20 Best Gifts You Can Give Your Father on His Birthday

Is your Dad’s BIRTHDAY around the corner? Can you not figure out what to give your dad because he has never made a wish? That’s how dads are! They love you, and just want the best for you! They never really ask for anything apart from the well being and happiness of their children and family. Fathers are the backbone of our lives. Everybody has the best dad, and we all know, he works so hard just to give us a life we can enjoy, cherish and make something out of ourselves. He gives us the support we need every time we are off-thrown, he helps us get our lives on track and it is important for us to love him unconditionally and that’s probably what he would want from you as a gift but to make him feel how special he really is, one always thinks of out of the box ideas and the old idea of buying him a belt or a new shirt is great, but I’ve devised a list of 20 gift ideas for your father on his special day that he would simply adore. So, let’s go ahead and uncover this list.


20. The Touch of Perfection


Yes, you will say that this is pretty conventional, but a cologne works magic. Buy a breath-taking fragrant cologne for your dad and, I think he will love it, you can always be picky about which one do you want to give him. If you earn or have saved some money, buy him a nice Armani or a Gucci Cologne, or you could always experiment with something that fits your budget and is equally amazing like something from Adidas, Nike, or maybe Calvin Klein. You’d definitely add a touch of perfection to the next meeting your dad has, or the family gathering over the weekend. Isn’t that great?


19. For the Charm in his Eyes



It is Legit, Dads love their shades and, they think that it makes them look really handsome, I’m so sure it does. When was the last time you bought your dad the perfect Ray-Ban he would look dashing in? Sorry but It’s my personal favorite for Men, Avaitors look mind-blowing but if you wish to explore, it’s always an option, look out for wayfarers as well. But, Shades are a must have for your dad and I think you should definitely buy him a pair this time around.


18. Hairs, They are a men’s thing too!



This one is pretty new to us, but I guess it is super useful. All young boys are a fan and i think we should ask our dads to join the race too. Yes, I’m talking about the race of hair-care products. You know your brother uses them, your friends love it, your boyfriend always is up-to-date with his hair care routine, so why not gift your dad some grooming products as well? The Ustraa range of Men Hair Care Products is amazing, but why not a cool set of products from the body-shop maybe? Isn’t it a unique idea, now?



17. Click Click Click..




Is this too usual? NOO! We always use our phone as a camera but think of all the times your dad had an office outing or maybe for a family trip? One could build an interest in photography, he could love it as a pass-time. Why not? Times are changing, you should consider buying him a digital camera for his birthday or maybe a polaroid? It’ll be fun, I’m telling you!


16. He’ll never go out of style !



Yeah, that was a taylor swift song. Yes, it had a connection to your dad, hear this out, what if you gift him a classy pair of formal shoes on his birthday? It’s an amazing idea, he’d love your sense of style, for we always want our parents to check out things we like as well. He might love them and wear them for his next big meeting or make them a part of his regular party outfit ! You Never Know.

15.  And it’s a Six !



Hahaha, okay i guess you got my point? I am talking about cricket. Well, this idea only stands to action if the match season is on in your city around the time of his birthday. So, you can try to get tickets for your dad for a match(It can be any sport, sorry for the stereotypical cricket headline) that he absolutely digs and would enjoy to the core. It would be a fun day for him and he would absolutely feel the love coming strong at him. 🙂


14. Breakfast in Bed



Doesn’t this sound something your mom would love? Great, make breakfast for the both of them! Okay, so this may seem to be an out of the blue idea but you could always figure a way out, get up before him and try and make him happy by cooking him something nice, this would surprise them i would say, but waking up before your mom is a big task! Give it a try though, it’s a brilliant plan!


13. For all them Royal Dads out there



My Dad, personally would love this, and I’m sure your dad too if he is a man who appreciates a royal drink sometimes. Yes, Alcohol is injurious to health, but but wait, If taken moderately, is one of the essentiality in cold countries and a glass of Wine is considered to be good for your health! So, Why not gift him a really elegant and a royal bottle of his favorite single malt whisky or a bottle of wine maybe? Fancy right? But Remember, this gift idea is only if you are old enough to buy one for your dad. All the kids out there, this is not for you! You can definitely try something else from the list out.

