27 Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend
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27 Romantic Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Choosing the perfect gift for someone is always a dilemma, but when it comes to picking out the most perfectly romantic one for your girlfriend, there is probably nothing harder. What is it that will be cute, sweet but such that it uniquely compliments you girlfriend and also your relationship? Sometimes, this becomes the most stressful part of a relationship, because there are high hopes and expectations and you keep wondering if you will fulfill all of them. Here are some of the simplest, most classic ideas that always work without a doubt, and also some unique gift ideas that will make her happy about how thoughtful you are:

27. Flowers:
A classic gift that is timeless, classy, sophisticated and endearing all at the same time. You can never go wrong with flowers, unless well, your girlfriend is allergic to them. However, a bouquet of roses, especially the red ones makes for a sensual and beautiful gift. Or you can even go with tulips, peonies, orchids or mix a little of all of them. Get a giant bouquet or a number of small flowers, but it’s always better to have more. Flowers will instantly make her happy and the heavenly scent will make her giddy with romance.

26. Chocolates:
This is a foolproof gift that will never fail, unless there is a one in hundred chance that your girlfriend is someone who doesn’t like chocolates. It is probably not the most creative gift but you can make it as creative as you choose to. Put together a bouquet of her favorite chocolates, or ones she has not yet tries even. Get the most exotic chocolates that you had not heard of before and make a basket of chocolates which she will see as a basket of happiness and love. Or even if you get her the chocolates that she eats every other day, it will definitely make her happy. Because let’s face it, who doesn’t love chocolates.

25. Soft Toys:
No matter however much you grow up or how old you become, a cushiony soft toy will always bring a warm smile to your face. Girls especially love cuddly and furry soft toys and the bigger they may be, the happier it makes them. It makes for an adorable gift to give to your girlfriend, to remind her of your warm hugs when she misses you and you just cannot run and come over to make her feel better. So find the biggest, softest plush toy and let her hug it in the moments she misses your embrace.

24. Sunglasses:
Find the perfect pair of sunglasses to spruce up your girlfriend’s wardrobe. Shades are not just an accessory of usefulness but now they have become fashion statements. So find the one that perfectly fits your girlfriend’s beautiful visage. And you need not worry if your girlfriend will like this gift or not, it is one foolproof gift that will work no matter what. Unless you buy the completely wrong ones that your girlfriend would never wear.

23. A Dress:
Any girl would love the effort their partner would put in finding the right fit and size of a dress for her. Sometimes you may not know the exact measurements, and there is no better time to have a secret conversation with your girlfriend’s best friend as you prepare the most beautiful gift for her. The dress can be one that your girlfriend loved when she saw it or something that you would yourself love to see on your girlfriend. Either way, this gift is a bargain that will definitely make her happy with you.

22. Shoes:
Shoes, a girl can never have enough of them. There are pair after pair that just lie forgotten in the corners of their wardrobes but girls are unwilling to get rid of them. More than something of use, they become a collection that resides close to the hearts of girls. So, gift your girlfriend a sexy pair of shoes to adorn her pretty feet. She will love them and flaunt them as you take her out on a date to your favorite place or even as she walks around everywhere just because she is happy that you got her shoes in her favorite color, or maybe something that matches her new dress.

21. A Scarf or A Stole:
A scarf of a stole makes a good gift for any weather or season. It is a light piece of apparel that goes with anything, dresses, skirts, blouses and even the dullest coats in winter. And you wouldn’t have to worry about getting the wrong size when it comes to shopping for a scarf. Get a scarf of the brightest and most cheerful color that your girlfriend likes, or if you want to play it safer, get something sober that will probably go along with a number of her outfits. The scarf will become a reminder of your romance as she can wear it with anything she wants.

20. A Handbag or A Purse:
Just like shoes, a girl can never have enough handbags or purses. They’re not just an essential item for her wardrobe, they are a style statement that spruces up a girl’s personality. You can choose the cutest colored bag that your girlfriend likes. Or you can even choose the universally loved and stylishly sober black because it goes with everything that would be contained in her wardrobe. And sometimes, it might turn out that your girlfriend actually wanted a nice cute bag and it might be the perfect gift.

19. Accessories:
Every girl likes the little tidbits of adornment to enhance her beauty. Accessories can range from the smallest of rings, to bracelets, to anklets and even the most gorgeous earrings. Or have you thought about a stylish and trendy cummerbund? Accessories are something that will never go out of style, so don’t think twice before going and selecting the ones you think she will love. You can choose something that matches the dress she just bought, or something really unique that speaks of how beautiful it is. If you’re afraid that she might not like the pair of blue earrings, then buy a silver bracelet. There can never be enough accessories to go around, so go out and select whatever you think will look gorgeous on her.

