15 Jewelry Pieces every woman should own

“I have always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit”- Michael Kors 

It is so rightly said, the love for jewelry is eternal. Life is too short to wear boring jewelry. Women love to showcase their signature styles with different jewelry pieces they own. Don’t you see women running behind diamonds, gold, platinum and pearls? Jewelry possesses the power to be that one little thing that makes a woman feel unique. It adds an extra element to her beauty and uplifts her confidence. Now a days we see creative, beautiful and striking jewelry pieces that add on to the sensitive touch of the skin giving every woman a bold appearance. Who on Earth would not want to own some extremely delicate and highly attractive bijouteries? Similar to clothing, there are various styles from where she can choose that turn out to be assets for her. Let us see a list of 15 such ornaments that a woman must possess.

15. Turquoise pieces


Turquoise is a rare and magnificent gemstone that makes an elegant jewelry in rings, necklaces and bracelets. They say turquoise is charged with special characteristics. It gives strength, protection from evil and luck. It embarks positivity within the soul. Don’t you think turquoise colored ornaments will put you into the limelight (wink-wink)?

14. Glass bracelets

glass bracelet

These bracelets come in various colors or they may even be colorless. Although a bit rare to find, glass bracelets are totally in style and fashion. They can be worn with both western and traditional clothes. But you have to be careful before picking them up as they can both upgrade or degrade the class of your outfit.

13. Gemstone rings

gemstone rings

What better than wearing a diamond or an emerald or a ruby or a sapphire or any other gemstone on your finger? Having a gemstone in a gold or platinum or silver ring is just beyond what beauty can define. These gemstone rings are sheer elements of richness that who does not want to showcase. You definitely should own your own gemstone ring.

12. Armlet


How about wearing an armlet on sleeveless dresses or tank tops during summer season or in a beautiful evening party or when you want to hit the beach? It surely provides a unique look that everyone in the jamboree admires. It gives a very delicate touch to your poise and you feel eccentric.

11. Anklet


An anklet is considered to be an intricate jewelry that works as an amazing accessory. It particularly highlights a woman’s beautiful legs and looks elegant if worn with the correct pair of footwear.  It is generally worn with dresses that do not cover the legs completely so that she can show off her much adorned treasure.

10. Beaded Bracelets


Colorful beaded bracelets come to your rescue when you have to dress up quickly and you put on a casual tee shirt with your favorite denims or leggings. They are perfect for an impromptu outing and are very trendy these days. You can wear a single bracelet or combine several bracelets together. It is an amazing look right?

9. Belly Chain



Oh, a belly chain is a very sexy trinket that forms an essential part of a woman’s closet. It is an exemplary ornament that is worn on a saree if going traditional or even on crop tops with jeans. It highlights your pristine stomach area and the belly and gives a very sensual outlook. You surely have to try it next time you wear such an apparel.

8. Mid Rings

mid rings

Mid rings have become the favorites of women of all ages. They come in various sizes and can be worn on any finger. They absolutely match with all your attires and go well on any occasion. You should definitely own a collection of mid rings.

7. Stacking rings

stacking rings

These have become popular in the recent times and women prefer stacking rings with diamonds or gemstones. They have a powerful impact and thus worn singularly. They match every outfit in your closet and certainly need to be in your collection of jewelry.

6. Long earrings

long earrings

Simple, sleek and stylish earrings are the much trendy earrings in today’s world. They go handy with almost all the apparels and in fact they send a very strong statement irrespective of the cloth. They look gorgeous if worn on off shoulder dresses or tops. Elegance I must say.

5. Statement necklace

statement necklace

A statement necklace gives a very confident, bold, peculiar and notable look whenever you wear it. It tends to define your personality and boosts your credence. But at times, a statement necklace becomes a disaster if it mismatches your outfit. So you have to be really cautious while choosing it on your dress.

4. Gold bangles

gold bangle

Who does not want gold bangles? Gold bangles are priced possessions of every woman and she loves to flaunt them. They go very well with traditional dresses and match with all colors. It is basically an easy to wear classic jewelry. Some wear a single bangle whereas others prefer wearing a bunch of them. A gold bangle happens to be a must in your list.

3. Gold chain

gold chain

Ladies, a gold chain is a jewelry box essential item. It is a delicate ornament that is so classy that you get obsessed with it. It is generally worn without any other necklace to support it so that it is totally into the limelight. The designs are so exquisite that you immediately fall for them.

2. Pearls set


Who does not love pearls? A perfect combinational set of earrings, bracelet and necklace of pearls is something that a woman feels proud of. Oh, that shimmer enlightens your face and you feel that sheer elegance. Pearls look fabulous on any outfit be it western or traditional. A pearl set is definitely a very sophisticated and sober jewelry that is a must in the collection.

1. Diamond studs

diamond studs

Class! You conquer the world with a pair of diamond studs. Everyone is left dumbstruck at the beauty of these enormously gorgeous and flawless stones. They are apt for any occasion and last for lifetime. There are a few substitutes to diamond in case you face budget constraints. You can go for cubic zirconia! It is the best substitute for diamond as it looks exactly like one. Lady, go for one.

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