20 Interesting Life Facts about Donald Trump

Perhaps one of the most popular questions asked by people from across the world is “What do you think about Donald Trump?” To be very honest with you, I don’t think about Donald Trump. However, with the flashy business tycoon turned Republican front-runner gunning for the post of POTUS, gaining, for better or for worse, so much support, it seems as though the world doesn’t have much of a choice but to know who this eminent personality is. Hold on to your hats, for it’s going to be a roller coaster of facts and figures, as we look at 20 interesting life facts about the one and only Donald Trump!


20. Donald the Menace

‘The Donald’ as he is popularly known, was up to no good as a student. In fact, we was kicked out from the very school in which his own father was a member of the Board of Trustees! Luckily for Trump, his father got him admitted into military school, where he earned himself the rank of captain.


19. A Bachelor…of Economics though

Trump also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, which he received after having graduated from the Wharton School of Business, which holds a reputation when it comes to schools of its kind.


18. The Donald’s grand entrance into business

Soon after Trump finished school, he launched himself into the real estate world. His maiden project saw him buying up an apartment complex in Cincinnati, Ohio, which was called the Swifton Village, for a sum of $5.7 million. Trump then managed to get the apartment to its full occupancy, and simultaneously renovated it. After a period of ten years, he sold the complex for $6.75 million, making $1.05 million in his first investment.


17. Trump’s not-so-romantic tryst with Scotland

Scotland is no stranger to The Donald’s stunts and flaunts. In 2006, he bought an expanse of real estate in order to make a golf course. Mr. Trump went on record to say that this ambitious project of his would provide 6000 jobs for locals. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump was off by a factor of 30 – the resultant jobs created amounted to a mere 200. The Scottish were obviously furious over this matter, and they had every reason to be! They even made a documentary titled ‘You’ve been Trumped’ regarding this fiasco.


16. “Scotland, I’ll be back”

Trump returned to the Highlands in 2014, to buy up yet another golf course, this time planning to do something even more spectacular. He opposed the the construction for offshore wind turbines, as they would be visible from his beloved golf course. Evidently, Trump didn’t get his way. Moreover, he earned the title of ‘three times a loser’ from the Scottish First Minister.


15. Trump’s taste of bankruptcy

Trump isn’t just all about glam and success in business, as he has had his share of bankruptcy as well, and it’s not been once, not twice, but three times! Trump was liable to $900 million in personal debt and a staggering $3.5 billion in business debt back in 1991, during the recession, since his casinos in Atlanta City couldn’t cope with the competition of casinos that were set up by other investors. Once again, in 2004 Trump lost a majority of the ownership of Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts, and the company eventually declared bankruptcy. After short of run of profits, the company declared bankruptcy for a third time in 2009.


14. Scent of The Donald

You will be surprised to know that the Presidential Candidate has his own brand of perfumes, which is titled Donald Trump, The Fragrance. His branded items also include men’s deodorants.

Introducing Success by Trump. (PRNewsFoto/Five Star Fragrance Company)

13. Trump’s alcoholic experiment

In 2006, The Donald also launched his own brand of vodka, which he described as “a superb product and beautifully packaged.” But unfortunately for this superb product, it disappeared from the shelves, as a result of its meager production. Surprisingly, The Donald claims to have never smoked cigarettes or consumed alcohol. How about that for commitment!

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 02: Atmosphere at Trump Vodka VIP Lounge at 944 Super Village on February 2, 2008 in Scottsdale, Arizona. (Photo by Michael Bezjian/WireImage) *** Local Caption ***

12. Donald Trump = a brand

Well, to be honest, it’s not just perfumes and deodorants. Donald Trump is practically a brand today. The ‘Trump’ name is stamped onto many other products that are beyond your imagination. His name features in myriad items, ranging from books to cosmetics to vitamins. I repeat, vitamins.


