32 Creative Unique Gift Ideas

Wandering in the Gift Store for days to find the perfect gift for your friend? Bored of giving the same cliché gifts? Sometimes, it gets really tough to buy a gift for your friends, and rambling on Amazon or the gift store doesn’t yield anything.
For all you people, who are really worried about what to gift their loved ones this year, this list comprises of 32 creative unique gift ideas which will give you, gift ideas for the next many years to come. So, sit back and enjoy!

32.Magazine Necklace

These are made up of small magazine strips, which are recycled from famous magazines. Looks good with any dress, the Magazine necklace is incredibly unique and colorful. It also supports the Ugandan people, who are rebuilding their lives after the violent civil war by making and selling these Magazine Necklace.

magazine necklace

31.Universal TV Remote

Trying to concentrate on your work, but the TV is irritating the heck out of you? This Universal TV remote is capable of switching off any TV. The Universal TV Remote also helps you change channels, while you are in a pub or restaurant. This TV remote is a great gift for your impatient friend.

TV remore

30.Tickle Plant

The Tickle Plant is a great time-passer and a great gift for anyone who has a passion for gardening. When you buy the Tickle Plant, you will be provided with the seed and the soil in a packet, ready to plant. Water the plant every day for three months, and you will get a Tickle plant, which would close its flowers once touched. It is a great gift for any kid or old people who will have a great time seeing the flowers tickling.

Tickle plant

29.Diamond Ring Mug

A great way to start a day is to by drinking a hot cup of coffee. Gift this to your coffee lover friend. But, this gift is unique and is hilarious in a way. The Mug comes in an elegant jewelry casing, and all you see is the diamond part of the Mug. When your friend realises what it really is, her expression would be hilarious. The Diamond Ring Mug is porcelain made and is very handy.


28. Dinosaur Bottle Opener

The Dinosaur Bottle opener is both unique and helpful. This bad-ass dinosaur Bottle Opener can crack open any and every bottle up, without any hassle. Gift this to your beer-lover friend, who will love the way the T-Rex opens up his beer bottle. The best-designed bottle opener that anybody has seen so far, this Dinosaur Bottle Opener does its work good.


27.USB Cassette Deck

Want to gift something to your grandfather or father, who is still hanging on to the cassettes of the old times? Gift this Deck to him, and he can play those wonderful 70’s and 80’s compilation in this Cassette Deck.

In fact, this USB Cassette Deck also lets you transfer the compilations in your own CD or MP3 player for ease of accessibility.

usb cassette deck

26.Magazine Subscription

Who doesn’t read a magazine? Everybody does. Whether we are taking a warm bath, or having our hair cut, we pass our time by reading the snippets of a Magazine. Therefore, a magazine subscription for your friend would be worthwhile and unique, and there are so many to choose from.

Magazine subscription

25.Porn for Women

Do you have a female friend who loves reading books? “Porn for Women” is a great read for all the women out there. It speaks of a fantasy world where all the desires of a woman are fulfilled. Lusty photos of hunky men cooking, carrying out the household chores, all in the directions of a woman. The book is fun filled and hilarious at some times.

Porn for women

24.Heated Keyboard

We all hate winters right? Moreover if you have to type in the cold, with your bare numb hands, Winter becomes a lot more lousy. Why not buy a heated keyboard, and gift it to your office-going friend? They will love it. Typing in those cold mornings will be fun now!

Keyboard heated

23.Illuminated Keyboard

Have a habit of working in dark places? Then this Illuminated Keyboard would be great for you. Try giving one of these keyboards to your dark-friends, who love working in the dark. This keyboard has an option to light up, and will give you a blue illuminated glow in dark, which is great to look at.


22.Nike Sport Kit

Is your friend a fitness freak? Gift him with this Nike Sports Kit, which plugs in with the iPod Nano, and can give you information on the number of meters you walked or ran, calories lost etc. Furnished with a real-time spoken device, it will give you feedback on milestones you wish to attain. A very important fitness tool and unique, this kit is very small and can be taken anywhere.

Nike Sport Kit

21.Lifting Straps

Is your friend shifting to a new city or a new apartment? Gift your friend with these lifting straps, because it reduces about 66% of the total weight of any heavy object. These Lifting Straps will make it easy for your friend to shift furniture between rooms.


20.Sticky Notes

We all know what a sticky note is, and how darn useful these things are. Once they are new, you can use them as reminders, and once they are old and used, you can still use them as 3D paper models. Do some origami with the Sticky notes, and you will see that you will never be bored at work. Gift your friend with a whole lot of sticky notes, and he/she will never miss a schedule or will never be bored.


19.Hair-cutting System

We spend a lot of our fortune for shaping and getting a professional look to our hair. This Hair-cutting system will save your money, and help in the long run. Gift this awesome tool to your friend who loves his/her hair. The Hair-cutting system will give you a professional cut at your home, avoiding the hassle of going to the barber every time you need to shape your hair.


18.Toothbrush Sanitizer

The Toothbrush is a very important tool for daily life, and often we need to brush 2-3 times a day. Toothbrushes can also be infested by germs, and therefore a Toothbrush Sanitizer can help you a lot in sanitizing your brush. The sanitizer has got a germicidal light, and it can sanitize your toothbrush within 6 minutes.


