21st Birthday Gift Ideas: 15 Cute Birthday Presents

Women buy more gifts than men do. But even we admit that gift giving takes lot of work. And if you’re anything like me, you must be absolutely clueless (no, I’m not kidding!) on what you should be getting on your cousin’s or your sister’s/brother’s or your (boy/girl)friend’s 21st birthday. Notwithstanding if the happy occasion is a month, a fortnight or even a week away, I have made a list that comes straight to your rescue. Oh, yes, you’re welcome!

  1. Concert tickets

By gifting concert tickets, you’ll be paving the way for an unforgettable experience. But make sure you’re well aware of the person’s taste in music. If you can get one’s favorite band to play on one’s birthday, do you think any material gift could surpass that?

  1. Frame a picture

This is and will always be an evergreen gift, especially when it comes to birthdays. Just a reminder though, select the photo carefully – the one in which the birthday boy/girl looks great! Also, you can make a collage and get as creative as you want. A photograph in a cute frame will remind the person of you, every single day and that too, forever. Isn’t that both cool and great?

  1. An old edition of their favorite book

I’m literally obsessed with this idea. But first, let’s be clear, it’s not just simply gifting a book. You gift one of the oldest editions of a particular book the person has already read. However this idea works best if the birthday person is a bibliophile. And I guarantee you that a bookworm will be more than elated. I can already imagine the happiness on the person’s face, can’t you?

  1. Cook dinner

Wouldn’t it just melt his or her heart? Think about it. What if somebody made you dinner on your birthday? Sure you can take the person out for dinner in a fancy restaurant, but do you think that would equal your cooking for the person, with your very own hands? Go for this gift if you want to make the other person feel really, really special.

  1. A mix tape

Who wouldn’t love the gift of music? The tape should ideally have his or her favorite songs. Additionally, you are free to include those songs too which you would want that person to listen to because you think they’ll like them just the way you do! You got to try this awesome gift, what say?

  1. Something the person needs

The black shirt which he said was “too expensive”? The turquoise sling bag which she said was “out of stock”? Even if he (or she) hasn’t mentioned it to you once, but you can always gift him what he needs, doesn’t matter if it’s a club chair or a new phone cover. Get those thinking caps on right now!

  1. A camping set

A tent, a mattress, a lamp and sleeping bags. What can be a better gift than this on a person’s 21st birthday? A person at 21 would be crazy for stuff like this, stuff like camping. There’s this another thought, why don’t you gift him or her 21 different things? You can buy 21 camping essentials and gift them all.

  1. Tickets to a game

You need to know if the person is into cricket or football (or any other sport). This gift works best if the person is a sports lover (and we all have these persons in our life, don’t we?). Get tickets to that game and think about the reaction on his or her face. I love this idea too!

  1. A body spa basket

Who can refuse and say ‘no’ to this? You can pamper a person on his or her birthday by gifting a body spa basket. This basket would essentially comprise of bath gel, bubble bath, bath salts, bath bomb fizzer, wooden massager, loofah sponge and what not ( I think I want this on my birthday)!

  1. Throw a party

You can gift a birthday party on the person’s birthday! Wouldn’t that be the best gift ever? To make things more exciting, let the party remain a top secret affair until the time’s right. Afterall when are you supposed to party if not at 21?

  1. Pay a visit

That is, if you both are in different cities. No amount of expensive gifts (which you were intending to courier) can come closer to this. Show up on his or her birthday. No other surprise, believe me, will be as good as this one!

  1. Tickets to an amusement park

Who doesn’t look forward to having fun on his or her birthday? Can anything else spell ‘FUN’ better than amusement parks? Accompany the person to the nearest amusement park and you’ll be glad that you did. Let’s make someone’s birthday memorable!

  1. A slide show

Awww. Do you know which gift communicates best the effort you put into it? A slide show. Let the other person know how much you care. You can personalize the show as much as you like. Now can you do the same to the gifts that you can buy at Amazon?

  1. A gym bag

Do her days remain incomplete without her morning yoga routine? Is running the love of his life? If yes, a gym bag can be the gift you’re hunting for. FYI (that is, if you’re a lazy ass just like me!) a gym bag can be very well used to carry a mat, a towel, extra clothes, a pair of sneakers and so on and so forth.

  1. A journal

He or she may or may not be a budding writer (but don’t you mind if your journal makes a writer out of the person!). Gifting a journal suggests giving free rein to the creativity buried inside the other person. Don’t you agree? It’s definitely a gift to be thankful for.

The Maasai people inhabiting Kenya and Tanzania are inclined to spit out on items which they’re supposed to gift. But wait, spitting is a way of blessing – not insulting. It basically shows how much they respect the other person. However I’m not saying you should do it too! In Asian cultures, a mirror is never gifted at wedding ceremonies. A mirror, being fragile, is easily broken. Who would want the exact same fate for a marriage as well? The Japanese are obligated to bring gifts to friends and family on returning from vacation! Now comes your turn to choose among the above 15 gifts!

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