20 Gift Ideas for People who Drink Alcohol

Alcohol. Something which baffles a teenager, and is loved by every adult. Every College student has tasted Alcohol once in their life. In fact, Students personify alcohol as the “Gateway for Adult Zone”. Personally, I love Alcohol. I have tasted everything in my life, from Whiskey to Vodka to Gin, Scotch to Champagne. But, still, I won’t consider myself as a hard drinker when I compare myself with my Booze-hound friends. We all have got that one friend who drinks like a bull. There are some people, who whiff, and there are people who ‘Drink’ and are experts at getting drunk.
Weekends are around the corner, and everybody loves Alcohol on a weekend. But, before heading to the Liquor store, check out the below listed 20 Gifts which your booze-hound friends will love.

20.A Beer Chiller

beer Chiller

Beer is best served Cold. We all know that. It is irritating at times in summer when the beer becomes hot, and it appears tasteless and non-soothing. This Beer chiller will keep your Beer cold and nice. This Beer chiller creates an airtight seal, and you have to drink through it. Though it looks like an icicle, because of its steel made material, you can reuse it again and again.
So, let summer come, because you have your Beer Chiller.



The Kegerator is awesome. You can keep your favorite alcohol stored out there, and it will be cold all day and all year long. Whenever you want some of it, just dispense it from the top. Be it vodka, whiskey, Beer or anything, just dispense it from the Kegerator.
Your alcoholic friend will love the Kegerator, and will supposedly use it as a mini-bar.

18.Bottle Opener

Your booze-hound friend must have a bottle opener. But what, we are talking about here is a one-handed bottle opener. A hands-free version of the original traditional bottle opener is the one hand bottle opener. It will make your other hand free to do whatever you were doing, and you can open your beer bottle with one hand.
One handed Bottle Opener
So, gone are the days when you had to use two hands to open a bottle!


This is my personal favorite. Today, smartphones have taken over computers, and smartphones travel with us everywhere. Be it our office, our bedroom, and even Bathrooms. Iflask resembles an IPhone, and can be used to store your favorite drink.
So, never look weird while drinking, because Iflask will never look out of the place.

16.Beer Cap Clock

Alcoholics love the smell of alcohol everywhere. Even if it comes from their clock. Collect the caps of their favorite beers, and make a clock out of that, keeping the beer caps as the numbers of the clock, and using a straw as the hour and minute hands. If you want a real clock, then you can use plastic as hour and minute hands, and have it specially made by a clock-maker.
Beer Cap Clock

15.Pumpkin Tap Kit

If you have got a stack of pumpkin ale, this pumpkin kit would be great for you, because it would add the authenticity of the pumpkin ale. The Pumpkin Tap kit is great for any type of beverage your booze-lover friend likes. An all year flowing pumpkin is great. In fact, watermelon can also be used, and it will also act great. Using pumpkin or watermelon for storing ale, will give a certain brew to the ale, which your alcohol-lover friend will love.
Pumpkn Tap kit

14.Whiskey Stones

For so many days, we have used ice cubes for making our drinks chilled. But ice cubes, melt after some time and dilute your ‘On the Rocks’. The Whiskey Stones are great for drinking ‘On the Rocks’ whiskey. Firstly, it doesn’t melt, and therefore sip your whiskey slowly. Secondly, it’s reusable. After you finish using it, just keep it back in the freezer and it will be ready to use the next day.
A great weapon for alcohol lovers, isn’t it?

13.Wine Pearls

White Wine starts getting warm pretty fast and hence loose its taste. The Wine Pearls can keep it cool, as long as you sip through it. These Wine Pearls are made with Stainless steel, and hence never melts. After using it once, reuse it by keeping it back in your freezer and freezing it again. Keeps your wine cool, without melting, and hence you get the taste of the wine, and not of anything else.
One of the most important things for wine-lovers, what say?

