20 Things to Experience in Your 20s

When I say, Hey, you say, Ho! Why all the cheering, you ask? For it’s about time, we ditch the discussion that teens are the coolest on the block, for 20s is the time, where you’re out of school, settled in your colleges, looking forward to building your future and have time for trial and error. We’ve been told time and again, study now and enjoy the rest of your lives, you have to score well in high school, for you won’t get admissions in a good college, otherwise. All of us have experienced, THE TALK, and have dreaded exams all our lives, but then it all gets over, we join colleges, fresh, to the new environment, the breeze of independence, something we all look forward to, but soon the college phase gets over, the teenage tag is off, and you’re 20! Yay, let me tell you, its not at all bad. Why would you want to be protected always? The world is a reach far beyond our imagination, we can extend our limitations and explore the multiple bounds it offers, why would we be wanna stuck in the same zone? It’s time we grow up and tackle life head on, and so, I’ve devised a list of 20 things to experience in your 20s. Fasten your seat belt and let us begin,

20. Enjoying embarrassing situations


When I say Enjoy, I do not mean to deliberately fall prey to embarrassment, all I’m trying to convey to you, is to let go of the consciousness we’ve been accustomed to time and again, let all your worries go, and let loose, enjoy you’re years of fun with no guard on, learn to accept situations, that earlier would have kept you locked at home for days.

19. Eating like there’s a competition

Okay, exercise the day later, but stop measuring the amount of food you intake and hog instead. You have a lot of time to eat right and healthy and watch your weight, okay, not 10 years of your life, but sometimes, it is important to let go and eat like no-one’s watching. This would turn out great for you, for young hearts are healthy hearts and you can cheat on your diet once in while.

18. Crying out loud

Haha, 20s are so emotional, right? We meet people, we’re mature enough to date and we tend to find best of our friends early in life, but the bond grows stronger in our 20s. It’s important to experience the cry out loud for love if we’ve never dated anybody and it’s all cool, listen to romantic songs, look at couples and question yourself and your status, but come back to senses and enjoy the life you have, it’s cool the way it is and the right person will come in its own time.

17. Being an outlaw


Hahahah, no no no. I do not want you to break laws, but breaking rules is acceptable, it’s time you let go of being directed, what to do and how to do stuff when it is related to your life, in any way disrespecting your parents isn’t the right way, but you simply cannot impress everyone and it’s time you do exactly what you wish for.

16. The struggle period

Okay, every once in a while, there will come a struggle period in your life, it can be in your job or your future plans, or on a personal or an emotional front, but it is necessary that we do face that struggle period with great strength and grow as mature and experienced adults.

15. Driving


Yes, you learn early in life, once you’re 18 here in India, you are legal to drive but there are so many people who do not know how to, and 20s is the right time to learn, don’t be dependent on others to drive you to places, yes public transports are always there, but you never know about the situations you might end up in so learn how to drive. Also, if you know how to drive, you could take long drives in a lovely weather, rejoice a day trip and much more.

14.  Ruff Ruff


Friends, family, teachers and human contact is all cool and fun but the bond shared with a pet is extremely adorable, 20s are the times that you tend to shift or find your own place, so it’s great to nurture a pet, it makes you pretty responsible about things and teaches about selfless love, I guarantee you that.

13. Being single and happy

Yes, you should cry out loud for wanting to be in love but if you are single, enjoy that phase, don’t cringe much long for not being in a relationship. There are only some things you enjoy while you’re single and once you tie down, these days will not come back so be happy and enjoy the freedom you have. I am not saying your partner will limit those in any way, but for sure you get involved with someone and it takes away your me time. Doesn’t it?

12. Flaunting that pay check

GET A JOB. The reason why you see all young adults enjoying their life is because they earn, they’ve spend a respectable time in obtaining this leasure, but remember, the happiness that a job gives, is ultimate, you need to remind yourself of how important it is to earn, it helps you feel good about yourself and feel responsible

11. Exploring- Trial and Error


Definitely should be in your list of things to experience in your 20s is to explore your inner talents, give your career choices another chance, do not fear risk, it is important that you find happiness in the job you do, and it is never too late to wake up to realise them and so, always go for what your heart desires, it’s your life afterall, and these times are not returning, ever

10. Being broke

Hahah, You’ll think, I’m so confused in life, but no! You should definitely have a job, but there are times when you are starting out something new, something of your own, something you have real passion for, hence being broke has its own lessons in disguise, you’ll learn the art to survive, Great, no?

9. Being the odd one out

Your 20s will take you to places, you’d be working at a different place or studying at a new surrounding, and it will be a struggle, but it is great fun to be different amongst people, you’ll experience a great amount of things, and that’s perfect, guys. You’ll learn, and grow. Isn’t that your 20s for?

8. Loving your heart out


I told you earlier as well, 20s is when we are actually mature enough to know the difference between right and wrong, it is amazing to be in love and loving your heart out, for love is an entity that is magical and a young experience is great, knowing someone for a while booms into eternal bliss.

7. Loss

Okay, this sounds sad, i know! but you need to know how loss is, pain helps you grow as well. Loss helps you to not take things for granted, it’s important you learn to value possession before time but humans are bound to mistakes, and sometimes people or opportunities leave, we need to overcome the pain.

6. Being unsure

Haha, this is what most of the early 20 something of us feel, I am one of you. We are absolutely unsure of our future, but we have a goal that seems too far, don’t worry! life sorts things out, very well! Do not worryyy! It’ll be all right, keep faith.

5. Give me a P A R T Y


Let loose and enjoy your share of parties, we’ve got the liberty, we’re earning, now it’s time to let go of all things we’ve been terrified of and hit the dance floor. Now, that is the best one, no?

4. Trekking


Treks are great and lets you enjoy the serenity and beauty of the world, explore, go out with friends and enjoy some treks, have the time of your life, make some memories.

3. Traveling alone

Now, that you’ve gone on a trek with your friends, you need to also figure out the ways of being independent by traveling solo, ride solo, it’s good to explore places on your own, meet new people, get to know about different culture and come out a winner, it gives you a lot of confidence.

2. Living with friends

You’d never get this opportunity again, enjoy while the offer lasts, have some fun, work and live with your friends, make memories, these days are forever marked as precious moments in the book of your life.

1. Handling responsibilities

Now, that you have traveled and partied and lived with friends, it is time that you also realize that life needs you to also be serious and you have responsibilities to cater to, so, while you enjoy your 20s, never forget to pitch in your efforts for yourself, your parents, the society and the world at large.

Now, that you’ve a list, go mark these off. Have a wonderful time.

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