17 Simple Ways to Enjoy being Single

All single ladies and singletons out there who need to get a whiff of life and some spice in their monotonous routine who have either been released from the clutches of a grim estranged relationship or have been forever free in this dauntless world where love has lost its meaning and remains only a four letter scribble on monuments and for mushy songs, this is how you should experiment with your idea of mate hood and select liberty of choice to do everything differently over boredom and procedure. So you can have all the fun without the unnecessary emotional exhaustion, baggage and nagging affairs that not only make your life toxic, but take away your sensibilities and passion. Being with someone could be good, Shakespearean maybe , but nothing gets better for singletons beyond this !



Love is easy to lose but hard to find but never does it feel more unconditionally fulfilling when done for a greater cause, a happier smile, a memory to remember forever. So pick a weekend, go to the sanatorium or a child care centre with nothing more than a befitting attitude of gratefulness and warmth and be the reason for someone’s happiness. The trend with paired people (no matter how altruistic their ideas might be), end up swallowing all their time and intentions for pleasing each other and leaves little for the world. The advantage of being single is that you ask for nothing in return and have enormous love and time to share with not any one personality(who may not even care) but with millions who remember you, bless you, hope and pray for you. So much in such little service. So pat your backs and be the global philanthropist with more than a million lovers for their couldn’t have been a more satisfying relationship with so many beautiful souls just waiting for you to open their doors.



When was the last time we all sat down to enjoy a cup of late night coffee with our girlfriends or home videos with our besties? How many soccer games do we now watch together with our hometown buddies with nothing but soda cans and stale pizza parties that have a way of tasting delicious with Pepsi on it? Whether its guys or girls or our beloved LGBT, when we are hooked up, even if it’s not serious and for kicks, our friends face the brunt of not only its fallout(god forbid any) but all the lost time spent in dating and wooing (unless you share your prize with your pals) as well. Friends no more remain a priority in life and take second place only to become approvers or agony aunts later. Let’s try not to be so selfish and enjoy it as only a singleton would and relive the times we all have had as 10 year olds with not a worry in the world and only laughing hangovers later. There is undisputedly not a better feeling in the world that comes post bitching to your best friend about the guy who broke your heart or to chastise an unpleasant member with you best buddy as a team.



Now this is not an activity only for ardent readers and bibliophiles but anyone who’s single, intellectually appealing and an explorer. Make a wish list of the books you would love to read during your life time and start buying them , downloading them , borrowing them and collecting them. Give into a hardcover frenzy since not only is it an exhaustingly fun activity but an excuse to meet pretty girls and hunky boys in stores, library and on the web. A slightly flirtatious interaction would spice things up for all our singletons without the fuss of commitments and you could expand your mental faculties through fruitful reading as well be it science-fiction, British classic, erotica or technology gadget catalogues etc. Make this chronic activity an opportunity to give yourself busy amidst clubs of learned and diverse people. So many things to do without a mate in life !


No amount of content can explain the ecstasy and thrill one experiences during adventure sports. Be it trekking in the Himalayas, sky diving from Niagara Falls, Rafting in the Ganges or Skiing in Switzerland , these are things that should be on everybody’s bucket list. These adrenaline rushing sports are for everybody, but singles enjoy this more than anybody else due to the virtue of the fact that they come without the inhibitions and insecurity and freely experiment not only through daredevil games but in course of interactions as well. As open minded as a couple might be, it has its fallouts and sooner or later it becomes a trap to pay undivided attention to a single person due to jealousy and possessiveness. So go wild this season, skydive with a hot instructor and let it not be the only reason to give you Goosebumps !


prank calls

Life could be dull and boring without the necessary naughtiness and telephonic expeditions that makes for a hilarious package of juicy conversations and notorious situations. We have all done this as kids , called up our teachers , said funny innocent things , and then gloated about the bravery we concluded in it. Well if you haven’t done this before, don’t worry ! Pick up your phone or mobile , call a friend who wouldn’t have your number saved and be the ghost from horror movies, the RJ from radio channel , if you can mimic well , be the impersonation and towards the end reveal yourself in earnest and you would have won a new friend in the process. Obviously no guarantees to it since you might get rebuked or berated too but remain within the lines of decency and it’ll be a moment worth remembering !


guru in love

The one thing that singletons can do best and beat everybody else at it is giving relationship advices and tips without having to bear the same burden themselves. People who have recently acquired the happiness of singledom or have forever been alone learning from other’s mistakes and waiting for his/her true love to come along , take up a part time job for the time being, do a little love service and gain the confidence of your friends and family. Deal with their issues(provided they ask you for help, and if you’re good at it, you become the agony angel of the club) and in the process become mature and loyally diplomatic. Your friends will trust you with their innermost secrets and desires, have you as their confidantes and believe in your suggestion if its workable. Besides the pleasure you get out of saving someone from all the hurt or pain by either uniting or disuniting for the right causes is heavenly. No better passion to fulfil then to mend broken hearts as you might as well lose your own in the game!



