15 Things Every Introvert Can Relate To

Being an introvert in a social world is extremely difficult since people have many misconceptions about them. Introverts can come off as rude, mean, and uptight, but the truth is, they’re none of those things. Introverts are some of the most real people you will meet, who see things for what they are and not what people want them to be. Over the years, introverts have gained positive attention, with January 2 being declared as World Introvert Day, when all introverts are free to be themselves with pride. Other than rocking out to G-Eazy’s Me, Myself and I which is practically our anthem, there are a few things that every introvert can relate to.

15. Leaving A Party To Be By Ourselves


Introverts often are the first people to leave a party, despite having fun. They will totally get down on the dance floor, but make excuses and leave early, just to be back in the comfort of their own self. It could be their own party, but after a while, they will get exhausted of the social situation and go home, curl up under the blankets, and watch the latest episode of New Girl. That’s just us.

14. The Happiness We Get When Plans Are Cancelled

cancelled plans

Cancelled plans are a bummer for many, but not for introverts. When a plan is made, an introvert carefully organises every part of the day around the plan and prepares mentally to go and interact in the social situation. But when plans are cancelled, they’re suddenly free and completely free of any obligations. The happiness we get from cancelled plans is really unparalleled.

13. Pointless Conversations Make No Sense

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Introverts say it as it is. Meaningless conversations with a million people make no sense to them. One deep conversation with a close friend will be a much better use of their time, compared to gossiping about some particular person with ten others. We completely hate small talk, and have no idea how to do it. Give us a particular topic that we love, and we can go on for hours about it. But the awkward ‘hey how are you’ conversations are not our cup of tea.

12. Headphones Are Our Best Friend


Plugging in the headphones and plugging out the world is one of the best feelings ever. We use headphones to completely cut off from the people nearby, to avoid any social interaction with them that they might be inclined to have. And we all relate to that annoying moment when we have to unplug the headphones to listen to what someone is telling us. Headphones are a clear sign that we don’t want to talk, so please just tell us things that are extremely urgent, or don’t speak to us at all.

11. We Love Writing


Most famous authors were introverts, and there’s a reason for that. We believe that writing helps us express our feelings better, and it helps us make sense of things. Like the famous spoken-word poet Sarah Kay once said, ‘I write poems to figure things out. Sometimes the only way I know how to work through something is by writing a poem. Sometimes I get to the end of the poem, look back and go, “Oh, that’s what this is all about”.’ Putting our words out on paper or on a computer screen gives us the clarity to understand stuff.

10. New People Make Us Uncomfortable

new people

When we enter into someplace new and we need to meet new people, we generally tend to be uncomfortable around them. If there are no ice-breakers, we will stick to ourselves and wait for other people to talk rather than introducing ourselves. And even while interacting with new people, we will get awkward after about five minutes, brainstorming about what to even talk about. We really are bad at first dates, don’t judge us.

9. We Prefer House Parties

house parties

While partying at a club may seem stressful, house parties are actually fun. That way, you only have the people who matter to you, and you’re in a safe environment where you don’t have to worry about anything. Also, the added proximity of a bed makes the entire social situation worthwhile, knowing you can go sleep anytime you want.

8. We Prefer to Shop Online

shopping online

Introverts generally are intimidated by the salespersons who surround them while they’re trying to shop. We prefer to take our time out and select our clothes without anybody standing behind us and compelling us to buy some particular thing. Moreover, staying at home and shopping in sweatpants without worrying about people judging us is just more preferable.

7. We Love Days Where We Don’t Have To Do Anything

doing nothing all day

The weekend is the best time for us, when we are free of all obligations or social meetings. Spending all day at home, looking like a mess, eating popcorn and watching our favorite TV show just seems so much better than going out and making small talk with people that we barely know.

6. We’re Extremely Hard-Working


Introverts are a corporate office’s best friend because they fill the time they have with different activities. This makes them more productive than other employees. Most introverts are good at working alone. Also, they tend to be good at multi-tasking different activities, because they’ve been doing it for ages.

5. We’re Better Listeners


Introverts aren’t really good at talking to everyone, but they are very good listeners. They understand that the other person doesn’t always need advice, they just need someone to listen to them while they work out their problems on their own. While others may interrupt and talk about their own problems, introverts are someone you can trust to keep quiet and just listen.

4. We Don’t Like Too Much Attention

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Yes, while some attention is good, getting too much attention can be uncomfortable for introverts. For when we get more attention, we are obligated to stand in the limelight and have people talk to us. It becomes awkward really soon because we have no idea what to say after a while, and we just avoid attention till it ultimately goes away.

3. Social Events Are Stressful

social events

Social events make us really stressed, especially when we go to a social event where we don’t know many people. Yes, we try to maintain a cool facade on the outside, but on the inside we’re constantly wishing we were any place else. We will be better at hanging out with the host’s pet dog rather than any actual person.

2. We Aren’t Anti-Social, Not All The Time


Sometimes, we let our hair down and have fun. We meet new people, we make new bonds. Sometimes, we let down that guard that we maintain all the time for some people who we believe we can be comfortable with. While most of our time is spent alone, we do enjoy our time with the people that we let in.

1. One Person Is Worth A Million

one person

Introverts are not always quiet, with the right person, they can’t shut up. For us, comfort is a big thing, and if we find that with someone, we can be a completely different, carefree person. We can talk to one person for hours, but in a group, we will barely open our mouth. Finding that one person and trusting them is a big thing for us, but when we do, life is infinitely better.

Being an introvert is not a bad thing, its just in your nature. With more and more attention being given to introversion, it just makes sense that people understand when to be with someone and when to leave them alone to recharge themselves. Introverts are some of the best people on earth, and unlike people who need to go out and be around people to feel validated, they are completely content with their own self.

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