15 Countries where Same Sex Marriage is Legal

What a show, a lady sitting next to me exclaimed. First word that ventured my mind was phoneys ! They love a motion picture portraying two men adore each other however if the same thing materializes in their kinfolk they would never accept it. Is this their age old frame of mind or the hopelessness to assent people’s choice to love whomsoever they want? I really don’t understand how is a homosexual marriage affecting heterosexual communities? And if it doesn’t then why do people oppose and interfere?

Social acceptance is our birth right and this right is provided by our country. No paranoid can take it away. Thanks to the supreme court of various countries who welcomed same sex marriage. This not only removed the typecasting but also aided individuals (homosexuals) live life happily without any dread of torture or embargo. Though not every republic welcomed this change, nevertheless, we have nations who supported the cause and such states are listed below.



First and foremost nation which legalized alternate sexual preferences was Netherlands. Thanks to the Dutch parliament, on April 2001, Netherlands recognized same sex marriage. This verdict initially disapproved inter and intra country but was eventually acknowledged. With the dawn of this movement many other nations followed Netherlands. Same sex couples have the right to marry, split or adopt children.


Gay rights activists "Jose" (L) and "manuel" (2ndL) and "Ana" (2ndR) and "Maria" (R) stage a wedding ceremony in front of the Portuguese parliament in downtown Lisbon on October 10, 2008. Left-wing parties Bloco de Esquerda and Os Verdes failled today to pass a bill proposing to legalize gay marriage. AFP PHOTO / FRANCISCO LEONG (Photo credit should read FRANCISCO LEONG/AFP/Getty Images) Original Filename: Par2206745.jpg

Canada is first country outside Europe to legalize same sex marriage in the year 2005. Also, Canada is known as one of the most gay friendly countries in the world. According to public opinions most of the Canadians support homosexual marriages. Canada has many gay villages where people live together and participate in many activities.

3.South Africa


It was not so easy for South Africa to legalize same sex marriage. Apart from elephants and safaris Africa is also known for its social stigmas and various sexually transmitted diseases. Initially sodomy was a crime in this country. Later on by 2006 homosexual marriage became legalized in South Africa.



Last year only, Spain celebrated 10 years of same sex marriage. In the year 2005 Spain recognized the move. At the start large horde protest march was held to oppose the move however more than 100000 marriages (homosexual) were initiated between 2005 and 2016.


A woman cycles past a marriage equality mural in the Liberties area of Dublin, as Ireland should become the international advocate for gay rights, a key figure in spearheading the country's vote for same-sex marriage has said.. Picture date: Sunday May 24, 2015. On the back of the resounding yes for gay marriage - 1.2 million Irish voters backed it - attention is now turning to when the first ceremonies will take place. See PA story IRISH GayMarriage. Photo credit should read: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Today Belgium is known as a hub of ISIS activities after the recent bombings however in the year 2003, it became second country to legalize same sex marriage. In the starting years of 1998 same sex couples were provided restricted civil liberties, nonetheless later, by referendum equal rights was possible for every couple , be it homosexual or heterosexual.

6.United States of America


World’s largest superpower too could not restrain itself from implementing this change. We still doubt, be it forDonald Trump at that time would it be possible for Gay marriages to take place in America? Well we had a more liberal and understanding government in USA in those days. As said by Justice Anthony Kennedy – gay people should not be ‘condemned to live in loneliness’. In 2015 , USA legalized same sex marriage.



The law to legalize homosexual marriage was signed by Silva in 2010. It was passed amidst much protest and opposition. However it does not give right to married homosexual couples to adopt children. With time, this clause too maybe considered by the provisions of law.



Norwegian government passed the law to legalize same sex marriage in June 2008. In this way Norway became the first Scandinavian nation to legalize the same. Various gay church weddings took place and celebration was held all over the country.



In 2010, Iceland legalized homosexual marriage. Also , it became the only country that was headed by a gay. Getting this legalized in Iceland was never a big issue such as in South Africa and other countries. Correspondingly, since the state head supported and was himself a homosexual this inspired more people and eased out the mind-sets.



In the year 2010 again , Argentina also legalized same sex marriage. Argentina became first Latin American country to do so. Much protest was held by catholic church however the law bequests same-sex couples to enjoy all the rights that are being practiced by heterosexuals on the condition of being married. For any marriage to be successful, commitment for the partner is required no matter whether the marriage is held between same sex or opposite sex couple.

11.New Zealand


On 17 April 2013, bill for certification was passed by the Representatives. By August of same year, New Zealand legalized homosexual marriages. New Zealand became first country in Asia Pacific to legalize the same.



Uruguay became second Latin American country to legalize same sex marriage on August 2013. It should have been legalized much earlier since the constitution is dedicated to freedom and equivalence.



This bill was introduced by government of Helle Thorning-Schmidt. Thereafter in the year of 2012 same sex marriage was legalized in Denmark. It also allowed same sex couples to adopt children .



Even the Queen could not be held back from legalizing homosexual marriages. July ,2013 marked the same sex marriage legalization in England. Only England and Wales were covered by the parliament of United Kingdom. Many couples were quoted saying – We need to marry our loved ones for legal, public and emotional security.



Most recent country to legalize same sex marriage is Columbia. It is the fourth country in South America to legalize homosexual marriage. Various de facto rights have been provided to same sex couples where a couple is regarded as a de facto union after living together for two years.

Same sex marriages are not just approval of ones preferences but the overall liberation from constrained mind sets about sexuality. They benefit not just a group of homosexual people but also many generations to follow as it has been proved that adopted children of lesbian mothers were much more competent than heterosexual mothers both academically as well as socially. Through this move many more under privileged children will be adopted and this will in turn benefit humankind.

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