14 Reasons to Join a Language Course

English, and …….. Is this how you react when people ask you what languages do you know? I know how upsetting it can be, when people talk in a language that you don’t understand. It feels like they have a secret code, which you could never guess in your right mind. Well, a new language can break barriers and also can do wonders for your personal growth. Don’t you think so, too? The best part of learning a new language, is that it is not like your regular school/college curriculum, you do not have to learn dainty equations. It is real fun, to explore, discover about new origins, after all, along with the language, you understand the culture, ideas, people associated with it. I, personally joined Spanish classes, and you won’t believe the fun I had, everyday. I would never realize when would my 3 hour class got over. You ask me, why is it interesting? Well to answer your question. Think of how exciting a new toy is for a child? Similarly, a new language opens up new bounds and enchants you; in the same way a baby gets excited with his new toy, so you too would find numerous ways to engage yourself in the activity which brings you excitement and freshness, so did I. To encourage you further, to take a step ahead, I have listed 14 Reasons to join a language course,

Come on, let’s see them,

14. For a hobby to cherish


How many times have you been at home, and thought of doing something different? I so understand the monotony of  sitting at home, hence I advise you to join a language course. Devoting 2-3 hours everyday to learn something new could be a great hobby. Also, there are various online courses available, if you feel the need to not step out.

13. To have your own secret language

If you join a language course together with your friend, or of a language, that your friend already knows, you’d have a code language that no-one could understand and you could use it to pass secret messages in a group where you know people wouldn’t get what you’re talking about. Now, isn’t that wonderful news!?

12. To surprise your partner

There are so many times that we meet someone we love, giving them a surprise in the form of learning their native language could be the cutest thing ever. Also, it would be an awesome way for you to communicate, if ever there existed a barrier of such sort. Love is definitely a reason to join a language course, isn’t it now?

11. To change your still routine


You’ve been working or studying for way too long and are now looking for alternatives to engage in fun activities, for the routine of life is the same and doesn’t excite you any more. You could always enroll yourself in a language course, it’d be great for your job as well (I’ll tell you in a few seconds, how) and now you also have a new language to flaunt, coming to my next point, now.

10. For yourself


You need, definitely need a style statement, and to have your defining quote, in flawless French/German/Russian/anything else would be great, people would be in awe of you, for you have your own uniqueness to portray. Have I struck the right point or not? Do things for yourself once in a while, and getting to learn a new language is a great way to build up your personality, so be it.

9. To be the local guide

No, I do not want you to get hired as a guide unless you really do wish to, in that case, kudos, you already have a reason! okay, so what I meant was, in times of need, when you see somebody who doesn’t know your local language, you could be of help. You could always help out people looking for directions and they would actually pray to god for helping them out. Isn’t that reason enough?

8. To fit in


If you’re planning to move to a new place, you need to fit in, and you could do so very calmly and comfortably. I have a plan, get to know their language, like I mentioned, a language course doesn’t necessarily always be about the language. It also tells you about the culture, the people, various practices followed and that would give you a lot of knowledge that you’d require as a newbie. So, good news, you have something to help you get going.

7. Communication made better

In any form, when you would work with MNC’s or with various other companies that require you to market products to different clients, your language course would help you with just that, you’d make a good impression on your boss as well build a trust factor with your client. great news, isn’t it?

6. For the pleasure of knowing something different

Who doesn’t like to feel different, when you know something, majority of people don’t, you have a weird sense of pleasure, and for that sake, you need to know something different and rejoice the fact. True, no?

5. Increase your knowledge base

Any college project/ school assignment can be made easy with acquiring knowledge about it and so would you. Learning a new language would broaden your horizon and make you question more, increase your curiosity. Coming to my next point,

4. To encourage you to be curious


Like I said, knowing more, makes us curious and that would tend to shift our gear towards learning another language, isn’t that crazy? Being able to converse in various language and all that rises with being anxious to learn a lot, which comes with exposure, and I’m sure once you start there is no end to it.

3. Pursue a career

There are a lot of career choices, being a translator or a teacher, working in embassies, and that is great for a curious and active mind like yours. It would open great doors for you and I think you should go for it if you possess the zeal.

2. For the sake of exploring

Exploring and discovering each aspects of the world should be in all of ours wish list and it is definitely in mine’s. So, for the sake of exploring the bounds of a new culture, people, their festivals, religious activities, their beliefs would all come with it.

1.To Improve your CV

Coming to the technicality of the situation, it’s perfect way to build up your CV, anybody with a greater knowledge base, a curious mindset, the anxiety to learn is welcome to work at any company and so would be an experienced and skill learner like you.

So, stop thinking and enroll yourself soon, to dive deeper into the oceans of a new world, good luck.

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