15 Ways To Make Everyone Around You Happy

Happiness is not a place, it’s a way of life. Despite all the pain, sorrow and sadness life offers, happiness can be achieved by anyone and everyone. Life is tough, but it demands us to be tougher. It’s easy to be happy once you’ve made the decision. Making others around you happy, is another way to make yourself happy. Listed below are 15 different ways you can use to make the people around you happy.

1. Optimism

This is the number one rule to be happy and to keep others around you happy as well. Optimism means to look for the positive side of every situation, no matter how hard it may seem. One doesn’t have to focus on the negative all the time. Train yourself to not dwell on things that are detrimental to your mental well-being. The more you dwell on the negative, the more negative vibes you throw out for other people aeound you. Not only this, encourage people around you to see and focus on the positive aspects of life as well.

2. Patience

It has been rightly said that patience is a virtue. Being patienf with one self is one of the few ways to succeed and be happy in life, it teaches you to be calm and composed. Similarly, being patient with those around you always improves their mood and state of mind. To be patient towards somebody, means to keep your calm when they aren’t keeping theirs. Help them to relax and give them time to work on their own. When such acts are shown to a person, it automatically calms and composes them and brings a sense of joy among them.

3. Appreciate the good in others

To spread joy amongst the people that surround us, it is extremely important to acknowledge and appreciate the good things in a person and the good deeds they do. Compliment a person for the radiant smile they have, tell them they look beautiful/handsome, tell them they did good on their job. You will not realise what magical effect all these things can have on a person. What could be better than making a person feel good about themselves?

4. Smile

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever,” and there id nothing more beautiful in a human than their smile. Ever noticed how your bad mood gets lightened up when someone smiles genuinely at you? Ever felt the effect of a smile? Smile is contagious and soothing. So smile more often, your smile might just make someone’s day.

5. Love people as they are

We humans are a bunch of imperfections. Each one of us has their flaws and vices. Nobody. Is. Born. Perfect. Even after living a long life of perfecting yourself, you cannot be free of your flaws. They make you who are, like they make everyone around you who they are. It is better to appreciate and love the people for what they are, along with their imperfections. They were born that way, they grew up that way and they’ll probably be that way throughout their life- which is totally okay, by the way! Love people along with their flaws, it makes you a better person and hey, unless you learn to love someone with their flaws, how can anybody do the same with you? What goes around, comes around, remember?

6. Make time for others

Each one of us gets 24 hours a day to manage our busy schedules- health, work, home and ourselves. In this fast-paced world, it is so necessary to get in touch with ourselves and it’s equally necessary to make time for others, for the people you love and who love you, for the people who surround you. Choose a day, gather the people you want to be with and spend time with them. It’s a fabulous feeling when someone makes time to be with you. Do it more often and whenever you can.

7. Stop complaining

One of the most annoying habits in a person could be the habit of complaining about their circumstances, life, day, work, family, etc. Not only does grumbling make you miserable, it makes people around you miserable, too. It shows your discontent about the things in your life and your inabilitu to look beyond it. It’s the biggest turnoff there is.

8. Live your day to the fullest

The more one is happy and content with one’s surroundings, life, etc., the more he is he/she is happy and the more are they capable of keeping others happy. Until you feel good about life, you can never succeed in making another person feel good about life. A person must live their day to the fullest. Seize the day, my friend! Who isn’t a little worries about the future? All of us are tensed and stressed about something or the other but to look beyond that, to be happy, is an admirable and inspiring trait. So many people could use to learn how not to worry. Let’s be an inspiration and a source of joy for the people around us.

9. Gratitude

When we were kids, we were told that gratitude is the right attitude. We were asked to say “thank you” to people who serve is in any way. Turns out, they were right after all. Saying thank you to the people around you for the services they provide you with, for the favors they do to you, for helping out with a chore or for even spending time with you, marks your appreciation towards their gestures.

10. Tolerance

Humans are different from one another. Our thoughts might not always be on the same frequency and there might be a clash of opinion with someone. Understand and respect their views, opinions, etc. For harmony and for keeping up a healthy atmosphere, it is very important to be tolerant amd respectful towards others. You might not understand tit but arguing, fighting, etc won’t do any good either.

11. Do not worry about everyone

One of the worst things a person can do is to fret about people. Worrying makes you suffer twice. Besides, you mighg just be worrying over something about a person that is not even significant. Worrying for a person pressurises and stresses out the person. We understand that you worry about the people you care about but may be, just may be, it is not needed and is just making it harder for the people you love.

12. Advice and encourage people to trust themselves

The best thing a person can do to make others happy, is to ask and encourage people to trust themselves, their gut and their senses. Instilling a sense of self-confidence within a person in something that will be the key to their happiness forever.

13. Make efforts

An act of kindness goes a long way. Buying a cup of coffee/tea for a friend or colleague, occassionally giving gifts to dear ones and all such things count in your efforts to express your care and affection towards them.

14. Empathy

Lend your understanding ear to somebody who might be going through a difficult patch of time, talk to them but mostly listen to the things they have to say. Try to be empathetic towards their problems  try to understand their struggle without judgements. Humans are social beings and in times of crisis, everybody needs someone to hear them out and console them with a hug. Imbibe empathy within you and watch so many people live joyously because you understood them.

15. Be there for people

Many times, we overlook people who might be in some sort of trouble and might need a helping hand- physically, mentally or emotionally. Learn to be there for people in their times of need and be their support when they most need it. A friend in need is a friend, indeed.

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