30 Places To Go Before You Die

Are you more of a traveller than a tourist? Is world tour on top of your bucket list? Then, hello globe trotter. Pack up your bag and gear up for your journey. Scroll down to check out the list of coolest places you can’t miss on, by any chance.

30. Pyramid of Giza

Gurgle of Nile, smell of sand, hustle of human motley and a view of a towering pyramid, located on periphery of Cairo, the Great Pyramid of Giza, is a place that has to be on top of your bucket list. It is surrounded by a number of other pyramids and the great sphinx, thus adding to the scenic beauty. It is said that beneath it is the burial ground of two ancient Egyptian queens. Also, visitors proclaim that once you are here, you actually feel the great pharoah watching upon you. The fact that it has invariably remained intact as one of the seven wonders of the world, over the years, is enough to long for a visit to this place.
29. Leaning Tower of Pisa

This accidental piece of art is a must if you are a travel junkie. Made over a period of 199 years, it never fails to raise the eyebrows. Situated in the heart of Pisa, Italy, this tower is perpetual testimony to the saying, “Even flaws are beautiful”. The white marble glitters in the stark sunlight, rendering the monument an aesthetic look.

28. Taj Mahal

A moseleum like you would have seen never before, Taj Mahal is a fiest to eyes. The surrounding charbagh, the water tunnels and the grand dome will take you to the Mughal era. Celebrating the love of a husband for his wife, this monument is visited by hundreds of tourists everyday.It is a UNESCO world heritage site and a world’s wonder. Yes! It deserves your visit for once and more.

27. Eiffel Tower

128 years old, Eiffel tower is an exotic lover’s and touristy point. Situated in Paris, the city of fashion and romance, this tower has witnessed terror attacks and couple proposals alike. Unlike many other attractions, it is not just an attraction but has utility too as it serves an important role in television and radio broadcasts. One desi reason to visit this monument-our very own, Kalki Koechlin’s grandfather designed it.

26. Burj Khalifa

Fascinated by New York’s skyscrapers? Ever thought what could be taller than them? Standing 829.8 meters tall, Burj Khalifa is tallest structure of the world. Located in Dubai, UAE, it has 163 floors and 57 elevators. Standing outside this mammoth structure, you can’t see it’s upper end during daytime. The fountain show in it’s front lawns is mesmerizing with the fountains rocketing to 15th floor. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, plan a trip, now.

25. Christ the Redeemer

Depicting Jesus welcoming the world with open arms, this statue is located in Rio De Janerio, Brazil. The world saw glimpses of this statue during 2016 Olympics. The influence of this statue is such that many a times, people mistake Rio for Brazil’s capital, Brassilie. It has colorful history with some people saying that it’s initial design was ‘christ holding a cross in one hand and globe in the other’, which was obviously withdrawn. In 2014, lightening vandalized parts of it and smoke and pollution have taken a toll. It is predicted that it will probably get darker.

24. Colosseum of Rome

An iconic symbol of imperial Rome, this is the largest amphitheater ever built and could accomodate 50,000 to 80,000 people. It is also has traits of Italian five cent euro coin. It was originally known as Flavian Amphitheater. The structure has apparently suffered damages due to earthquakes and lightening, restoration efforts began in 1990 and are still continuing.

23. Golden Gate Bridge

Initially constructed to truncate the distance between San Francisco and Marine County, this structure is now a former world’s wonder. It has stolen its color from orange of dawn and has been subject of plethora of novels and poems. It is astounding that while this bridge took just four years in construction, it’s clearance took a decade. What is even amazing is that if you can’t visit the place in person, you can take a virtually walk down the bridge.

22. London Eye

Having a diameter of 394 feets, when constructed in 1994, it was the world’s largest cantilevered observation wheel. It gives a bird’s eye view of the city of London and is also symbolic of the city’s structure as each of its 32 capsules on the London Eye are representative of the each of London’s boroughs. If you are looking out for some adrenaline rush, you can’t miss out on this.

21. Great Wall Of China

The only thing on earth visible from space is this wall. Initially constructed as an armour against the Mongolian army, it’s height and length grew over many years. Looking like snake, it goes through many terrains including beach, a dessert and plains. It still has bullet holes and has been visited by the likes of Obama, Nixon and Margaret Thatcher. “He who has not been to the Great Wall of China, is not a true man”, one of the poems of Zeng Dong.

20. Chichen Itza

It is an archeological site and is said to be the largest Maya sight ever. It encompasses a number of styles like Puuc and Chenes styles of the northern Yucatán Peninsula. A UNESCO world heritage site, Chichen Itza is a also a world’s wonder. A sacred site, this town was established during the Classic period. Situated in eastern Mexico, this site is a regale for history lovers.

19. CN Tower

An observatory, telecommunications hub, attraction and restaurant, CN tower is the world’s 7th tallest free standing building and held the record of tallest structure till the completion of Burj Khalifa. CN in its name stands for Canadian National, the company who constructed it. A paragon of Canadian architecture, it is visited by over two million visitors annually.

18. Machu Pichu

Usually tagged as “Lost City of the Incas”, Machu Pichhu offers a breathtaking view of the mountains and horizon. It is a sacred valley with temples on higher hill and offers a variety of flora and fauna. Situated in South American country of Peru,it is famous for its sophisticated dry-stone walls that fuse huge blocks without the use of mortar. Don’t get lost while you visit the lost city of Incas.

