22 Amazing Unheard Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits

Uses of peppermint oil date back to 1000 B.C. There has been evidence of it being used early by Egyptians as well as by Chinese, Japanese and also Greek people in ancient times. The reason being its effects on body, mind and health issues. Although peppermint is a herb its most essential uses come from its oil. Peppermint herb is known for its aroma and also medicinal benefit; it has lance-shaped leaves of green-purple color.

There are numerous advantages of peppermint oil. This is because the oil is naturally an anti-bacterial, antifungal, analgesic and anti-parasitic. Peppermint oil is pale yellow in color and contains various minerals, vitamin A and C, iron, calcium, manganese, and potassium and so on. Today our main focus will be on its uses and benefits. We will discuss 22 Amazing Unheard Peppermint Oil Uses and Benefits.


1. Skin Brightener

A few drops and you can make your skin bright and radiant. No, we are not kidding! It has actually been proven and you can also experience its benefits. For this, you don’t need to go out of your way and do something, just add a few drops of peppermint oil to your beauty regime and get the results. Peppermint oil contains methanol which has a cooling effect and it also helps in brightening up the dull skin.

2. Facial Scrub

Peppermint oil’s another important use is effective Facial Scrub. When you mix this oil with ingredients like Olive Oil and Table Salt, it can be used for Facial Scrub. It will remove your dead skin and will replace it with even skin tone. For this, you will be needing 2 tsp of olive oil,  4 drops of peppermint oil, and 3 teaspoons of table salt.

What you need to do:

  • Mix 2 spoons of olive oil with 3 spoons of table salt in a plastic bowl.
  • Now add four drops of peppermint oil to the above mixture and mix it well.
  • Use this mixture by scrubbing gently on your freshly washed face.
  • To get a glowing and healthy skin repeat this process every 3 days.

3. Reducing Fever

Peppermint oil also helps bring down the fever and especially is very useful for children. You can mix this oil with coconut oil and apply the mixture on your feet or you can also rub it on your neck. This will be helpful in stabilizing the fever and you won’t need any drugs to cure fever.

4. Helps in Allergies

No one likes allergies. But there is very little anyone can do to cure it and one of them is peppermint oil. It helps the muscles in nasal passages to remove the pollen during the allergy season. For this, mix peppermint oil with clove and eucalyptus oil. This will also reduce the other symptoms of your allergy.

5. Removes Headaches

Headaches are very common in day to day life. Especially in this day and age where one needs to be up on its toes and stress is at maximum. Peppermint oil can help eliminate a headache completely. It has a significant effect on the reduction of sensitivity of a headache. Peppermint oil improves the circulation, relax your muscles, it helps with migraines and stress headaches.

6. Freshen Breath

We guess you already know about this one. But we will tell how scientifically this helps you. Peppermint oil is been used for more than 1000 years to freshen the breath naturally. There is an essential oil in the peppermint plant which not only freshens up your breath but also removes bad smell completely.  It is even better at lowering bad breath than the chemically produced rinses.

7. Hair growth

No, no we are not promoting any ads over here. But this has been scientifically proven that peppermint oil helps in hair growth. Peppermint oil has stimulating properties which help in penetrating through your scalp and thereby facilitating the hair. This helps in blood circulation which boosts hair growth. It will strengthen your hair from roots and provides much-needed nourishment.

8. Helps in Gas and Indigestion

Peppermint oil helps in soothing indigestion and bloating. The reason for this is it is a natural carminative, which helps relieve flatulence from the stomach and also intestines by relaxing your abdominal and intestinal muscles. For this, prepare a mixture of 2-3 drops of peppermint oil and 1 tsp of olive oil and massage this on your stomach. You can also drink a glass of warm water with 1 drop of oil added and 1 tsp of honey. Drink this mixture before meals.

9. Helps in sore throats

Like other uses peppermint oil also scientifically helps you with sore and cold throats. Its analgesic property helps alleviate pain by a sore throat. It also fights throat infection and reduces swelling. For this, mix 1-2 drops of peppermint oil in warm water. Gargle this glass of mixture to reduce inflammation. You can also add ½ tsp of salt to blend.

10. Helps in hydrating dry scalp

We already read earlier how this oil helps in hair growth but one of its benefits also lie in hydrating dry scalps. You can avail this by using a mixture of peppermint oil and almond or olive oil. Apply this mixture to your hair and wait for at least 30 minutes.  This will help you in nourishing and moisturizing your hair thoroughly.

11. Improves your nails

Using peppermint oil can reduce nail infection caused by fungus. Peppermint oil has antifungal properties which will help in reducing it when applied topically.

12. Helps in respiratory system

If you are suffering from nasal congestion you can use peppermint oil as a cold rub and rub it on your chest or inhale it. It contains methanol which helps in fresh breath and clears your throat. It will give you instant relief.

13. Helps in Improving Immune system

Many diseases are caused due to the weak immune system. Peppermint oil helps in improving your immune system and fight various diseases like staph, E coli, and salmonella. It has many properties like antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral which helps in fighting these diseases.

14. Helps in joint discomfort

Mix peppermint oil with lavender oil and reduce your joint discomfort. It has an ice bath like property which helps in reducing the inflammation.

15. Helps in blood circulation

Studies have shown that the use of peppermint oil can improve the flow of blood in your body. The reason is when the vapor of the oil touches your olfactory nerve endings, it immediately increase the flow of blood in your body and pulses.  This, in turn, oxygenate your organs and improves your metabolism.

16. Helps in balancing hormones

When peppermint oil is used along with clary sage, fennel and sage its blend can increase estrogens levels in women and testosterone levels in men. It can also naturally enhance your fertility.

17. Helps in reducing stress

Many of the peppermint oil’s properties also include calming effects and this is very important in reducing stress levels. Apply this oil on your neck and you will straightaway feel a sensation and this will reduce your stress. Additionally, it also helps stimulate mental activity and increase your focus on cognitive tasks.

18. Helps with cancer treatment

Research on cancer has been long going and there are very rare solutions found to cure it. But menthol present in peppermint oil can help reduce prostate cancer. Further, it can help with the protection against damages from radiation and also during cancer treatment like chemotherapy.

19. Helps with tuberculosis treatment

With the help of its antiviral property, peppermint oil can help reduce tuberculosis. It reduces the chances of a person getting infections and exposure to outbreaks during hospital stays.

20. To repel mosquitoes, ants, flies, spiders, and mice

Yes, we are not kidding! Peppermint oil has uses beyond health benefits and these are some of the problems you face daily. Ants can’t bear the smell of peppermint oil so you can dip the cotton ball in the small proportion of the oil and you can spread this on to the areas from where the ants are coming. Also, peppermint oil will keep the mosquitoes, ants, flies away from your home.

Wiping the cotton ball around the house will not only repel ants and flies but it will also prevent spiders from entering the house. You can also kill them with a spray of peppermint oil and water. But that would be a bit harsh, won’t it?

21. Cleaning the house

Peppermint oil has an antibacterial property which can help you clean your house. You can also use this on your household products, further it is also known for its scent which can make your house smell fresh. You can also spray the mixture of peppermint oil and water in the areas like bathroom and kitchen where bacteria are found in high abundance.

22. Natural Energizer

One of the uses of peppermint oil according to us that needs to be on this list is a natural energizer. Rather than having energy drinks you can have a sniff of peppermint oil or two. The nontoxic present in the peppermint oil will help you when you are down on energy.

These are for us some of the most beneficial uses of peppermint oil. You can also make your list and share with us in the comment section below.

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