18. Perfume:
You might love the fragrance that your girlfriend already uses or even how she simply smells when you are around her. But when it comes to giving romantic gifts, perfumes are foolproof and never fail as a gift. So go out and find the perfect fragrance for your beautiful partner that will adorn her just like she adorns and brings charm to your life. It should preferably be something exotic and new that she has not come across and the more different it will be, the more amazed you will find her.

17. Pendant:
Pendants are almost a forgotten and a much underrated gift now. But a beautiful pendant will not only enhance your girlfriend’s beauty it will also add to the strength of your relationship. The pendant can be anything, an engraving of your initials, or the first letter of her name. It can even be one of those old fashioned lockets that have spaces to insert pictures. It is definitely an antiquated idea, but nothing is ever more romantic. So find the perfectly carved pendant that will adorn your girlfriend’s neck and watch as she squeals with happiness over how pretty it is.

16. A Watch:
You might argue that hardly anyone ever wears a watch nowadays, because everyone is so immersed in technology that there is no requirement of one. But a watch as a gift is not only special, but is severely underrated too. You can go for a classic, thin belt one that will compliment your girlfriend’s slender wrist. Or if she has a bolder taste you can gift her a funky, bright and colorful watch, possibly in her favorite color. It would definitely be a cute gift, because watches never go out of fashion and she will always wear it on her wrist as a reminder of your budding romance.

15. A Necklace:
This is possibly the most clichéd gift that one can think of, but it is also the most romantic one. A necklace to adorn your beautiful girlfriend is a classy gift that has been tried and tested over years and decades, and not once has it failed. If you want to go all out, get a diamond necklace, but a gold necklace, or even a simple one would be just as precious. Jewelry has always been a foolproof gift and what better way to signify and solidify your love that that necklace that will always remind her of your love and of how much you adore her.

14. Her Favorite Music:
Gifting a mixtape of your favorite songs to someone, or a CD burned with all your favorite tracks, it has become an old fashioned idea now. But sometimes it the most quaint ideas that are also the most romantic. So, go ahead and create a roadmap to your soul for her, by gifting a collection of all your favorite songs. You can gift her the music album that she has always loved but only heard over YouTube. Or you can defeat her in the race to that one coveted album that is going to come out really soon and she wants to get it, but you gift it to her first. She will love it, because music is something that everyone loves. And if you know her favorite songs, you probably know all that you need to know about her likes and dislikes.

13. Her Favorite Movies:
This gift would work fabulously if your girlfriend loves watching movies, but it will still work fairly well if she is not a movie geek. Gift her a Bluray set of her favorite collection of movies. They could be the cutest and cheesiest Disney movies, or the Harry Potter box set of movies. If you are yet to find out about the movies that she has watched a few too many times, give her the movies that you love the most. This way you are setting yourself up for as many intimate dates as movies, because you will definitely insist that she find out how great those movies are, as she is cuddled next to you. Though movies are available everywhere easily, this is a gesture that is romantic and will greatly be appreciated by her.

12. A Notebook or Diary:
A notebook or a diary works as a wonderful gift for anyone, but for someone whose thoughts are as precious to you as your own, this becomes a very thoughtful gift. It doesn’t matter if your girlfriend uses it for writing down poetry or even rambling personal thoughts that she would never want to share with anyone. It can become a journal about the happy and beautiful moments you spend together, or maybe it might just contain tidbits of information on how your girlfriend adores you.

11. Books:
If your girlfriend is an avid reader, there is nothing that she will appreciate more than you gifting her favorite book to her. Or maybe you could give her your own favorite book to provide an insight into your own personality. Books make for a great gift, but they need to be carefully selected because there might be the slight chance that your girlfriend might already have read it. But don’t worry about that, because any addition to a bookworm’s collection is always valuable. And even if your girlfriend doesn’t read much, you can find her a book on the topic that she is most passionate about and she will treasure it.

10. Scented or Carved Candles:
Pretty and heavenly smelling candles are not only beautiful, they will make your girlfriend appreciate your aesthetics and your sophisticated taste too. Candles add to romance, be it a candlelit dinner or a quiet and intimate bath, or cuddles in the bedroom as you snuggle together. And if they give off a fragrance that is no less than an aphrodisiac then what could be better. So go out and choose the most special candles that you think were carved specifically to add to your blossoming relationship. Your girlfriend will sure appreciate the cute gesture.

