15 Foods You Should Avoid to Have Healthy Clear Skin

A good, healthy, spotless and glowing skin is something that everyone desires to have. But do you know that many of our daily activities harm us in some way or the other? Washing your face with a good face wash at regular intervals, scrubbing your body daily, after bath moisturizing are a few ways to keep your skin healthy and damage free. But there is a big secret that is being followed since ages to have a healthy skin. What you eat is reflected on what you are. Yes, you have heard it before, “You are what you eat”. There are many food supplements that you must take to keep your skin salubrious and at the same time there stands a list of don’ts! It is very important to follow a routine of good physical activities to rejuvenate your skin but it has been advised worldwide to segregate what you should eat and what you should not eat. This not only maintains a balance but also makes your skin imperishable. Let us check a list of 15 foods you need to avoid for your skin care.

15. Strawberries

Yes, you read that correctly. Strawberries contain natural fruit acids that combine with vitamin C to result into breakouts. People with sensitive skin often face such breakouts especially around mouth and nose on having excessive amount of strawberries


14. Nuts

Everyone likes to have a handful of nuts for snacks. But did you know that they are loaded with fats? Yes, if you have nuts on a regular basis, you will begin to notice flare ups on your skin. Nuts give birth to acne.


13. Shellfish

Shrimps, crabs and other types of shellfish are considered to contribute to acne built up on your skin owing to their richness in iodine. This happens if you are sensitive or allergic to shellfish and the sorts. These marine animals cause acne eruption on the skin and may also cause rashes.


12. Margarine

People have switched to margarine as a substitute for butter. Although it is considered to be a healthy switch but there are various disadvantages that come along with it. The trans fats present in margarine inhibit hydration. It causes considerable amount of water loss which leads to wrinkly skin.


11. Soda

The consumption of beverages containing soda has increased substantially. But it calls for an alarm because soda is totally shoddy for your health. Soda contains little to no amount of fibers in it. Fibers are very essential for the body as they regulate sugar levels. Any imbalance in the sugar amount in the body swings to prematurely age skin. This is so unwanted!

A Coca-Cola bottle is seen with other beverages in New York June 23, 2008. Beverage industry executives will gather in New York this week for a major industry conference with concerns that the rising price of corn syrup will put pressure on soda prices. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton (UNITED STATES) - RTX79K5

10. Caffeine

Almost all the beverages contain high amount of caffeine which is considered to be very unhealthy for skin. Caffeine increases the stress hormones in the body that lead to skin damage. It accelerates the process of skin aging and produces wrinkles and fine lines. Coffee is a supplement with highest amount of caffeine. Coffee causes dehydration because of caffeine. So many disadvantages right.


9. Synthetic food sweeteners, colors and flavors

Now days we get a lot of adulterated food. This adulteration puts a toll on the body skin. These additives contain various chemicals that have absolutely no nutrition but get easily stored in the tissues beneath the skin. This causes inflammation and irritation. Totally unhealthy!

sweeteners               colours

8. Charcoal grilled meat

When you put meat on the grill, several chemical reactions take place that you are unaware of. These chemical reactions produce toxins that imbalance the antioxidants in the body. This leads to many dangerous health issues including skin problems. Inflammation starts occurring and there are high chances of getting rashes. You must avoid charcoal grilled meat.

griiled meat

7. Gluten

Gluten intake has increased tremendously these days. Although gluten makes the food tasty but it comes with many disadvantages. One of them is that it affects the skin a lot. It has been found that gluten causes extreme skin allergies that sometimes become unbearable for the person undergoing it. It is strongly advised to minimize gluten intake to procure a good and healthy skin.


6. Breakfast cereals

This entire concept of food packaging is unhealthy. Although these morning breakfast packaged cereals help in reducing body weight but they adversely affect the skin. They contain certain amounts of added sugar that cause wrinkles if consumed on a daily basis.


5. Frozen food

During the processing and packaging of the frozen food, many essential enzymes and nutrients are broken and lost. Due to this, frozen foods have low nutritional value which causes nutritional deficiencies. Such deficiencies get reflected on the skin. Another fact is that these frozen foods contain less amount of water which ultimately leads to dehydration. It is necessary for the skin to have ample amount of water. Say no to frozen and boxed foods!

frozen food

4. Milk and milk products

Yes, dairy products are not always healthy. Now days, dairy cows are externally given hormones to produce more milk. So when we consume this milk, we consume those hormones too. It has been recorded that milk and milk products such as cheese, yogurt or ice cream  increase oil production and cause acne. They also contribute to inflammation of the skin. Surprised?


3. Sugary fares

Sugar tends to weaken the immune system of the body. This results into an increase in the number of bacteria that create harmful toxins. This negatively impacts the body and becomes visible on the skin. As your sugar intake increases, the number of bacteria also increases. This produces more amount of toxins which exacerbates the skin. Say no to candy!


2. Excess amount of salt

Salt has a property to absorb fats from the food you eat. These fats get oxidized very easily. This hampers the level of oxygen in the body. If the skin is denied of enough amount of oxygen, it will definitely show on the skin. Lack of oxygen slows down collagen and elastic syntheses and your youthful radiance slowly diminishes.


1. Oily foods

When you consume deeply fried foods, the oils and fats tend to oxidize and stick to your body. They inhibit the actions of the anti-oxidants. This causes a considerable drop in the blood circulation. A healthy skin needs ample amount of oxygen which it gets only through a stable blood circulation. But oily foods weaken this process and lead to unhealthy skin.

oily food

You will get positive results if you minimize these foods listed above and have a healthy, clear and spotless skin.

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