleep

A negative mind tend to accumulate negative thoughts and an obvious halt in their sleep cycle. With all the overthinking and worrying, when would you ever find a tension-free and relaxing sleep? All you need is positivity in your corner, it can work magic, for you to get that goodnight sleep, to stop thinking about the future and take things in the right light.

9. To heck with them, critics

When you believe in yourself and are positive about your efforts and achievement, you do not let others perception of you, to bother you at all. It’s important to have reviews about your work, and it’s great if it’s meant in the right way, but negative criticism takes a dig at you, and keeps you questioning your life and it’s choices, with a positive outlook, you would never let it matter to you instead rather, pursue you to introspect and help find the answer you seek. Isn’t that good news?

8. The aura effect

no. 3







Yes, you’ve heard it elsewhere as well, things you actually desire, happen to you, and when you choose to be positive, you tend to surround yourself with people of the same mindset or much better, turn them like yourself, help them to see the beauty in every situation and that’s the way to bring peace to a vast and a troubled galaxy. (Yes, the last line is for all The Big Bang Theory Fans)

7. Enjoying days of fun and folly

This one is quiet obvious, when you only focus on the positive in a situation, grasp the good out of all the bad and find a little flicker of happiness in days of grief, wouldn’t that help you to start a happy day, everyday? Best advice to pass out to people is, to be positive and watch your day turn into one too!

6. Positivity with your daily breakfast

Health Tip No. 1 : Have two spoons of positivity with your glass of milk for a healthy life. Okay, it is as simple as this, you are happy and content and that’s the easiest way to be fit, isn’t it? Worries gone, life on!

5. Live Long and Prosper

no. 4







A positive mind will stay miles away from ill thoughts about anyone and isn’t that the best? We want less judge mental and more approving people in the world, it’s time to be done with all the negativity that’s spread around us, and to sprinkle some positive magic dust.


If your mind is free of worries and tensions and ill thoughts for people, wouldn’t it be more focussed on your life goals?Helping you to see straight, aim for higher targets in life, and encouraging you to pursue your dreams with great courage? I bet you, it will. Now, If that isn’t the formula for success, then what is? YOU TELL ME !

3. The vigor drive

Being positive gives you strength, power and vigor to do work. You have more energy and you work with more passion towards your aim.

2. For a glass half full

Optimistic outlook helps you to dream of the world as a happy place, you will always find something to be happy about and that makes you a great source of happiness for people around. An optimistic person would always cheer other people up and would work for the welfare of others and ain’t that good news? You’ll find more ways to engross in social activities and prosper from the beauty of a very merry world.

1. For a smooth life

no. 5







So, I’ve been using this throughout, but let’s be a little selfish now, with worries gone, wouldn’t everything be easy and fun for you? When you let go of all the pessimistic approaches in life, you’d experience a smooth and a trouble free life and you would definitely have much more experiences to cherish and form great memories, you’d build a pretty awesome journey for you and that’s what we all want in the end, isn’t it? The awe and charm of an enchanting expedition through the thick and thin. What do you think?

So, wake up and experience the fresh start of a positive life, enjoy the perks it brings!

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