30 Best Unique Birthday Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Is it that month already? There’s never enough time to plan out your sweetheart’s birthday. I agree when you say that your boyfriend is the best and he deserves each and everything in his life. Of course he does! A special man must be made to feel special on his birthday. After all, a birthday comes only once in 365 days. That’s a lot of time! Now ladies and gentlemen, it’s high time to do away with traditional and conventional birthday kids. As his soulmate lover you need to find that perfect gift for your man that has never been given to him before. I’m sure he’ll appreciate and acknowledge your unique sense of choice. Let’s be honest, we all love it when a special someone does something really new and touching for us. Who doesn’t yearn for a perfect birthday gift? I know I do! There are many unique and unconventional birthday gift ideas that will make your boyfriend swoon (why should only girls swoon, right?). Some of them are not only creative but down- right cost- effective too! Check out our list of 30 Unique Birthday Gift Ideas.

30. Collect all those praises!


You know how you feel about your boyfriend but does he know what exactly you feel? Does he know what others feel about him? To show him how important he is in other’s lives too, collect messages from his loved ones. Contact his friends, his colleagues and his family members. Ask them to write small expressive notes for him. Now, you can present these to him in a couple of ways. Either you can roll them up and put them into a glass jar (for instance, a mason jar) or you can hide these notes in places where you know he can’t miss seeing them (for instance, inside his shoes or under his pillow et cetera). Just imagine, how surprised he will be when he finds out that you are not the only one who has something to say about him!

29. Your personal album.


Now, this may require a lot of time and some digging up of the past. What you have to do is make a rough chart of all the memorable dates that you have been to together, starting right from the day you met. Buy an album and instead of just adorning it with pictures, insert a map of the place where you had met for the first time and highlight the spot. Write something lovely about the time that you had spent there. Now, move in a chronological order and insert pictures of all your significant dates. Add notes and any reminiscent things that you think should be added (for instance, first movie tickets, notes that you had exchanged et cetera). This will not only be an unconventional album but will also be good for the preservation of those notes and pictures. If you want to then, you can leave some of the album empty to give a message that you will be filling it up as your life together goes on. It’s totally romantic!

28. A dinner date can never grow old!


There is something about the romantic candles and the soft music that always reigns you in. An old- fashioned dinner date can never grow old. It is an epitome of everything that is romantic. Plan a proper romantic date. You can take him out for a date or you can plan all this at home itself. Dress up for the occasion and just go with the flow of the night. Good food, good wine and a beautiful girl by his side will surely make your boyfriend ecstatic. Order his favourite food and don’t forget to dance! It’s not everyday that you go on a romantic date.

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27. Treasure Hunt.


It may seem a bit juvenile but then, one’s heart should never grow old. Place a clue near him which will lead him to the next clue and so on. Now, you can decide what do you want him to find at the end of the hunt. It can be a gift that you had planned to give him all along or a surprise birthday party or a simple date with you. Let him feel the rush of adrenaline as he goes on a quest to find what waits for him in the end.

26. Win over his friends!

Yeah, I know. It’s boring to watch guys play video games or discuss sports. But then, it’s your boyfriend’s birthday. If that’s what makes him happy the, do that for him. Plan out a party for him where he just gets to chill and be himself. Call his best buddies over and order lots of pizza’s along with his birthday cake. I’m sure he’ll love you for catering to his needs first.

25. Foodie, much?


We have all seen guys gorging on food. And don’t you love it when he can’t stop eating the food that you have so lovingly prepared for him? Yes, the way to a guy’s heart is through is stomach. Prepare his favourite food and call him over for a meal together. Eat to your heart’s content and just relax together afterwards. He’ll not only appreciate your efforts but will also love you for doing this for him.

24. Why do you love him?


No, I’m not putting up this question to you and neither is he. But I’m sure, he’ll love it if you can give him a hundred reasons for why do you love him the most. Jot down 100 such reasons and bind them together. Be creative in your presentation. Present the end result to him with a box of chocolates and see that smile adorning his face when he reads what you have written about him.

23. First Kiss.


Okay, I can vouch that you both have not forgotten your first kiss. Time to en-enact it! With the help of some clues, lead your boyfriend to the place where you had first kissed. When he reaches there, just kiss him! I’m sure you’ll both get to live that memory again.

22. He needs it!


Guys are a forget lot at times. There may be many things that he needs but he hasn’t been able to buy them all. Make a list of all the things that you believe he needs and uses and buy them for him. Wrap them up nicely and make a hamper for him. This will not only show him how well you know him but will also let him know how much you care about him and his needs.

21. Make him a CD.

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I know what you’re all thinking. CD is old and cliched but you can re-invent it with a little twist. Record all his favourite songs and your songs as a couple. In between every song leave a voice message just for his ears. If you have any fond memories of some of the songs that you had listened to together then, you can relate them to him through voice messages. If not anything else then, just tell him how much you love him. He’ll listen to the CD everyday!

20. Love letters.


I honestly believe that writing letters is a lost art but it doesn’t have to be. There can never be anything as romantic as the simple expression of writing a love letter. Start writing a letter for him ten days before his birthday. One letter for each day. Jot down whatever comes into your head. let him know what you’re thinking about as his birthday is approaching. Use handmade sheets or any fancy ones to make them appear more romantic. He’ll always cherish those letters, trust me.

