25 Romantic First Date Ideas for Teenagers

Teenage- a time to deal with puberty, inferiority complex, insecurities, questioning your existence- Amidst of all this, there comes a totally new emotion; love– that racing heartbeat, butterflies in the tummy, blushed cheeks and what not. A teenager’s first instance of being attracted towards that special someone is always memorable. Then comes the fear and hesitation to ask that special person out, lucky are the ones who manage to overcome their doubts. The first date ought to be very crazy. It’s the time when a teenage mind cannot keep its emotions under control, and all they desire is the time well spent on their first date.

So, here are 25 teenage romantic first date ideas to create memories that can be cherished all life:

25. Sip On and Discuss

Going for just a coffee date is outdated now. This idea is particularly for those people who like books and coffee equally. Pick up a book which you both like and have read. Discussing the characters, ideas and events of your favorite book on the first date can be a memorable experience.

24. Food Festival

Food festivals are a new trend happening these days, where one gets to taste different kinds of dishes. If you both are a foodie then watch out for the food events near you, where you can go on a casual first date and create memories with food.

23. Play Areas in Mall

Choose a mall with a play area and a food court. Have some fun on the first date by indulging in a healthy match of bowling, air hockey, video games etc. then go grab some good food, as food courts have plenty of options to choose from.

22. Stargazing

The darkness is often perceived as misleading, but the very same darkness can be so very illuminating when you are with your crush.  Whether it’s a hilltop, rooftop or some park- gazing the beauty of the dark sky with millions of twinkling stars remains one of the most romantic ideas of the first date.

21. The shopping Date

So, this doesn’t mean going for a shopping together but is a slightly different version. Go together and buy something for each other without showing what you bought and gift it to your partner so that he/she can go change in the trial room. Spend the rest of the day together in those gifted clothes.

 20. Morning Birds

Morning is conceived as the best time to start something new. This one is for the morning people, on the first date get up, get dressed, go to a place close to nature, watch a sunrise and then have breakfast together.

19. The Dreamy Sunset

For the lucky ones who live near any water body, be it a sea, a river or an ocean. Get a blissful experience of watching a sunset together on your first date.

18. Drama and Love

If you find a movie date boring than go get some live action, get thrilled by the live artists on stage. Go to a theater and watch a play together on your first date. Or how about a nukkad natak?

17. Sweet Tooth?

This idea of a first date is for the people who like to eat sweet dishes. Go out with your partner in a bakery or a sweet shop and try to pick up those sweet dishes which you haven’t had before. It will be a sweet first experience.

16. Tickle Your Funny Bones

What if the venue for the first date be a comedy show? A couple will be able to overcome their awkwardness while laughing together which will result in a stronger bonding later on.

15. Paddle Around

Don’t worry if you don’t own a bicycle, these days getting a bicycle on rent is easy.  Choose the desired destination and paddle till you reach there, and for a little sport, host a competition of where the two of you can race towards the finishing line.

14. Pawsome Love

For the dog lovers, take your pet dogs along for a walk and if you don’t have a pet dog, you can get some dog food to feed the street dogs, it’ll be a satisfying experience for the dog lovers.

13. Sporty?

It is scientifically proven that playing a sport together can improve the emotional bond. Sweat together, Stay together is the motto behind it. For the fitness conscious ones play an outdoor sport on the first date, to name some, badminton, basketball, skating, handball etc.

12. Board game

If you want your first date to be indoors and to be interesting; then this idea is for you. Get a board game, for instance- scrabble, make funny stupid words and laugh together. Board games are a good way to spend quality time.

11. Study Together, maybe?

Ideally a parent-friendly idea, you can meet up to discuss class notes and this can go on further to a conversation about life, love and other matters.

10. The Creative Minds

For ones with the creative minds, if you both share an artistic streak; check out for the art galleries and art festivals in your town and plan your first date there.

9. Walk About

A perfect first date idea for the partners who love to talk on a deeper level.  Take a Long aimless stroll in a silent place with your crush and have a meaningful conversation.

8. Maggi Love

Those who love Maggi know that the love for it is never ending. Find places that serve different varieties of Maggi and go there on the first date for some spicy toothsome connection.

7. The Future Chef

For the ones who enjoy cooking; cook the favorite dish of your partner or prepare a dish which you can cook the best, after which you can go on a picnic for your first date.

6. New Place

For your first date go to a place where you both have not been before, for more fun, ditch your cell phone and try to find the place through a paper map or by asking random people on the way.

5. Lens!

For the ones with the knack of photography, grab your camera and your partner’s hand; go to a serene place or to some monument and click the place and click each other to freeze the time of your first date in pictures.

4. The Unplugged Escape

Keeping the headsets away, getting away from the all the unnatural noises, find a tranquil place for the first date where you can listen to your partner’s voice clearly.

3. Pool Date

A quirky first date idea: Swimming? Well and good, grab your swimsuits and sneak into the pool. Only one of you knows how to swim? Even better, teach the other one how to swim on the first date. If you both can’t swim, how about going for a trail swimming class for your first date? Later, maybe join swimming classes together?

2. Time for Some Tea

For the tea lovers, there are cafes opening up these days which serve different flavors of tea. Go to one such cafe and try out varied flavors and share your love for tea.

1. A DAY…

When you desire so much that you cannot get enough of each other, plan an all-day first date. Meet early in the morning and have breakfast, roam around the city till dusk and then have supper together.


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