12. The Dilemma Breaker



BEST GIFT EVER. All our Dad work, right? They need to sign documents, they have to write important dates, manage his schedule. He has his phone, i know but a pen is a pen. It’s the object your dad will use throughout his day and whenever he would take it out, it’d remind him of you. Don’t you want that? So, Go checkout some really classy and elegant pens you could gift your dad. Also, if you have a nice budget, check out some real sleek brands out.


11. S U R P R I S E



Let your dad go to his office for the day, don’t let him know you have a cake in the refrigerator, call the loved ones and throw him a surprise party. Where have the old days gone? It used to be a childhood tradition to host parties on our birthdays, let’s remind him of all the good old things, and surprise him with this wonderful gesture. It’d be the best day ever for him! Try this one out for sure!




10. The Band of Love


If there is something to drool over, it’s the men’s watch collections that are available online and in the market, you’d never go wrong with a vintage watch that’d suit your dad’s personality and make up for a great gift ! Watches are really elegant and stylish and to gift one to your dad is simply worth it.






OKAY, This one is really sweet, to make your dad enjoy his special day out, you could book a fancy restaurant or a dining experience for your parents, It’d be like a fun date night for your parents and he would simply love it, or else you could always make a family dinner out of it! What do you say?

8. Recreational Activity, BOO YEAH!



When was the last time you went out and did something fun with your dad? You could do it on his birthday now! YES, take him out bowling or something fun for you to enjoyyy! It’s one thing to be partying and other thing to be playing and feeling all young that he is, Isn’t it a great idea now?


7. I’m Tripping !



No, It’s not the kind of tripping you think it is and I know this may sound out of budget but I’m not talking about sending him or planning a trip to London or a World tour, I just mean a simple road trip! Maybe to the closest destination, a picnic or anything that involves relaxing and exploring. Something our busy schedule never let us enjoy! Why don’t we let our dads love their birthday this time around?

6. The Sweetest Present There Is



I know, this is simplest yet a very sweet gesture, give him a card ! A card that you can make yourself ! Now, I’ll be talking about a lot of hand-made things. Guys, he would adore something you make for him yourself.

5. To give out to the world

We spend a lot of money on ourselves, for our needs, but our fathers are real special, right? They always look for our happiness and try to make our lives real easy. So, why don’t we give out to the world on his birthday? Yes, this could be a gift too! Feed the poor on his birthday, let the blessings pour out, It’d be a magical day for sure. Is this not a nice gesture, now?

4. You get a Day-Off, Dad !

Hahahaha! YES ! Gift him to ditch the burden and the struggles of the day! Talk about it with his office mates and figure a way out to gift him a day off from work and just simply relax at home. Sometimes, It’s  great fun to just enjoy the homely pleasures. If old enough, take his place at work today and make it possible! You could always give it a try !


3. To the memories that passed



MAKE A COLLAGE ! Yes, make it. Print some real cool pictures out and make a collage or an album for your dad. This way, you could make him revisit all the cool memories he’s had and make his day more special. Hand made things are the best, believe me !

2. I love you, Dad

So, Is he turning the big 50 this time around? Or is it his 45th Birthday?

Make a list of 50 ( Or whatever his age is) reasons why he is the best dad in the world or why do you love him.  A list would be the cutest gift he could receive and it would be something he’d cherish the rest of his life! Feelings speak louder than materialistic things, make it count guys!

1. A video message

We do it all the time for our friends, right? Why not for our dads? Collect a few office mates, relatives and your family to say a few lines about him and make him a video for his birthday ! Words speak volumes and a special gift like this would work wonders ! Don’t you think I’m right now?

Dads are loving and caring in their own silent ways, and they would adore you even if you do not give him any present but try one of these and it would be like a cherry on a cake. We definitely love our dads and all of them are the best! Mine took me out for shopping on HIS birthday! Let’s make their Birthday amazing for them too !

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