9. Lingerie:
This is a bit risqué and you should probably only try it if there is a certain level of comfort in your relationship. But it is one the most romantic and intimate gifts you can give to your girlfriend. When you have reached that stage of intimacy, a little erotic tension will elevate your relationship to a much higher degree. So, find the perfect size that fits her, even if you have to cajole it out of her with the slightest of hints. It will be the most sensual moment of your relationship, because this is a gift that will not only bring you much closer but it will increase trust between you such that your love will barely fade away.

8. A Portrait Of Your Relationship:
This one is another one for the beautiful memories. It need not be an artistically done portrait or sketch, or a beautiful and colorful painting because more than the art itself, it is the gesture than would matter. So, pick up your most favorite memory with her, or find the prettiest Instagram picture you can find of the two of you together. It could be anything, a painting, a portrait, a pencil sketch, or even a cute little comic strip. And maybe if you don’t have the artistic skills, get someone else to do it for you. But it will be one of the most beautiful and memorable gifts.

7. A Jar Full of Notes:
This one needs a little creativity, but it would be the sweetest gift that can be thought of. Write little notes about her, her quirks that you like, the silly things about her that you love, the best things about her that you are so proud of. She would be surprised and happy at the minute little things that you have noticed about her and this gift would be nothing less than precious for her. Add a few love notes too, a little amateur attempt at poetry with her as your muse and it would make her giddy with happiness, because there was never a partner so thoughtful.

6. A Pet:
A real, furry, cuddly pet is way better than any the largest soft toy that you can find. The only downside of this gift is that the adorable pet might take attention away from you. Don’t go on buying the most expensive breed of dog or cat that your friend will tell you about. Go to the nearest shelter and adopt the puppy or kitten that needs a home. More than the puppy, your girlfriend’s heart will melt at the gesture itself. And now you will have someone around her all the time to make her happy when you cannot find the time. When it comes to gestures, nothing gets bigger than this one.

5. A Surprise Visit:
You cannot possibly think of a better gift than yourself if you are in a long distance relationship. Rather than mailing her a card, or a parcel which contains some chocolates, give her the cutest surprise by showing up at her doorstep. And this would only work if you set it up as if it is the last thing that is possible. Make up a few excuses about how busy you are with work, but show up at the right moment to profess your love for her. She will love this gift because the best parts of any long distance relationship is the fulfilment of that hurtful longing.

4. A Jar Full of Notes:
This one needs a little creativity, but it would be the sweetest gift that can be thought of. Write little notes about her, her quirks that you like, the silly things about her that you love, the best things about her that you are so proud of. She would be surprised and happy at the minute little things that you have noticed about her and this gift would be nothing less than precious for her. Add a few love notes too, a little amateur attempt at poetry with her as your muse and it would make her giddy with happiness, because there was never a partner so thoughtful.

3. A Scrapbook:
This is a cutely romantic gift that requires a lot of effort and it will definitely be appreciated as much. You can make a scrapbook of all the precious moments that you both have spent together, to remind her of how beautiful your relationship is. You can also make a scrapbook of everything that she loves and some things that she does not love. Because this is a very intimate gift, it speaks volumes about the efforts you will put into it and also about how well you know her, how deeply you have engaged with her soul. So, get in touch with your artistic side so that you can present to your girlfriend not only an aesthetically put together gift, but also the most thoughtful and touching present too.

2. A Romantic Picnic:
What better way to celebrate your relationship that a secluded picnic where you have eyes only for each other. Select the best spot in the city, or even drive a few miles out if necessary and find that perfect place for a picnic. There is nothing more romantic that two lovers hopelessly infatuated with each other and the silence and beauty of nature all around. Get the perfect picnic basket with all the food she likes, and find the perfect wine for the occasion. Lie back on the ground and look up at the sky and celebrate your togetherness as you are finally separated from everything that keeps you apart.

1. A Romantic Getaway:

This is probably the most romantic gift that you can give to your significant other. A trip to romantic hill station where you can enjoy the serenity of the mountains and reconnect with nature and each other. Or you can go down to the beach and enjoy the beautiful seaside adventures and the quiet of the waves crashing as your build sandcastles of love. This might be an opportune moment to take a couple’s retreat and isolate yourselves from your friends and work, and get to know each other better so you can fall in love some more.