17.Club Membership

If your friend loves to play some kind of sport, there are sport clubs offering membership. Gift this membership to your sports-loving friend, and he can go and play in the professional club whenever he wants to.

club membership

16.Paper Hot Mat

This Hot Mat is made from recycled paper and is now the main income of many Filipino families. The fact which makes this Paper Hot Mat unique is that it will keep away moisture and heat from table tops, and is very useful for household usage. Plus, it has environmental advantages too. Gift this to your friend, and he/she can have a great moisture proof table.

paper mat

15.Energy-Efficient External Hard Disk

21st Century is the age of Computer, which means Data Generation and therefore we need something to keep those date stored. An external hard disk is very important when it comes to storing date efficiently. Gift this to your tech-savvy friend and he will love it. What makes this unique is the “environment sentiment” which is attached to it. It comes in with a 4 star power rating and a bamboo casing and looks great.

hard disk

14.Battery-Free Radio cum Flashlight

This is a great cost effective way to listen to a radio and use a flashlight. With this battery-free radio cum flashlight, neither do you need to buy a battery, nor do you have to use electricity. Crank it for 1 min, and you get 20 mins of radio, and 40 mins of Flashlight. Great, Right? It also looks great on shelves as a display. Gift this unique Radio cum Flashlight to your retro friend.

radio cum flashlight

13.Hour Candle

Candle has always been so romantic and eye-soothing. This hour candle is unique in its own way. You can preset the time for which you want the candle to burn. This unique hour candle is made with bees wax, which is very good for the environment and gives a great smell. Gift this unique candle to your friend who loves a little darkness and lives for romanticism.

hour candle

12.Harry Potter Series

Want to introduce your little friend to the magical world of J.K Rowling? Give him the Harry Potter series of Novel or you can also gift the DVD set. The engaging story of Harry Potter will appeal to every teenager for sure!

harry potter

11.The Environmental Book

Environmental Issues are growing nowadays, and our beautiful earth is depleting day by day. It is our duty to do something about the cause. This Environmental Book lists some wonderful thing that we can do to save our environment. An unique gift indeed, gift this to your friend who litters the most, and let him/her know about the importance of Environment.


10.Mobile Alarm Clock

Have a sleepy friend, who is never on time? Gift this unique mobile alarm clock to your friend and he will be always be on time from now on. This alarm clock can run on its own. It just gives a loud alarm on the specified time and runs away, so that you cannot shut it off! After every 5 minutes, it comes back and gives you the alarm and run away, so that you can never catch it. Salute to the maker!

mobile alarm clock

9.Laptop for Children

Want to gift a tech-savvy little one something on his birthday? Gift him this Laptop, and he will love you for life. This plastic, rugged, hard to break Laptop has got a small screen. Used by many schools for educational purposes, this laptop helps children to sharpen their logical abilities.

kids laptop

8.Conversation Cards

Enough of the King, Queen, Spades, Diamond cards. These Conversation cards are unique and start conversation between people. Like, ‘Truth and Dare’, this cards also can bring out the hidden secrets between your friends. Gift this to one of your friend, and you all can play this cards on a long trip or the next time you meet.

conversation cards

7.Iron free Stapler

This unique gift is for your office-goer professional friend. Gone are the days when we used staples to bind pages together. This unique staple-free stapler, cuts and fold the paper, and bind the paper together. Therefore, no need for those metal staples, and no more increasing bio-degradable waste!

iron free stapler

6.Picture Frame with Recycled Bangle

This unique picture frame is made with pieces of broken bangles. The broken bangles are recycled and then added piece by piece to make this unique frame. It is a great artifact and your photos will look lovely in it. This lovely piece of Picture frame has an unique view to it, and will look great when kept on a desk.


5.Bubble Scrubber

Got a Lazy roommate? Gift this bubble scrubber to him, so that he gets excited and works in the kitchen all day long. The Bubble Scrubber has a built-in bubble wand, and will produce bubbles while working. Funny, isn’t it?


4.Face Mug

This Face Mug is a funky thing, to keep your biscuits or doughnuts on. You can’t drink coffee or tea in that, as you do in traditional Mugs, but you can keep cookies, and can take it out of the hole in the face. This unique designed Mug is great for everyday use and you can gift it to anybody. Weird to look at first, it is great when you see it on your table top.

face mugs

3.Emoji Keyboard

We all love emoji, don’t we? We all do. This Emoji keyboard is the perfect keyboard for your emoji lover friend. Boasting over 100 emoji’s, this emoji keyboard is great to express yourself without using words.

emoji keyboard

2.Selfie Bread Toaster

Toast your bread with your face! Isn’t that unique? It is possible with this unique selfie bread toaster. It comes in with your face impression you send the seller through an email. They make the exact same impression in a plate, and you just have to insert the plate into the toaster while toasting, and Voila! Your face can be seen on the bread. Gift this to your friend, and he/she will serve those face printed toasts to everybody.

selfie bread toaster

1.Mermaid Blanket

The Mermaid Blanket is unique as well as visually appealing. Gift this to your fantasy lover friend, who will love the outfit. It looks so real, that your friend may look like a mermaid while using the Blanket. Designed exquisitely with lifelike fins and tails, this Mermaid Blanket would be a treat for all Disney lovers.

mermaid blanket

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