Family Is important. Family is Christmas and Diwali celebrations. Family is the pillar of rock that holds us when we fall and soars us when we want to fly. Family is the net of helicopter parents , annoying siblings , obese uncles , gossiping aunties , religious grandparents, adventurous cousins and long lasting bonds of love , love and love ! Shouldn’t we price them above all girlfriends and boyfriends scores that we keep counting till 25 ? Valuing what we have always had all along , making it a priority to take out time(since no one has time) for people and relationships who really matter is essential. The best way is vacationing together, small weekend brunches/picnics or party bonanzas, watching movies/concerts together, cooking a single meal on a festival together, celebrating festivities hand in hand, remembering special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries and calling or sending in surprises are the best ways to stay closely knit to your lovable families. Not only does an initiative from brave singletons(who have all the time to think about the idea of love)save past bonds gone sour, but also ensure happy times ahead making hearts swell with all the affection and affinity won from bringing blood and brood together !



This is for all singletons who absolutely adore themselves(since mated men and women love each other more whether genuine or display) and wish to pamper themselves more than usual. So boys and girls, grab your leather wallets and fancy clutch bags and head into a salon that offers the most exclusive spa or a complete change of look that makes you fall in love with yourself all over again. Often we neglect ourselves and the services we deserve for someone who maybe just playing with us all along. That’s why all happy and clinically depressed single charmers need to work on how they view themselves in the harsh world of judgements and scorn. A soothing massage of exotic snake therapy or a new haircut that shows your best features is a must for all singletons who cannot love themselves anymore than they already do and for those who think they don’t deserve the best! Feel regal and be the royalty of your world of dreams and hopes for you might just win a date on your way back home with all that glow ,who knows!



Ever heard of dating sites that rescue you from utter boredom and monotony of life’s drudgery ? Well if not , ask your friends to help put you out on the spot! Now this isn’t every singletons cup of tea for it requires real charm and guts to be with a complete stranger faintly interested in you and take it to a level you want it to be . It could turn into a failed effort , a violent fit of hysteria , something that leads to the hotel room or maybe love at first sight too. But how it benefits the challenger is notable in terms of confidence boost, enhances self esteem , affects our approach in life as we begin to take risks more often that are not confined to the dating world only and learn the value of self appreciation. The world loves what we love in ourselves and nothing could be more true than that. It’s a simple , fun loving , gutsy activity that gets us high and excited , gives us a reason to wear the best wardrobe from our closet , meet a pretty person , learn and unlearn through a scintillating meeting and observe table manners too. Ready to enjoy some high tea or candle light treat?



Randomness is in the air, it is the essence of our being and form and leads to beautiful surprises every day. A break from planning everything out right from what to have for breakfast to the colour of tie worn for a late night party and so on and so forth extinguishes the spark in us first working at the trivialities and then becoming an outlook. Singletons can start by “tagging” or picking a new route for their morning jog or evening walk , a different genre of movie or book , tag a person you’re interested in and don’t be afraid , try the road not taken , different sex positions , take a detour and skip the office conference , have tea instead of coffee , surprise everyone by asking an intelligent question in class , take chances and make mistakes. The entire idea is putting oneself out on the street and doing anything but usual for some time , let out the hidden persona and be comfortable in one’s own skin. Learn early and now that fearing yourself and what you could be is a defeat , a shallow thought about oneself that should never become a part of your life. All singletons should enjoy the time they have to their selves and do something that they absolutely love even if its singing on a branch of tree hanging upside down form it as long as it doesn’t not mean prison break or vandalism. Love the uncertain element of life and live each day in madness !



There is no need for single guys to get gloomy since this isn’t a gender specific activity meant only for shopaholics and in short , all women of the world ! This by far and large and my personal favourite and is the best stress busting , blood energizing and mood uplifting thing to do. The only single fantasy in the world that comes in all shapes, sizes and notes. If you live on a budget , there’s still place for you to buy things and money wasters are anyway the pride of Gucci, Dolce and the likes of Channel. An activity all singletons should take out time for, every once in awhile, for nothing would add more attitude to an independent belle or a hunky modernist who believe in themselves and don’t need a partner to make them feel good about themselves. So plan it out with friends or family or solitarily and go gaga over the fabric an cut you love best. There is definitely more to the freaky feeling one gets watching an ordinary geek transform into a celebrity in the trial room mirror, is that you ?



