22 Clever and Coolest Laundry Room Ideas

Let’s face it; doing laundry is not our favourite task. Okay, there might be some satisfaction in seeing the clean fresh clothes, but the efforts that go into that make us lazy just by thinking of it. Anyhoo, if you’re one of those persons who’re secretly not a prince or princess and so does not own a larger than life laundry room, here are some space efficient and clever laundry room ideas that are enough to jazz up your laundry room and also lift up your mood every time you see that place. Also, who said a small laundry room can’t be made beautiful? Bring on the dirty clothes!

  1. Use thy walls

While the floor area in your laundry room may be small, but the walls are still full of potential. You can easily mount up a wall rack, or wire storage, or do any DIY storage idea on the wall, and you’re good to go with the extra space. Folding out racks, iron boards and built-in shelves are also great laundry room ideas.

  1. Go for the corners

Shelves on the wall make the room look even smaller, so go for the corners instead. Shelves on the corners are easily one of the easiest and best laundry room ideas. You can have two or three vertical shelves in the awkward corners of your laundry room, and use them for extra storage. Additionally, you can also put a detergent dispenser on it.

  1. Hanging dryer

Don’t have extra space for a dryer? Don’t worry. Hang the dryer rod from the roof, or above your washing machines. This nifty little trick will help you organize your laundry room better. If you’ve shelves on your wall, choose the ones with rods and lines on it. They are be multipurpose easily to put hangers and stuff.

  1. Drawers to the Narnia

Just kidding. Add some secret drawers in the cabinet that’ll give you more space than before, and will also not occupy any extra room. They can easily be hidden behind the cabinet cover too!

  1. Folding out ironing board/folding counter

Just mount them up on the wall, and pull out whenever required without any hassle. You can also use the backside as a message board, for instructions about any particular type of cloth, or any tips etc. for other people in the house. Sneaky, right?

  1. No space shelf

This sandwiched shelf fits right in the middle of washer and dryer. You can pull it out whenever required and gives you easy space to store your supplies. It can also be installed in the spaces between the washers and wall, or cabinets and wall.

  1. Don’t miss the door

The back of your laundry room can be used for a multitude of purposes. You can add a peg wall for storing little things that make the room look unorganized. They can also be used as a cloth hanger or a makeshift closet.

  1. Multipurpose isle

It’s ironing board, storage unit, drawers all in one. It’s like half laundry room ideas mixed in one.  It can easily be shifted and thus, is simply awesome. You can also create it yourself if you can’t find one in the stores. Perfecto!

  1. No cabinets

Cabinets take up a lot of space and don’t provide as much as utility. Instead, opt for open shelves that avoid giving the cluttered look and give room for more stuff. Wire shelves can also be used that can be used o keep laundry baskets, or as storage for small clothing items.

  1. Hanging laundry room basket

Sorting out clothes into baskets could seriously me turned into a game. Put baskets on the wall to save space on the floor. You can also use foldable baskets that can be kept easily when not in use.

  1. Shower and laundry

If you don’t have a separate laundry room, incorporating shower and laundry room in one space is a good idea. It’s a better use of your time as well as the supplies. You can also use a simple curtain instead of a door to separate spaces.

  1. Use a light theme

Using a light theme will make your laundry room feel much more organized and calm. This will also not draw unnecessary attention towards it. A mix of white and golden, or pure white will work wonders.

  1. Use canvas bags instead of laundry baskets

Canvas bags are easy to carry, store and give better utility. They’ll also give a much needed aesthetic look to the laundry room.

  1. Under sink shelf

You can easily create a movable shelf for under the sink. It’s a clever laundry room idea where you can store sponges, brushes, detergent bottles and more.

  1. Sink shelf

Put wire shelving on one side of the sink. It’s the perfect place to hang small items such as socks and handkerchiefs to dry out without losing them in a bunch of clothes.

  1. Ironing board hooks

Set up two easy hooks to hang your iron board on. It saves space and the hooks give a nice touch to the laundry room. You can also choose some funky ones to spice up your laundry room.

  1. Cover up the front load

If you have got a front load washer, create an easy counter top to cover it up. It’ll give you easy storage for detergent and other supplies.

  1. Use retractable cloth lines

If you don’t have enough space for a dryer rod, just put some retractable cloth lines inside the closet. Pull out till the opposite wall whenever required. It is really useful when you have an occasional extra load of laundry. (Your lovely guests)

  1. Use vertical shelves

If there’s a little part of the wall that is unused, just add small vertical shelves that’ll make it look classy but at the same time useful.

  1. Stack washer and dryer

If both washer and dryer are front loads, just stack ‘em up. It’s the perfect small laundry room idea. You can also just hide them behind a closet door, it’s that neat.

  1. Slanted storage

If you have got a top load washer and dryer, use the space above them. Add a slanted storage that will not only give a funky look but will also help you organize your laundry room better.

  1. Laundry stickers

If you want to give a nice funny look to your boring laundry room, there are plenty of ideas of laundry room stickers that will just fit in right. If you want to kill time while doing laundry, an amazing way will be to create or paint these messages yourself instead of just buying them.

Seriously, now who’ll want to postpone doing laundry in such amazing laundry room?

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