30 Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas

Tuxedo? Check. Shoes? Check. Dress? Check. Stilettos? Check. So you are all set to attend the big fat wedding you’ve been preparing for day in and day out but have you decided what to gift to the soon to marry couple yet? A tough decision to make! Ask me? I can’t even decide for sure what to gift to my sister for her birthday! But I have some wonderful ideas for you to consider while trying to zero in on the best gift for your friends, kids or siblings going to tie the knot so soon. If you share with the couple a close intimacy, I’d say it is a wise idea to ask them what would they like for a gift. Or give your options atleast! You do not want to be gifting something that gets so repetitive with the other guests that they’d most likely not use it ever. Also, if you are gifting an appliance or something for their new household, make sure you’ve confirmed with them that they have not bought it already! That said, here are 30 gift ideas that will suit every budget and would be loved every bit by the newlywed couple.

wedding gift ideas

30. A Five course meal for two

You may want to gift your dear friends a nice relaxing time out with each other. You remember how their courtship was full of budgeting and saving for the big day and the little dates they cherished so much. If you know what cuisine the couple likes best, I’d say gift them a voucher for a 5 course meal in their favourite restaurant.

29. A flexible weekend stay at a beach resort

You often get great deals for weekend prices at a beach resort. Gift them a perfect romantic getaway for the weekend where they’d embrace each other’s company after the much tiring wedding.

28. Swarovski or Crystal Showpieces

I said Swarovski because you can never go wrong with that brand. Crystal Show pieces are never out of time and are appreciated by almost every person ever. The safest way to go about it.

27. A portable barbeque grill

So are they the picnic lovers? You may gift them a portable electric barbeque grill for all those outdoor parties and picnics they’d love to host.

26. Couple Spa Package

You know how tiring the wedding festivities can get. What better than gifting them a nice relaxing session for a couple spa. They’d both love you for the pampering.

25. Crystal Dinner sets

Almost every couple needs a nice dinner set for their new house hold. Why not gift them one and cut down on their expenses.

24. A Soft luxury comforter or bed linen set

Again. They might be living single with bed linen that’s good enough to get done with forever. You can gift them a new set of bed linen or perhaps a luxury comforter. (How I hate that they do not make Pringle comforters anymore!)

23. A Personalized Picture Jigsaw Puzzle

Are they the couple who likes their board games? Choose a favourite picture of theirs and gift it as a jigsaw puzzle!

22. A New Name Plate for their Home

If you are sure they have not got it made already, invest in a good marble name plate for the couple for their new house.

21. An expensive set of Cuff links

Mont blanc makes them perfectly, I am a craver for the new Versace cuff links. Choose what suits your budget. Every man ever likes nice cuff links.

20. Luxury apparel or accessories

Nobody minds the Hermes scarf, or the signature Burberry jacket. If you know their sizes well, you can invest in a luxury brand apparel or accessory you know they’ve wanted. Sisters or best friends to the bride can gift super luxury night wear too. Just saying!

19. Sponsor a year’s insurance for their vehicle

Now coming to their fixed expenses, why not help cut them down? Sponsor a year’s insurance for their car maybe?

18. A Personalized set of silver cutlery

Silver is the perfect metal to gift at every occasion ever. How about gifting them a set of silver cutlery personalized with their names?

17. An outdoor wood burner

Please do not gift this if you live in tropical regions, but if it snows a lot, how about a portable outdoor fireplace?

16. An expensive bottle of wine/champagne

Wine makes for a classy gift. However, be sure of your choice or do not invest in alcoholic beverages at all.

15. A piece of Furniture

No couple ever would not love a cozy love couch, or the couple lounging chairs, or maybe just a sofa for their new house. You may gift any other piece of furniture you know they need too.

14. Sponsor a Year’s worth of grocery

Coming to the staples, it might not look an impressive gift at first, but they’d be thanking you every time they do grocery shopping. Sponsor just a year’s worth of their grocery!

13. Silver or Gold Bracelet

Silver and gold jewellery makes for great gifts in the Indian Subcontinent, and they would likewise elsewhere too. A bracelet would be a perfect gesture of good wishes.

12. A luxury handbag

No bride ever can say no to Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Prada. Ask me? I might just agree to trade the husband for these darlings! That was extreme but a luxury handbag or wallet is what they’d love to get.

11. A Set of couple love bands

Tiffany’s sets the standards for me, but I am just as fine with Cartier. I’ve planned on gifting my parents a set of Omega Love Bands for their 25th. Why not gift it on your friend’s wedding instead?

10. A Photo collage with memories

Now this would never burn a hole in your pocket (or it might depending on your choice of frame!) but a photo collage with their memories together is what would adorn the walls of their new home for years.

9. A camera/ phone

They are married and they’d love some wonderful pictures from their first vacation after marriage. How about gifting them a high resolution camera?

8. Luxury Skin Care Hamper

Gift me a Dior and a Sisley hamper, and I’d agree to get engaged today. A luxury skin care hamper is just what the new bride’s going to love (The groom would thank you for it too.)

7. Couple Gym Membership

You do not want your friends going from fit to fat right after marriage. Gym membership now is like bread and butter in the household. Everyone needs it. Why not gift it to them?

6. Luxury cosmetic palette or kit

If you plan on this, let it be Burberry or Tom Ford please? I’d love you at my wedding if you promise to gift me a hamper each from Chanel and La Prairie! And with all the invitations the newlyweds are most likely to get, be sure of good usage of your gift.

5. A Religious Text

Won’t cost a fortune and would be a touching gesture too. Gift them a religious text they follow or just a verse inscribed on a marble plate as blessings straight from God!

4. Electrical Home appliances

Every married couple will need the microwave, the refrigerator and the hot plate. No questions asked. How about helping them save a few bucks?

3. A Gift Card

They’ve done all the house hold shopping already and you just can’t be sure of what to gift? Gift a gift card of a department store. They’d get anything they want and your gift would be put to good use. Galeries Lafayette in Paris, Harrods in London and Barney’s in New York. You know of your options, don’t you?

2. Designer Wrist Watch

You need to make sure the husband is punctual for the wedding to remain valid. Or maybe simply that the wife knows when exactly do five minutes of getting ready ends. From Michael Kors to Marc Jacobs, Omega to Rolex, you’ve got a plethora to choose from.

1. A Honeymoon Package

Want to gift the couple some real memories? Gift them an all expense paid honeymoon package. A 15 day Mediterranean cruise is the perfect getaway, or just some private resort villa in Maldives, Bora Bora or Bahamas. I’d rather my honeymoon at a super luxury casino resort though. Venetian in Macau will suit your budget and their comfort just fine.

So have you decided what are you gifting yet? I wish gifting the perfect birthday gift was made this easy too!

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  • I have one to share that I love giving. My husband gave me a wedding dress sketch of my dress. I love how personalized this gift is.