20 Super Cute Ways to ask a girl out

You might be highly gutsy when it comes to pranking your friends at school, or going scuba diving without having any training in the same. But when it comes to asking out that girl you can’t stop thinking about, you get all sorts of cold feet.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry any further, as we have come to your rescue with this list of 20 super cute ways, which will get you a date with the girl of your dreams

20) Text messaging poetic lines:

Step 1: Find a poetry that describes how lovely she is.

Step 2: Add a line to the poetry (preferably, something that rhymes) to ask her out.

Step 3: Hit send and you’ve got a date!

(P.S. – Only applicable if you’ve stalked her enough to get her number.)

19) Make a card:

It’s not so often that you see guys making cards. Break the gender stereotypes, and use all the craft skills you can possibly muster! Avoid writing too much inside, as you are not her boyfriend yet, and you don’t want to give her the wrong signal. “Would you like to hang out over ice-cream?” would be cute enough to send the message across.

18) Send out flowers with a note:

Flowers are pretty, and giving out flowers to a girl gives you a Ryan Gosling-ish charm. Send them out through the delivery boy with a cute note attached or you could personally hand them to her if you’re positive about her interest in you.

17) The traditional slipping-across-a-chit through a friend:

This might sound like an idea taken straight out of a movie, but the girls will agree how much they’d love being asked out like that. Because there’s nothing but an awful lot of cuteness in a handwritten “Coffee after class?” proposal. Add an innocent smiley at the end for getting a sure-shot affirmative reply.

16) Movie tickets with a message:

An improvised version of point 17 would be to use the back of a movie ticket to write a message asking the girl out for a movie show. Although, make sure that it’s a good movie and a genre that she’d like, because it will be your first movie together, and a part of the story of how you met her.

15) A cute tiny gift:

Girls love tiny boxes that are too small to hold anything (obvious Friends reference). You could add a small gift in it, like a bracelet and a note asking her out, with a request asking her to wear it for the date and make it look even more beautiful.

14) Helium Balloons:

You could tape some helium balloons to her mailbox or bicycle, and stick the note at the end of the strings such that when she peels off the note to read it, the balloons free away and fly off. Now that would be a pretty sight, just make sure that you choose a neutral colour for the balloons, and not red, you wouldn’t want to go all in too soon and scare her out.

13) A Hershey’s bar with a letter:

What better than chocolates to deliver the message of love? You could add a few lines about what you like about her and how you’d love to hang out with her.

12) Cupcakes with a message on them:

Thanks to the exceptional baking and decorating skills that chefs have to offer, you can ask your crush out in the SWEETest way possible. Just put a box of these cupcakes in her locker or on her desk, and if things go well, you might get to eat some of it too!

11) Draw something:

Are you good at art? Great, you can doodle both of you hanging out. Can’t make a triangle without messing up? Even better, girls love childlike drawings! You could make it cuter by adding a note saying: I’d love it if you could help me with my drawing skills over coffee.

10) Ask them to be your date at a party:

If any of your friends or classmates is throwing a party, you could ask her to be your plus one. If she’s comfortable being with you in public, then you know there’s something there . . .

9) Ask her out on a study date:

Study dates are a great way to bond, you might not have much to talk initially and hence, studying or talking about a common subject can set the ball rolling. If you both get bored of the subject, you could make some coffee and start chatting!

8) The pizza pun:

Deliver a box of pizza at her place with a note saying, “Would you like to go out with me, or is this too cheesy?” Well now, nobody can say no to pizza!

7) Bond over your favourite TV show:

You could send across a message asking her what her favourite TV show/movie is, and if she’d like to watch it together. Because there’s no better comfort than Netflix & Chill!

6) Join her table at the cafeteria:

Go up to her at the cafeteria and ask if you could take the seat next to her. Strike up a conversation about her interests and if she’d like to go out with you for dinner. Girls like it when guys are confident enough to be direct with their feelings.

5) Ask her out through your pet:

Write your message on a card paper and tie it around your pet’s neck. Send your pet to her door, ring the bell, run away and wait for her reaction. If she’s an animal lover, she’ll surely consider you her type and want to hang out with you.

4) Connect through her hobby:

Find out about her hobbies through her friends maybe, and see if you can ask her out to join you in something she loves doing. It might be dance lessons, literature classes or a baking workshop! Girls love it when boys can be empathetic and are sport enough to accompany them in their hobbies.

3) Deliver the message across through a kid:

Just to be clear, not patronising child labour here! Everybody loves kids and hence you could maybe ask your little cousin or any kid for that matter, to go up to the girl and ask her if she’d like to hang out at the park or over coffee with you (mentioning your name, of course). That’s an offer one cannot refuse!

2) Gift a teddy bear:

Stuffed toys are cute and girls love the idea of getting a message through a tiny brown teddy bear. Don’t buy a huge one, keep it subtle and cute.

1) Letter in a book:

If you have an idea about what the girl is interested in, you could buy a book that she’d love to read and add a note on the first page asking her out. And if she’s any bit of a book lover, she’ll fall for you hands down.

So wait no more, you’ve got this super list to help you out to make the first move!

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