13 Jun, 2024

10 Ways How We Fear The World might End

We have all visualized the end of the world at some point or the other. Hollywood constantly dabbles in movies depicting apocalyptic events where our favorite hunky actor and his equally beautiful love interest survive against all the odds. The setting of the post-apocalyptic world is also very popular where our favorite characters strive to […]

8 mins read

Top 15 Mind-Boggling Paradoxes

The world is full of conundrums, and we as humans have been apparently given the brain to solve them. However, some of these puzzles are too complex for us to solve. We are unable to get a logical conclusion to the premises of these. They often result in contradictory conclusions. And are commonly termed Paradoxes. […]

11 mins read

10 Things we know about Voodoo Spells

Wait, did that catch your eye? It had caught my attention too. Now spin your mind a bit and come up with points that you know about voodoo spells. Do you think they are associated with animal sacrifices (probably humans too)? Do you think voodoo is all about voodoo dolls and hurting others? I think […]

11 mins read

What is a Mothman? 10 Possible Explanations

No, don’t worry. You are not the only one who hasn’t heard about the “mothman”. Apparently, mothman is the name of a cryptid i.e., an animal or creature (whatever it is) whose existence has merely been suggested but has not been discovered or proven or documented by the scientific community. Cryptids generally make appearances in […]

10 mins read

Top 12 Healthy Comfort Foods List

Comfort food is a part of all of our diets. It helps to increase positive feelings or decrease negative burden. It makes any bad day, a slightly more tolerable bad day. Hence, comfort food is happy food. Even the most fit of people have cheat days when they binge eat on their favourite happy food. […]

7 mins read