11. Donald, the brand, is worth…

As a result, in 2011, when Forbes came out with a figure of $200 million as an estimate of the Trump brand value, The Donald dismissed it saying it was completely ridiculous. According to him, his brand was valued at a whopping $3 billion.


10. The Trump Princess

Now coming to some of his prized possessions, just to put his wealth in perspective. Trump was the proud possessor of “The Trump Princess”, a yacht that boasted of five decks, a disco, a cinema with 12 seats, 2 double beds, 11 luxurious suites, and a helipad, operated by a crew of 48 people. He acquired this palace on  water  for a mere $29 million, while the actual cost of it was $100 million. Nevertheless, following his tremendous losses, Trump had to sell off his prized possession in 1991 for $40 million to a Saudi Prince, having made $11 million in profit.

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9. The Trump Tower

All those living in Manhattan would be familiar with the daunting Trump Tower, that stands 202 m tall. This tower serves as the headquarters for The Trump Organization and the residence of Donald Trump. As it has always been, trouble showed up during the construction of this building as well, back in 1983. Trump Tower replaced an Art Deco building which was of great importance from an architectural and a historical perspective. 200 undocumented Polish immigrants were employed, and were paid a meager 4 dollars an hour for working 12 hours a day, in order to complete this massive project. However, Trump washed his hands off the matter, saying he had no knowledge regarding this issue.


8. Donald’s induction into the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Donald Trump is a star, literally. I mean he features on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, as a result of his role as producer for NBC’s “The Apprentice”, which certainly grabbed eyeballs for many reasons, and also propelled The Donald into a world of fame.


7. Trump the Germaphobe

If this man ever does become President, fellow heads of states will not have the good fortune of shaking hands with POTUS, because believe it or not, Donald Trump is a germaphobe!


6. The Donald’s flare for Diana

The Donald was also known to be a womanizer. In fact, Mr. Trump had his eyes on Princess Diana, when she underwent a divorce with Prince Charles in 1996. Trump was said to have sent lots of flowers to her in order to get a date, but in vain. He nevertheless went on to say the following about her in his book “The Art of the Comeback”

“I only have one regret in the women department – that I never had the opportunity to court Lady Diana Spencer…I met her on a number of occasions … She was a genuine princess – a dream lady.”


5. And this year’s Razzie Award winner is…

Along with a whole host of awards and honors, Donald Trump is also the winner of a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actor, which he received for his cameo appearance as himself in the 1990 movie “Ghosts Can’t Do It.”


4. A black Donald Trump in the 2050’s?

The Donald also went on to say that if he had a choice about what he’d be in his next birth, he’d choose to be a black man, because, and I quote, “they have tremendous advantage over a well-educated white in terms of the job market.”


3. The Trump Prophecy

Moreover, he also made the following comment on Twitter regarding the possibility of a black president in the future, after what he thinks to be a dismal run by President Obama.

“Sadly, because president Obama has done such a poor job as president, you won’t see another black president for generations!”


2. Trump, the avid tweeter

In fact, Donald Trump’s team has a hectic day when it comes to managing social media, as he sends out close to 380 tweets a month, which actually amounts to a staggering 12 tweets a day! How about that for an occupation!


1. Trump, the next POTUS?

Some people think Donald John Trump to be idiotic, since nobody really knows whether Donald Trump understands what he says himself . In contrast, there are many who consider him absolutely brilliant. He might be a comical character, but no matter what one may say about this man, you’ve got to give it to him for his charismatic approach to the presidential campaign, and of course his outspokenness. As it turns out, he leads the polls among all the other Republican candidates, and is also a good 5 points ahead of all other candidates.


If you too are someone who, like me, doesn’t think of Donald Trump, I believe that’s not much of an option any more. This brash business billionaire is on course towards becoming arguably the most powerful man in the world, and I’m sure you’d want to know at least a little bit about the man who might well go on to take a seat in the Oval Office. He might have damaged his own reputation as he drove down a controversial road in life, but given his position as of date, things seem to be in favor of The Donald.

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