15 Top Reasons Why you are Still Single and How You can Change it

While there are many fascinating  phases of being married or being committed to someone but we just can’t sideline the perks of being Single!  For some people, it is more of a trend to have someone who they can call their ‘girlfriend’ or ‘boyfriend’, but who follows that mainstream trend? Well, being single doesn’t really close all the possibilities for you! “Friends with benefits” is a fun option, though. So it is like the best of both the worlds!

But for people who are on a quest to find “True Love” and are still single, figuring out the reason, this article might just help you! This article will help you introspect and will help you find the exact reason behind you still being single and how you can change it. Knowing the problem well is always better to work on it.


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If you are someone who thinks this then this article is Just For You!

There are many reasons behind people being single throughout their lives. They are young enough to date, their spouse might have left them for someone else or maybe like me they would rather enjoy a date with their laptop screens and a cup of hot coffee or whatever the case may be, this article will outline the top 15 reasons why you may still be single.

     1.You are Selfish

You live in a ‘Me and my World’. You don’t really care what anyone else feels for you unless you feel the same. You have got all your errands on the top of the priority list and the someone else’ absolutely out of your list. You love what you and you are obsessed with your “Freedom”. You may not find yourself in a relationship anytime soon unless you work on your temperament.

     2. You are Messy

You are that one kind who can survive for days without taking showers. Who likes to date a slob? You don’t really like it the ‘clean’ way. This category includes people who are messy in terms of their work too. Being well-organised is something you could try. Well, you may have to start cleaning the place where you live, starting with the bathroom and then going on to your room or the closet!

     3. You are too lazy

This category can be worked upon easily, though. If you are that one kind of person who doesn’t feel like texting another girl/boy out of laziness and expects to get one, then you have a very wrong notion. If you keep going to dates at arm’s length, then this might be a wake-up call.  You may be termed as The Humpty Dumpty who has to be pushed  in order to go for a date. The only way you could combat your laziness and put it aside from the path of commitment is to be determined enough to be with someone.

    4. You are a Workaholic

Your work comes first. You work day and night. The main problem arises when the time schedule doesn’t clash. Men and women are at par nowadays, be it work wise too. No man can expect to get a partner who stays at home 24*7 while he works out there and then boasts about it. You could work on this by taking out some time on the weekends, go for a holiday or just for a picnic maybe!

    5. You are a social media addict

You like posting everything on social media, be it from your partner’s favourite colour or facts you recently discover about someone you like. Vague sad statuses on facebook are just random and smart people understand this. So stay a start staying a little anti-social and live the ‘real’ life and you might run into your partner just anywhere!

   6. You are too naive to take your own decisions

The people who like to carry the “whatever you want” trend fall into this category. If you like something, speak up. If you don’t, speak up even then! The basis of a relationship is that you understand your partner, so until and unless you speak up your partner won’t get to know you.

   7. Married to friends, hence Single!

“My friends are my everything, I don’t need anyone else in my life”, heard this line much often? For people who come in this category, friendship comes over commitment. They follow the Joey Tribbiani’s approach like he kept his friendship for Rachel above his love for her. Give time to your friends, go for a girl’s night out or an old frat boys meet but do remember to keep the frequency low!

   8. You self-sabotage

You don’t really wish to be in a relationship and hence whenever asked, you come up with an excuse to skip out of the conversation. You may be out of cash at the end of the month but that is seriously not a good enough reason to stay single.

   9. You share everything with your Boys

No girl likes that her boyfriend’s friends know their secrets. Boys, on the other hand, enters the group as the so-called lion boasting about his girlfriend’s secrets. The first and the foremost thing to learn here is- Respect your partner and respect your relationship, whatsoever it may be.

   10. You are too Clingy

Whenever you find someone attractive, you end up texting them to death! You need to relax and chill. Thingdon’tnt turn well that quick. Try channelising your energy somewhere else, try focussing on your work. Texting once might work too. Don’t give out that ‘desperate’ vibe to the next person.

    11. You move too Quickly (through a relationship)

Relationships are meant to be dealt with delicacy and poise. Don’t rush it. The solution, in this case, comes before we categorize people. Get to your partner well, learn about his/her likes, dislikes and habits. Feelings are what keeps a relationship up-tight. Work on yourself, learn to be patient.

    12. You constantly talk about your ex

What is done, is done! Talking about it again, and again won’t really help. There exist people who find “talking about the ex” a good topic to lead a conversation. Talking about it once is alright so as to give your partner an insight. Live in the present and leave behind the past.

     13. You don’t like ‘YOURSELF’!

If you are someone who is not head over heels for himself/herself, then you really need to work on it! Wishing that someone else falls for you, when you cannot love yourself in insane! Nobody is perfect. We should ourselves to a standard of Grace, not Perfection. So, start loving yourself, love your flaws, your body and everything.

     14.  Having Unrealistic Expectations

We live in the real world and not in a ‘Fairyland’. Do not literally expect your partner to do all the practically impossible things! Don’t expect that he will get the stars for you and place them at your feet. Be realistic and rational.

    15. You are a Flirt

Every woman wishes to have a man in life, who loves her unconditionally. The same notion is applicable for men. Contrary to this, there exist people who just don’t want to settle for one. They keep experimenting their ‘flirting’ skills on every other person and think of them self as a Flirting Star ( if that even exists). If you continue to stay so, you won’t be able to carry forward a relationship for long. Work on yourself and try settling for the one you love!

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