15 Ways Social Media Changed Our Lives

In recent years, social media has become the norm of the society. There is no dearth of social media applications which are used by practically everyone we know. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but we can all agree on one point- it has had an impact on all of our lives. Here are the top 15 ways that social media has impacted various aspects of our life.

15. It Changed How We Influence People

influencing people

Social media has provided a platform for anyone to post anything, which is a means to influencing people. Now, this has both an upside and a downside. You can influence people to do good by giving donations to orphans or you can influence people to do some crazy challenge like hanging off a cliff and taking a selfie while doing it. Influencing someone is a big power, and it really should be used for good rather than bad.

14. It Changed The Field of Healthcare


If your loved one is having a heart attack and you don’t know what to do, you can immediately start a virtual doctor’s appointment through your phone. Social media gave us a million different ways to reach someone, and it just might help save someone by giving you those extra few seconds where you’re helping them yourself with the doctor’s guidance.

13. It Helped With Initiatives


Social media has been a boon for those who wanted to take up initiatives to help someone but couldn’t because they didn’t have a platform to reach people. Nowadays, an issue can be resolved through the support of millions of strangers on the internet who feel like your cause is worth supporting. Petitions on the internet have become a huge thing for people who want change but can’t bring it about themselves.

12. It Changed How Politicians Campaign


Gone are the days when politicians only stood up on a dais and shouted their poll promises. While that is still the usual norm, nowadays their preferred means of campaigning is going online. They reach more audiences online, and they put up their views on different issues on social media. This is then shared by their supporters to spread awareness about the politician. Most politicians are accepting this social media trend which gives a major boost to their campaign.

11. It Changed How We Get Our News


Social media has the biggest reach of any other medium of communication, and any breaking news will be known across the world within milliseconds of it happening. People no longer only look to news houses to update them with information. A simple search on Twitter about the issue can give you much more information about it than news houses.

10. It Changed The Field of Business


Businesses nowadays have much more scope to become successful, all due to social media. Small business houses can invest in marketing on social media to spread awareness about their company and attract people through discounted rates on their products. It gives them a much bigger audience and helps them increase the sales.

9. It Changed The Face of Disaster Management

disaster management

Anytime a disaster occurred somewhere in the world, we didn’t know about it till news channels reached the place and gave us information. Now, however, with the advent of social media, people can immediately seek relief by posting about it on social media. Many disasters like floods, earthquakes or terror attacks have garnered attention on social media and have gotten support from millions across the world. Facebook came up with the ‘safe’ option which lets you update your loved ones that you are safe and secure after the disaster.

8. It Changed How We Date


Social media has brought about a revolution in dating. People’s love stories nowadays begin with ‘well we met online’. Virtual strangers find their significant other on social media sites. The advent of dating applications like Tinder has got everyone signing up to find a person who shares the same interests as them. You no longer have to apprehensively approach someone to ask them to go on a date with you. Simply swipe right!

7. It Changed Our Creativity


With the advent of applications like Instagram and Snapchat, we no longer take pictures just for the sake of taking pictures. It has to be uploaded on every social media, and thus it has to stand out. We will add an extra clover to make that steak look better, or we’ll use a different angle to capture that sunset. The end result is that everyone has become extra creative to be more popular on social media.

6. It Changed How We Share Information


Social media has given a platform to share practically everything. People can share their happiness on acquiring a promotion, or they can share the fact that they have just woken up. We have now deemed it necessary to share every aspect of our life with everyone that we know online. Revealing everything about your life and seeking validation from strangers has become the new norm.

5. If You Don’t Take A Picture, Did it Really Happen?


We have made it a mission to ‘prove’ that we have been someplace by updating about it on social media. If we’re at a new hip restaurant, we must tweet about it, check in on Facebook, take a snap and upload it on Snapchat, and upload a photo of the food on Instagram. If someone tells they have been someplace and there is no evidence of it on their social media, did it really happen?

4. It Changed How We Communicate


We have many different ways of communicating with someone on social media. We’ve got countless video calling apps, messaging apps, photo sharing apps et all. We don’t have to just communicate with someone face-to-face to tell them about the latest gossip. In fact, face-to-face communication has come down a lot since the advent of social media.

3. It Changed How We Voice Our Opinion

raising opinion

Social media helped us to raise our voice about issues and be heard by millions across the globe. No vile act can go unpunished anymore. It can be as big as raising the issue of rising rates of suicide or it could be as tiny as complaining about the service at a restaurant. No matter what the issue, you can share your opinion of it on social media.

2. It Changed Our Privacy


S0cial media has completely killed any fragment of privacy in someone’s life. We can now see what our friend’s boyfriend’s sister’s dog did last summer. Everyone updates everything about their life on social media, and people spend hours looking at their life and comparing it to their own. You might have never met the person in real life, but you already know everything about their life. Stalkers no longer lurk in the bushes near your life, they are behind a mobile screen and on your Instagram feed.

1. It Changed How We Spread Awareness


Social media has helped us spread awareness about a million different things. It could be a political campaign, a business strategy, or an unknown disease. Social media recently celebrated the victory of the ALS Bucket Challenge, which had earlier seemed silly, but has now helped get a cure for ALS. Something as simple as people pouring a bucket of ice water on themselves around the world has helped the countless number of people suffering from the disease. That is the power of social media.


You can call it a curse, call it a boon, call it both. But social media has definitely shown us that it is here to stay. Apps may come and go, but the medium of communication is here to stay. It has impacted all of our lives in different ways, and we can no longer imagine a world without social media.

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