21 Simple Inexpensive Ways to Keep your Kids Busy

Kids are no doubt one of the biggest blessings in the world. After a long day in this brutal world, their one little smile is enough to brighten up your whole mood. There’s nothing cuter than those big eyes on a little face. But let’s face it; as much as they are a blessing, they’re little devils in leaving no stones unturned in making their parents lose their calm. No wonder the phrase evolved, “Attention span of a 5-year-old”. They get bored easily, and nothing can keep them curious for a long time. In such cases, it becomes tough for parents to keep them busy so that they don’t turn the house upside down in boredom. Here are 21 simple, and totally cheap 21 ways by which you can keep your kids busy and maintain your peace of mind. Cheerio!

  1. Make them a doodle-poodle!

Who doesn’t love to doodle? Kids too, but the problem arises when the whole house becomes their canvas, and your walls have a beautiful wallpaper created by them. To avoid this, try giving them a notebook and looooots of colours. Additionally, you can also put up sheets on your walls, so that you can remove them and save your walls from getting ruined.

  1. Take them (indoor) camping.

If you don’t have the time or the resources to take your kids to actual camping, set up an indoor camp for them. This could be inside their own room, just switch off the lights, or in the lawn, really anywhere. Just make sure it’s a safe place. Call up their friends, prepare a little campfire, and there you go!

  1. Playdough, duh!

The dough is really cheap, but the possibilities of things that can be done by them are endless. Buy them a set of dough, and watch them create their own masterpiece. In addition to that, you can also ask them to make a miniature model of your house; this will keep them occupied for days.

  1. Notch up the car game.

Playing with toy car is fun, but only for a small time. To make it interesting, make it competitive. Using coloured tapes, create race tracks for them on the floor, or in the garden. Make different checkpoints, and watch them sleep in peace after all the tiredness of running around.

  1. Let’s go cooking.

Cooking your own food is a bliss, and apart from keeping the children busy, it will help them learn a new life skill. Give them supplies from your kitchen (opt for fireless cooking if they’re not old enough), and let them be the next MasterChef!

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  1. The art of fashion designing.

If your kids have interest in fashion, give them their old clothes, or buy some plain white t-shirts. They can do some DIYs on the old ones, and create new patterns using colours on the white ones. It’ll boost their creativity, and is also really inexpensive.

  1. Rock painting.

If your kids are too bored to stay in the lines of notebooks, make them paint some rocks. You can collect rocks easily from outside, and use acrylic or any other kind of paint. You can also ask them to keep it as their pet rock, it’s so much more fun and so much more cheap than a real pet!

  1. DIYs

Introduce them to recycled or ‘best out of waste’ crafts. You can give them your old craft supplies, or leftover Christmas decorations, and make them something new out of it. Watch some youtube tutorials, and teach them small and easy crafts. They’ll come up with their own ideas in no time.

  1. Read-Read-Read.

If you can get your kids to love reading books, you’ll be the happiest parent ever. Reading storybooks or any other book really will make them sit in one place for the whole day while you can work in peace. Also, they’re nearly inexpensive and widely available. If they’re too small to read, you can read them yourself, or take the help of audiobooks.

  1. Outdoor games.

Take them to a park, and you’ll have them busy in no time. Teach games like the Balloon pop, or sack race, or lemon race. There are just so many options; they’ll never get bored again.

  1. Find that treasure.

Set up a small treasure hunt inside your own house. Hide small presents and give them clues to find. In fact, treasure hunts are fun even for adults!

  1. Water play.

All you need is to set up a small pool, which you probably already own. Fill it up, throw in some balls, or even colours which are not harmful, and just sit back and relax!

  1. Educational games.

There are plenty of options available online. Different apps and websites have several games that teach with fun. If you don’t want them playing on tablets or computer, create a real-life version of them. Play memory games or games like Pictionary.

  1. Little Gardener.

Get some gardening tools, and ask your kids to make a small garden for themselves. Plant their favourite flowers, fruits or vegetables, and ask the kids to tend to it themselves. It will get a little messy, but it’s really fun and makes them feel satisfied and more patient.

  1. Target.

No, not the supermart. Create a huge target bored, and play with using small darts. You can set it up in your garden, you inside your home wherever you have space. The advantage of having a big target is that you can improvise it using your own creativity, different points, achievements, or traps, anything really. It will be so much different from playing on the regular target game you buy from shops.

  1. Beach in a box.

Use a big shoe box and fill it with sand. Throw in some shells that your kid may have collected from the beach, add some fun coloured marbles, and give them a stick. Who doesn’t love to create on the beach?

  1. Science experiments!

Bazinga. Who doesn’t love those fun experiments we study just in the books? Create a supercool volcano, or do some fun experiments using balloons. There are tons of ideas available online, or in their textbooks.

  1. Biking race.

If your kids own one, very well. If not, you can easily rent one from the stores real cheap. They can race with your neighbourhood friends, or with you yourself. It’s a great exercise too!

  1. Bucket lists.

Ask your kids what they’d like to do themselves. Create a list, and spread it out over the course of time according to your budgets. The excitement will keep them occupied for a long time till the list is complete.

  1. Go on a neighbourhood walk.

Take your kid for a walk around your neighbourhood, make new friends, and meet new people. See new shops, and make them aware. This’ll help them in need, and is also real fun

  1. Just let them be bored!

Sometimes boredom can be good too! Studies reveal that if you let your mind wander, you stumble across new ideas, and become more thoughtful. Let your kids be insightful. And also, it’s free.

So parents, what’re your plans while your kids are busy this weekend?

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