17. Sydney Opera House

It is an expressionist art Performing Arts Center and has the capacity to accomodate nearly 6000 people. It looks amazing with its roof in the form of shells. “There is no doubt that the Sydney Opera House is his masterpiece. It is one of the great iconic buildings of the 20th century, an image of great beauty that has become known throughout the world – a symbol for not only a city, but a whole country and continent.” The Pritzker Prize citation of Utzon, it’s architect, read.

16. Mount Fuji

An active volcano, it is one of the most sacred places. It is a sacred site and also the highest point of Japan. An iconic Japanese landmark, mt. Fuji remains covered with snow for most of the year. It is a Special Place of Scenic Beauty and one of Japan’s Historic Sites. Consolidating the facts, it can be concluded that it holds immense importance in Japanese culture and intrigues the people worldwide.

15. Uluru

Well, it’s just a rock and nothing much. But it’s not a normal rock. Did you know that rock was created over some 600 million years and initially was at the bottom of the sea and 2.5kms of its bulk is underground. It is a sandstone rock and literally means “island mountain”. Better known as Ayers Rock, it is a sacred part of the Australian mythology. Visitors can climb the rock which 10km by foot road.

14. Mecca and Madina

Founded by Prophet Ismail, the city if Mecca is a holy place in Islam. Every year on Eid they take ‘Haj’ or pilgrimage to this city. It also has Kabba or ‘home of Allah’ and thus holds a lot of sancity. It also has Abraj Al Bait, world’s fourth largest structure. The irony of this city is that although it receives highest number of muslim visitors, muslims are not allowed to reside here, they can visit this place only as tourists or pilgrims.

13. Mount Rushmore

George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, you would have never seen these people together in past and there is no such possibility in future. But there is an exception- Mount Rushmore. In black hill region of South Dakota, sculptures of four US presidents stand side by side. There is also a museum nearby called The Crazy Horse Memorial as a tribute to great American leaders.

12.Manneken Pis

Amazement, anger, disgust or a laugh, this statue invites number of reactions. It demonstates a little boy peeing into a fountain’s basin. ‘Manneken Pis’ literally translates to “Little man pee” in Dutch. It is a tradition,to dress the statue in different costumes each week and its wardrobe has hundreds of clothes. It is sometimes considered as the eighth wonder of the world.

11. Petra

Also called Rose City, Petra has tombs and temples carved into pink standstone cliffs. It has notable geography with red sea on one end and dead sea, on the other. It is an ancient city which was discovered very late than the rest of Jordon. It has to its credit a number of movies filmed here including Hollywood hit Indiana Jones and the last crusade. It offers an amazing view and clandestine secrets which have still not been unearthed.

10. The Great Budhha

Under the slogan “Spread Budhha’s rays in all directions”, this statue was cast in 1252. Built in Kotokuin, this statue is an attempt to spread peace and harmony in the world by the way of Budhhism. It was initially built inside a temple but with flux of time, the temple got destroyed, leaving behind the statue meditating in lotus leaves. It is a quintessential place for seeking silence, solace and solitude.

9. Tower Bridge

Built in 1886, Tower Bridge was built over a period of eight years. Built over River Thames, it played a crucial role during Second World War. Famous world over, this bridge is a British landmark. It is considered one of the Britain’s four best buildings. The popularity of the bridge can be estimated by the fact that its replica has been constructed in China.

8. Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin is popularly known as the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation. However, it is not just a house but also has museums and other exhibitory buildings in its premises. Graced by Moscova River, Kremlin walls and forts envelope it. The fact that it is located in Mosco, needs no menrion.

7. Angel Falls

World’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, water of Angels falls from a height of 3,212 feet. It is one of Venezuela’s top tourist attractions. It has inspired a number of films and artworks, including a film by similar name and Disney animated film ‘Up’.The ideal time to visit it is from June to December. So this autumn, get, set, ready for Angels Falls!

6. Great Barrier Reef

Home to thousands of exotic species, the Australian great barrier reef, is the largest living thing on earth. Glass bottom boats will take to a tour of the sea and you will be able to see the things beneath the sea, sitting in that boat. Snorkeling is also famous there and you will see those fishes going around in groups, coral lying of the seabed and witness and altogether different world.

5. Meteora, Greece

Remember, TV shows and movies showing heaven, where clouds touch earth and everything seems godly and magic and you think such places don’t exist in reality? Well, they do. Meteora in Greece is a quintessential example of such a place. Meteora’s monasteries are famous around the globe. This place provides a complete package-mythology, peace, photography, fun and view, everything one could ask for is here.

4. Hitachi Seaside Park

As far as your sight goes, there are flowers and only flowers. Covering 190 acres of land, this park is a sea of flowers with a few cycling tracks a ferris wheel. It’s most famous specie is nemophila and the park has 4.5 million such flowers. There is a small train that goes around the perimeter of the park and stops at various places. Take this fun ride because it is worth it.

3. Pamukkale

Situated in western Turkey, this watery town can give River Nile a tough competition. Its name translates to cotton castle in Turkish. Volcanic activity is perpetually going on under this site, which has gifted it hot springs and loads of minerals that water bodies leave behind on their shores.

2. Dead Sea

You must be fascinated by the people who lay gaily on water and float like a sponge, all this owing to their swimming skills? Did you try copying them and failed miserably? Don’t worry. Dead Sea is at your resceue. Bordered by Palestine and Jordon, the salt content in this lake is so high that even a 100 kg object won’t drown!

1. Grand Canyon

Remember the Windows wallpaper with glib, humongous mountains on either side and a pathway in middle? That’s Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA. These mountains are soil red in colour and layered with different shades. Geographically, it is a river valley in Colorado Plateau. In the grand canyon, Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world. – THEODORE ROOSEVELT

Happy Travelling 🙂

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