15 best Yoga Asanas for Good Health

Did you know that Yoga first was practiced about 5000 years go? And did you know that India is the land that gave birth to Yoga? Yes, the Maharishis and Munis of those eras discovered the therapeutic exercises that help to achieve good health and keep us away from various illnesses. They termed these exercises as Yoga Asanas and Pranayam. Gradually, people from all over the globe understood the importance of Yoga Asanas and started practicing them religiously. The Asanas energize us with positivity and enlighten us with an efficacious spirit that rejuvenates our body wholly. In fact, the Yogas have proved to cure several bodily malfunctions that we face on a daily basis. What can be better than leading a healthy life by performing Yoga for just half an hour a day daily? So, let us see a list of 15 Yogas that are prevalent among the followers.

15. Shavasana


This is the easiest and the most soothing Asana. As the name suggests, it relates to the death pose. You simply have to lie down, close your eyes and breathe deeply. It helps you to learn patience and forget all the heaviness and tiredness of the body. You tend to observe your breathing. It is the best Asana that is entirely meant to relax and calm down your body.

14. Vajrasana


This Asana is one of the simplest Yogas that is performed right after having a hefty meal. Yes, Yoga after having food! For this, you need to sit such that your buttocks are rested on your heels. The most important element is that your neck, shoulders and back should be straight while performing it. It helps in relieving stomach problems and constipation.

13. Paschimottanasana


To perform this Yoga, you need to sit straight with your legs stretched out. Then you have to bend forward such that your hands touch your feet. Stay in this posture for some time and then relax. Paschimottanasana is popular for relieving back aches and cramps. It loosens your stomach and back muscles and shoos away all the pain.

12. Pavanmuktasana


This one is an interesting Yoga as it seizes you into an enclosure. Yes, you need to lie down on your back and fold your legs close to your chest. Then you need to raise your head and touch the knees. Stay in this position for some time before relaxing. It is very helpful to cure any kind of bloating in the body and clears your system.

11. Balasana


Balasana is yet another easy to do Yoga. You need to sit on the calf muscles and then gently bend forward such that your head touches the ground. This Asana has no time bounds and can be performed at the individual’s strength. Balasana is a remedy to upper back aches and neck problems. Easy, isn’t it?

10. Bhujangasana


To perform this Asana, you need to lie down on your belly with your hands and legs stretched. Then slowly raise the upper half of your body and inhale. After this, steadily get back to the original position while exhaling. This helps in strengthening the spinal cord and also stretches your leg and hand muscles.

9. Dhanurasana


This Yoga is slightly difficult but it is highly advantageous. First you need to lie down on your stomach. Then you have to bend your knees and heels such that you are able to lock the heels with your hands. Maintain this posture as long as you can and then relax. This Asana stimulates gastric secretions and enhances digestion. It also massages internal organs and the muscles. Totally worth it right?

8. Janushirasana


Janushirasana is considered to be a very healthy Asana. You need to sit straight with one leg outstretched and the other leg bent in such a way that its sole touches the outstretched leg’s thigh. Then you need to curve your body and hands in the direction of the outstretched leg. After few seconds, repeat the same for the other side. This Yoga Asana loosens all your muscles in the thigh, stomach, back and arm areas. It is very helpful to those who find trouble in sleeping. Full of benefits!

7. Halasana


Halasana is an advancement of Sarvangasana. You have to raise your legs up to 90 degrees in the air and then slowly bend them backwards so that they touch the ground behind your head. Meanwhile your hands should stay still on the ground. Halasana is an excellent Asana to cure constipation, obesity, liver and spleen problems. Regular practice will show effective results.

6. Sarvangasana

yoga-Shoulder Stand

This Yoga is practiced on a large scale as it ensures physical fitness. For Sarvangasana, you have to lie down on your back and raise your legs from the hips till 90 degrees in the air. You need to support your hips with your hands and hold the pose for few seconds and then come back to ground slowly. This Asana brings down the anxiety level and also helps you surpass depression. It helps a lot when feeling low.

5. Matsyasana


This one is a bit difficult to perform. Here, first you have to sit down with your legs folded. Then slowly you need to bend backwards till you reach the ground. After this, you have to arch your back to form a bridge like pose and to maintain the balance, you can hold your toes with your hands. Maintain this posture for some time and then relax your body. Matsyasana relieves all the hips, back and neck pains and also puts pressure on your tummy. Tough but do give it a shot!

4. Vrikshasana

Beautiful sporty fit yogini woman practices yoga asana Vrikshasana - tree pose isolated on white

This is yet another helpful standing Yoga. You have to balance your body on a single leg by bending your second leg and placing it on the knee of the straight leg. Once you have balanced your body, raise your arms and bring them closer in the Namaste position. After few seconds, gradually release your hands and leg and settle down. Vrikshasana helps in stretching the groins and inner thighs, shoulders and strengthens calves and ankles. Isn’t it great for your body?

3. Uttanasana


This is a standing Yoga Asana in which you have bend your arms forward and touch your ankles. The posture is of utmost importance here as bending of the knees is not allowed at all. Relax your neck and head for few seconds in this pose and then go back to the original position. Uttanasana helps to soothe the nervous system and releases all the stress out of the body.

2. Anulom Vilom Pranayam

Anulom Vilom Pranayama

In Anumlom Vilom Pranayama, you need to sit on the ground with an erect spine and folded legs. Then take your right hand up. Put one finger on your right nostril and inhale from your left nostril. Retain the breath for a few counts and then exhale from your right nostril. Repeat this activity with the left nostril. Anulom Vilom brings relief to the respiratory problems and also helps in blood circulation. An easy way to stay fit right?

1. Kapalbhati Pranayam

Kapalbhati Pranayam

Kapalbhati Pranayam is a very popular Yoga that is practiced widely. To perform Kapalbhati, you need to sit straight with legs folded. Take a deep breath in and breathe out. This needs to be repeated as fast as possible constantly for few minutes. It helps in gaining a flat and toned tummy. It also revitalizes the tired cells of the body. It is the secret to a glowing, wrinkle free face!

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