19. Your very own film.

Well, sort of a film. What you can do is make a slideshow presentation of all your pictures together and play his favourite songs in the background. Use those pretty font styles and background to make it look special. He can even save it in his cell phone and in his laptop.

18. Bake it up!

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A birthday is never complete without a birthday cake. While it is conventional to go out and buy a birthday cake, baking one or even an attempt to bake a cake for your beloved can take your relationship to another level. Imagine how touched your boyfriend would be. You can complete the whole scenario with some candles, good food and a lot of privacy!

17. A romantic getaway!


Yes, if you have reached that level of intimacy in your relationship where you can actually live together for a few days with each other then, venturing on a romantic getaway can be a perfect birthday present. If you both don’t have time to take a proper vacation then, you can plan a weekend getaway to a quiet and romantic place. Spend time with each other and just bask in the glory of love!

16. His birthday, his day.

So yes, it’s technically his birthday. It would be only right to celebrate it in the way he wants to. Plan the whole day according to his wish and desire. Do things that he loves to do. It will not only make his feel cared for but also truly loved.

15. Easy DIY birthday cards.


Now, I personally love make cards for people I love. It’s always a joy and a challenge to make a card for someone which actually goes with his/ her personality. You can either make a grand card for his birthday or you can break it into a set of four to five cards,each describing a chunk of his personality and how you love it all. It will be a nice little remembrance for later years.

14. Give him something that you own.

You can present him with something which actually belongs to you or is dear to you. It can be a scarf sprinkled with your favourite perfume or your favourite t- shirt or even your earrings. Anything! This can be a very sweet gesture which will surely let him know that you trust him completely.

13. Make a scrapbook from scratch.

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This is an easy task but it does take some time. Buy some parchment sheets. You can even make one yourself by coating nice handmade sheets with a mixture of coffee and water. Paste all your memorable pictures or write poems or write things that you know he likes. Use dried flowers and leaves to give it a rustic look and tie it up with a twine. It’s easy and very original.

12. Pamper him!

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We all know that girls are good at pampering. Even if we don’t have anyone to pamper us, we can do it all by ourselves. It’s time to show your pampering skills to “him”. Start with a good breakfast-in-bed. Post little notes for him everywhere so that he always has a smile on his face. You can even go all girly on him. Give him a pedicure and a manicure, do a facial, run him a bath. He’ll be totally relaxed and thankful for such a day.

10. A ring.

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No, not necessarily an engagement ring. But you can gift him an engraved ring, for sure. Either you can get a special message engraved on the inside of the ring or you can simply get his initials engraved to personalize it. This way he’ll always carry a part of you with him.

9. Give him all of your time!

It’s true that in today’s fast- paced world, people don’t have time for each other. So, on his birthday, gift him your entire time. Let him decide how he wants to spend that time. He’ll appreciate you for taking out a whole day entirely for him.

8. Sensual massage.

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This can never grow old. A full body massage can not only be relaxing but sexy as well. Buy those aromatic massage oils and set up an atmosphere of calmness. Play a soft music in the background as you invite him for this ethereal experience. Wear something nice for him and let him unravel himself under your ministrations. I’m sure, he’ll never forget it.

7. An unusual date venue.

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You don’t need fancy restaurants or cool cafe’s to pull off a perfect date. Surprise him by being more creative. Decorate your whole bathroom. Adorn it with aromatic candles and embellishments. Prepare the bath tub by using relaxing bathing salts. Keep platters of food nearby and of course, don’t forget those glasses of wine or champagne. Invite him in and enjoy!

6. Flowers.

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I know it’s usually the other way round. Guys send flowers to their girlfriends all the time. It’s time to turn the tables around. Send him flowers to his workplace or to his house, early in the morning. Attach a personal card with a sweet birthday message.

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5. Eggstra special!

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Now, this DIY requires a lot of patience. Take an egg and make a small hole with the help of a fork. Let the contents of the egg slide out through the hole. Rinse it out and fill it with little paper hearts or any light-weight paper cut-outs. Also, write a message for him in a small scroll and insert it into the egg. Present it to him in a fancy box and ask him to crack the egg. Not only will he be bewildered but really impressed too!

4. A picnic.

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Who says a picnic cannot be romantic and birthday perfect? Take out your boyfriend for a picnic. Stash delicious snacks in a basket and whisk him away to a beautiful picnic spot where you can enjoy and relax together.

3. Adventure!

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All couples are not alike. Romantic getaways are not everyone’s cup of tea. if your boyfriend is into adventure and sports then, plan his birthday around it. You both can go and try new adventure sports. There’s nothing like the punch of an adrenaline rush!

2. Surprise! Surprise!


If you have a key to his apartment or if you can access his room in any way then, go ahead and decorate it all up for his birthday and watch his mouth drop when he comes back home after a grueling day.

1. You.

Well, if nothing else works then, wrap yourself up in a bow and be his birthday present. That will surely work! It will be fun and sensuous at the same time.

Well, birthday or no birthday, you can make your boyfriend feel special any day. You don’t have to opt for grand gestures all the time. Simplicity works best. Your boyfriend loves you for who you are. Just be the person who he fell in love with. I’m sure nothing would be a better birthday present to him.

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