12.Jagermeister Shotmeister

A cold dispenser of Jägermeister, you get the shots as you get in the Bars. The Jägermeister comes out of the machine cold, and brewing as it should be. Every time the shots comes out, it comes out in perfect shots, so that you don’t have to check every time if it’s ok.
The best way for the German Shots, isn’t it?

11.The Bar Book

I remember when I first started drinking, somebody told me that, mixing drinks and putting them in pegs is an ‘Art’. If you want to master that art, you must take the help of this book. The Bar book is a ranch guide, of fusing cocktails and mocktails.
Bar Book
The Bar Book is a great gift for any alcohol lovers. Want to be a bartender? This is where you start learning the tricks!

10.Classic Flask

My Grandfather used one. He was not an avid drinker, but he always said that it looked classic. These classic flask has been around for generations and is still the best if you have a drinking habit. This flask has got a round wide mouth so that a sip can give you enough beverage for a while.
Classic Flask
A great gift for mature drinkers, Classic Flask ensemble’s time.


BrewBot caught the world by stir when it first released. By using the AI technology, it gives you the steps to brew your beer. It senses when you need to add another constituent to the brew, or if it is ready yet. The BrewBot gives you the approximate time for brewing, and also says the purity of your sample or batch.
Is your booze-loving friend a perfectionist? Buy this to him, and he will be happy ever after!

8.Drink Dispensing Driver

Play Golf, and have an urge of Drinking while playing? It can be really tough to be on the golf course all day long, without any beverage by your side. This drink dispensing driver will hold your most favorite beverage and therefore, you can drink it whenever you like. When you are out on the field, and not near the clubhouse, this dispensing driver can help you to quench your ‘alcoholic’ thirst.
Drink Dispensin Driver
Just don’t play golf with the driver!

7.Silicone Bottle Caps

Silicone Bottle caps are used on Beer bottles, to keep the beer cool, after you have popped the original cap. With the silicone bottle caps, you can drink it at your leisure. Generally, beers are best served cool, and therefore Silicone Bottle Caps can be really helpful for your booze-lover friends.
Silicone Bottle Caps

6.Chalkboard Glasses

When we are high on booze, it gets very hard to recognize each other’s glass. The Chalkboard glasses can be very helpful in these cases. Just write your name on the chalkboard of the glass to easily recognize your glass from the others.
This Chalkboard glass can be very helpful for any drinker who love to get drunk in a group.

5.Beer Bottle Keychain

Alcohol lovers love to have everything related to alcohol. So, when you give this keychain to your beer-lover friend, he will be more than happy. The love between beer and the beer-lover is unconditional, therefore be it anything, they will love everything related to beer.

4.Bottle Candle Holders

In the alcohol-lovers crowd, there are people who love to decorate their home. But, as they are drunkards, they will love anything related to Alcohol. Therefore, this beer or wine bottle candle holders will be great for them. They can add these candle holders to set an ambiance.
Bottle Candle Holders

3.Crazy Cooler

Gone are the days when you had to think about carrying your cooler everywhere for your love of beer. With this Crazy cooler, which is handy and cools your beer for a long amount of time. It has a motorized cooler and is great for any private vacation.
Crazy Cooler
Gift your drunkard friend with this, and he will love you for eternity.

2.Brewing Kits

There are a lot of Brewing kits in the market, and you can pick up any one from them. The Brewing kits help an amateur beer maker, to start making beer and manufacturing them from their home. The Brewing kits contain everything which is needed to make beer on your own. If your beer-lover friend is running out of money, he can make his own beer from this beer kit.
Brewing Kit

1.Personalized Pub Glasses or Mugs

Whenever I go to a Pub, I always get amuse by their glasses, pitchers, and stuff. Mainly the ambiance. The personalized pub glasses script the name of the brewery, the year in which it was established and also the headquarters of the brewery. You can personalize anything in that tag, and give it to your alcohol lover friend.
Write the name of that friend, and make him the owner of the brewery, and give his birthdate in the establishment year, and give the city in which he lives as the headquarters.

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