15 Ideas For A Perfect Diwali

If you live in India, Diwali is a festival that you look forward to every year. Almost every corner of every city is lit up with lamps, and the sky is lit with fireworks. Everywhere you see, there are people decked up in ethnic clothes and wishing each other and giving gifts and sweets. This festival, which marked the celebrations of Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya in the Ramayana, is celebrated every year, and we have thought of a few ideas to make your Diwali celebrations perfect.

15. Making Sweets


Rather than going on a trip to your nearest sweet store, pick up the ingredients needed, call up a few friends, and make the sweets yourself! Sweets are not that difficult to make, and can give you and your friends a chance to remember the times you made a mess of the kitchen, but created a better bond between yourselves.

14. Go Outfit Shopping

outfit shopping

Whether you choose to go with your parents or friends, outfit shopping is a highly anticipated part of Diwali. Every shop gives you steep discounts, and you will never find any shops empty during Diwali. You can choose to go for the traditional kurta or ghagra-choli, or you can opt for a new ethnic designer gown to stand out. The choices are numerous, and every street is filled with happy families and friends who are looking for that perfect dress for celebrations.

13. DIY Decorations

diy decorations

Diwali is a time where every house is cleaned, and decorations are put up for the celebrations. Instead of going out and buying decorations, look for various DIY decorations like handmade lanterns or painting of diyas to put your own personal touch to your Diwali decorations. There are many ideas on the internet for making your own decorations for Diwali, and all of them are super fun to do.

12. Go On A Trip


Why not choose to celebrate this Diwali in a different place? Go on a trip during Diwali to see how others celebrate your beloved festival. Looking at fireworks from atop a hill station or sitting at a beach in a resort, and meeting new people while celebrating Diwali is a very memorable experience.

11. Hold A Bonfire


A unique way to celebrate Diwali this year is to team up with people in your locality and hold a bonfire at the time of Diwali. It gives you the opportunity to get some respite from the chilling winds and also make it better by adding music and dance to the occasion. Gather around the bonfire and relax, while singing along to old songs and giving your families that touch of nostalgia.

10. Diwali Parties


Host your own Diwali party, and to spice it up, make it a theme party. You can have a color theme, a Bollywood theme, or a whole list of other ideas that can make your Diwali party unique and enjoyable. Load up on the sweets and drinks, and have a good time with your loved ones and friends.

9. Get Decked Up in Ethnic


Ethnic clothing is the top trend during Diwali, and you can go all out during Diwali. Wear the most glittering of dresses and jewellery, and click lots of pictures. You can style your hair in a traditional fashion, and also put mehndi for an added ethnicity. It is a time to flaunt that traditional side of your wardrobe.

8. Go To An Orphanage or an Old-Age Home

old age home

Diwali is a family affair and what better way to celebrate it than to visit those who don’t have a family around them at this time? You can visit a nearby orphanage or an old-age home and organise celebrations for them and give them gifts. The smile on their faces will light up your life way more than any fireworks in the world.

7. Hold Competitions


Holding competitions is a good way to make your Diwali celebrations more fun. Organise an event in your locality during Diwali for all ages, and watch the community come together to celebrate the event. It can be related to dance, singing, painting, rangoli-making, or basically any sort of competition. Kids and elders alike will enjoy the festival with more company, and you can make it an annual affair too.

6. Learn To Make Different Types of Rangolis


Nothing says Diwali more than a huge rangoli in front of your house, and why stick to the traditional powder rangoli? You can use flowers, colored rice, or use readymade rangoli designs to brighten up your household entrance and give a warm welcome to all the guests.

5. Play Games

card gams

Diwali is a time when everyone comes together, and to make the celebrations more enjoyable, add some of your childhood games to the fray. Remove that old pack of playing cards, and look up all the games you used to play. It is a guaranteed mood-booster, and it gives you a fun activity to do with the many people around you.

4. Plant Trees

planting trees

A good way to make this Diwali perfect is to do something for the environment. We are a long way away from completely stopping fireworks which cause pollution during Diwali. With all the fireworks in the air, you can do your bit to contribute to the environment by planting trees in your area. A tiny contribution by each person is all we need to maintain the environment, even with all the pollution around during the festival.

3. Give A Personal Touch To Gifts


Diwali is a time to appreciate all your loved ones by giving them gifts. Add your own personal touch to the gifts by either making them yourself or wrapping them in a unique manner and writing a personal message within each gift. This will make even a simple chocolate box gift way more special to the person you’re giving it to.

2. Go On A Jewellery Run


Another highly-anticipated event during Diwali is the increase in jewellery shopping. Rather than sticking to gold, opt for artificial jewellery too this year. The unique designs will suit well with your outfit and help you stand out this Diwali.

1. Dance!


Diwali is all about celebrations, so bring out those speakers and get everyone together to dance to the upbeat tunes. Book a space or clear some space in your own home, and invite everyone! Dance the night away with your buddies and your family, and make your Diwali celebrations unforgettable.


Whether you choose to go for unique celebrations or the traditional celebrations, Diwali is a time for happiness, to enjoy with your loved ones. The festival of lights is a time for appreciation and celebrations. Ensure that you have a good time while also remaining safe from fireworks. Follow all these tips and you will have a truly memorable Diwali celebration.

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