20 Ideas for Random acts of Kindness that you can do to make someone happy

So Christmas is gone and Easter on its way, but are those the only times to share and care and give? God has gifted us all with this wonderful authority of making people happy with small and random acts of kindness which hardly make a difference for us, but to a few it means life. But we sure do not exploit the opportunity often enough, or maybe we have yet not figured out ways to do that still. Here’s 20 ways in which you can gift a smile and receive wishes to last a lifetime

random acts of kindness

20. Smile as you pass people on the street.

Yeah, that might by the sound of it seem like doing something mad, but I meant smile, and be polite at it. Not like that mocking sarcastic laugh or something, just a plain smile and you won’t even guess how many people have you passed that smile to already. And smiling is infectious, like seriously.

19. Help someone cross the street

Get over the clicked idea of helping just the blind cross the street. Ofcourse, the visually challenged too, but also maybe a few elderly or children might do well with your help. Helping them cross the street is like protecting their lives for a few minutes, and believe me you are spreading happiness

18. Sponsor a date for that guy you know

Let’s be frank, we all know those guys around the corner who’ve helped you settle small jobs all the way. From fixing a punctured tyre to helping you wash your garden he’s been of help ever so often. So if he finds that lady love, maybe you can be of help too and sponsor a date for him.

17. Take time out to spend at cancer wards

Moreso with the children who are spending innocence fighting cancer. There’s nothing more you can do for them than spend time with them and make them smile that while. That smile is adding to their life, just so you know.

16. Donate blood to kids

Do you know how many children do not see the real world because they have Thalassemia? There’s only so little you can do for them, like maybe donating a single bottle of blood and helping them breathe a little longer!

15. Encourage a young dream: Let it take its flight

Young dreams are always the most aspiring. They are fresh and vibrant. Believe in a fresh dream of someone young and sponsor their ventures. If not sponsor, maybe just hear them out and offer advises or just encourage them with their plans. Your assurance to them might mean an entire world and that you’ll know once they are up and high.

14.Dedicate a day for a person who means life to you

Yes, that’s like announcing a holiday for them except when it’s their day already. A day when they are told how special they are, how wonderful your life is with them around and how much they mean to you. A day when they are pampered mad and a day which is embossed with their names already. Yes, that’s a good way to make them smile who are a reason to your own smile.

13.Surprise family with sweet personalized notes

You would never know how much exactly the hand written notes will matter to them. Maybe just sneak in a handwritten post note in their lunch boxes, or have it come along with their sandwich. If it’s a surprise and if you really mean it they will sure love it, and every bit of it ever.

12.Thank someone for a favour they did long back

Yes, let them know that they are not gone and forgotten. Tell them that you remember how much exactly do they mean to you and that you remember the favours they endowed. Credit it on them to be who you are and what you are. Tell them that their favours mattered and that you’ll be indebted for them forever. It’s always good to know that people remember you for the good you did.

11. Help others survive the weather, offer a drink

If it is cold offer them a drink of hot chocolate or coffee, if it is sunny offer a drink of cold water or lemonade. It is only a random act of kindness that is not expected but relished and cherished. You help them survive the weather. They gift you a smile.

10. Sponsor a meal for orphans

Yes, they deserve every bit of happiness the other kids do and maybe just one day you could sponsor them a meal at McDonalds. It won’t compensate for their parents, but atleast there would still be a childhood they have if only a few people do this for them once in a while.

9. Cook extra portions for dinner and offer to those who’d sleep starving

Though a major portion of developed countries have services like community food centres, but for where there aren’t cook an extra portion for dinner and offer it to someone who’s planning on sleeping hungry.

8. Gift flowers to someone who has not kept well in a while

Maybe it’s a friend, a relative, a friend’s relative or a relative’s friend. Maybe it is only some random person in a wellness centre who you’ve chanced to cross paths with. Believe me or not, fresh flowers help recover speedily. They ain’t no drug but then they act as one.

7. Confess and confide in someone: Confess your lies and tell the truth

This is important to tell someone that they matter. If you trust in them to confess of your lies, they will sure love you with all your heart. Hard as it is, this is making them happy.

6. Tell someone close of how much they mean to you, and how life without them will never be the same

Life is too short, never regret. Tell people that they are special, let them know how much they mean. A few words have never meant so much as now. Now they’d mean an everlasting smile.

5. Say Thankyou, sorry and please to everyone who deserves it. Send the text.

Text everyone who deserves to be thanked. Apologize to everyone who deserves a sorry. Request and do not demand. Learn the three words of politeness. Tell people that they are remembered and that you mean what you say. A text is always a great way to gift a smile, if the words mean so.

4. If it’s rainy, carry an extra umbrella and lend it to someone in need

Maybe you won’t even get it back, but maybe the rain could have got the person sick. Maybe carrying an extra umbrella made you save a life. And does life mean happiness? Take your call.

3. Send some gifts for the military forces, it is the best form of appreciation

They’ve been spending their lives protecting yours. Maybe if they weren’t there, you weren’t here too! Thank the military forces with a few useful gifts and a personalized letter thanking them for all they do for you. They believe a few words of kindness from you are the best form of appreciation they’d ever receive.

2. Be the wind to a loved one’s wings. They need the flight

Back up someone like you’re their spine. Your spouse, your parent or your child. Let them know that you’d be there wall and they are too strong to fall. Let them take the flight, assured of a safe landing. Let them feel secured. There’s nothing better than knowing there’s someone you can depend on.

1. Only just gift your time, it’s the valuable gift you got.

Time is the only gift you gift and never get back. You’re gifting a portion of your life which is gone forever. You can never go back to the same moment. So whoever it is who you believe deserves a smile, spare a moment and share it with them. There’s no more happiness they’ll get.

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