The one thing all singletons must head out for is a fun and adventure packed tour with nothing more than a Dora backpack to an exotic place and forget the worries of the world for a while. The happy element is the burden free attitude that committed people do not have and even if they do, they have to think about their whiny girlfriends or pricey boyfriends before such a daring challenge that requires a singleton to give up on the security and predictability of what goodies they’re used to in life and enjoy in the moment. Be it a Ladakh motorbike expedition or a trek to the Lhasa Valley etc with picturesque landscapes and enchanting beauty all around , delude yourself in this calmness and thrill together. You will not only meet adventure freaks like yourself but also learn about the significance of a greater purpose and natures cosmos that is supreme than anything else we know!



So all that single enthusiasts (who presumably have more time to themselves for something as fun as this) need to grab and hold is a camera or their giant android phone with magical picture quality. Adorn yourself in whatever pleases you , and without the attached gender stereotypes or cultural blips (for who cares?) be it a Tweety loony toon character or a Spanish bull fighter costume (you could just be your usual self too) to add a little fun to your wardrobe and then go wonky on your ik-ik play mates. Social media and rights are your privilege and nothing should come in the way of your expression of it. As long as it doesn’t offend any caste, race, community, religious beliefs , you are at perfect liberty to outlive the hangover of fun-fit through this simple yet self-evaluating recipe. Not only do you feel soothingly good about yourself, but it’s also therapeutic for those who might be suffering from a clinical depression or sorts. Ready for a click ?



Single or not, we all love music. Some are passionate artists, and others like to let themselves drown in their splendour. But what is undisputable is the rush of underlying emotions and unsaid fantasies that unlocks itself while living and breathing a live performance. Depending on your taste , it could be a rhapsody or tribute to your favourite band , a rock show or a scintillating classical music concerto. Buy tickets for yourself and your long lost friends with whom you jammed in college or school, get all paint and beer in your face, tattoo the flag of your favourite ship and just rock and roll. Scream out all frustration , sing away all fears , get a chance to dream again , see your favourite stars perform and as if this wasn’t enough , gloat about it the next day in office or with friends and be the “dude” you’ve always wanted to be. Who needs a refill ?



Make a list or pick days to watch all your favourite movies , sports games , club victories and best NBA moments. You could opt for a weekend movie show at the nearest PVR or a late night movie in the parking lot like the good old days! Let it be any few days of the week when you shut all doors and windows of your house with a bunch of friends or a pretty companion with lots of popcorn and incessant pizza supply and let the movie begin. Scream through horror frenzy, Laugh through comedy , cry through drama and kick through action. Catch up on all the lost time for when you couldn’t watch the first show because of your boss standing on your head or your dying neighbour. Let the freedom of art and cinematics be your salvation and moment of rejoicing following its exposure. Let all lovers of George Clooney have their sinner on screen and the worshippers of Megan Fox drool on the screen. Any more popcorn ?


The declared meaning of the delicious word above is “any person who loves to explore exotic and diverse geographies for the purpose of satiating olfactory moods” which is French of course ! There have got to be a million single foodies out there who do not give a damn about the calories in the food that fill their nostrils with the promise of divine taste. So go out on your college road or countryside , travel abroad for this very purpose(if food means more to you than life),try different cuisines , different streets , diverse food ballads and be the walking , sleeping and talking TLC foodie you’ve always dreamed to be ! Be an expert and taste delicacies everywhere. You could include wine and drinks in your exploration and let it be a mouth watering experience !



Animal lovers or not, we all have different ways of expressing compassion for these less fortunate members of our world. Some leave wasted food for them , others have them sterilized while the trend catching up is adopting them and giving them a home of love and security. Cats and dogs will not only serve as loyal companions but safeguard our property like their own territory. This is the best way to be single since you do not need your partners consent or dissent to influence what you already want and whether you can stand the sight of canines or not , a small mouse sized ball of fur is bound to make any stone hearted being melt. Animals teach us the value of being heard and make us sensitive and understanding in all regards. They are stress busters , best pals and lovable till they die. They always have time for you, their love unconditional and in many ways fill the gap left by someone very close to us. So bring in a new member into your world , someone who will always belong to you and never trade their loyalties for your looks, differences or riches.


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Rhea Samyal

Rhea Samyal hails from paradise on earth Jammu and Kashmir and derives her flair for sensitized poetry and diverse writing from the war and conflict that exists amidst ethereal beauty and love. She is a first year law student at the ILS law college , Pune. With the infusion of travel mania in her, Rhea loves to read people, cultures and lifestyles. A lover of animals, music, classics and sitcoms, Rhea always strives to make a difference wherever she can with whatever little means. Her greatest passion is to weave tragedy into words and redefine philanthropy through actions.

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