33 Best Easy to Make Henna Mehendi Designs

I’m very sure people who have grown up in Indian households know what henna mehendi entails. This concept is not new to us. But there may be many other people around the world who are strangers to this tradition and may be fascinated by it all. In simple terms, mehendi is just a paste inserted into a cone- shaped tube which is used to make designs on the hands of men and women. It is believed that the henna plant, Lawsonia inermis, was originally grown in Egypt and was imported to India since 700 A.D. Mehendi is nothing but henna used to decorate hands and feet. In fact, the term mehendi itself has been derived from the Sanskrit word mendhika. This custom is mainly seen in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Nepal. It is typically applied during some special Hindu festivals like Karva Chauth, Vat Purnima, Diwali, Bhai Duj and Teej. Muslims inhabiting the Indian sub- continent also apply mehendi during Eid- ul- Fitr and Eid- ul- Adha.

Mehendi is mainly applied in three different forms called the Indian designs, the Arabic designs and the Pakistani designs, respectively. Down below is a list of 33 easy to make yet beautiful mehendi designs which will definitely make you fall in love with mehendi.

33. Beginners.


This simple yet elegant design is meant for the beginners. If you are one of those people who have never forayed into the land for mehendi designing then, this design is just meant for you. It doesn’t involve intricate designing and yet it succeeds in gaining lots of admiration. So hold that mehendi cone up and start designing!

32. Baby Steps.


Proceed further than the design shown above. If are successful in replicating the design that has been posted above then, I’m sure this particular design will not require much practice from you. You don’t need to learn everything in one go. Baby steps lead you to your destination much easily. So, try this design if you want to get better and better.

31. Sketch it out.


One of the best ways to practice mehendi is to draw sketches of it. It will not only help you to be more efficient but will also  boost your creativity. Start with normal pencil sketches and then, go up a notch by using a mehendi cone on the sketch of a hand to design. Slowly and steadily, when you feel confident enough, start authentic and real mehendi designing. I’m sure all the practice will come to your help.

30. Go Arabic.

images (1)

If you are still a beginner, opt for Arabic mehendi designs. Although the designs are more intricate and fine but because they cover less surface area, it can make things much more easier on you.

29. Indian at it’s best.

images (2)

A sample of what an average Indian mehendi design looks like has been given up. It generally covers the whole hand and a little part of the wrist. The design mostly features flowers, peacocks and filigree. All the designs are made with traditional touches which gives them a whole new avatar.

28. Mehendi on top!


No, no hidden innuendo’s there. Mehendi is not conventionally applied just on the inside of your hand but also on the top of it. Although it does require a lot of maneuvering on the part of the applicant and the applier but yes, if successful, it does come out beautifully and adds another dimension to the whole design.

27. Disclaimer- On your feet too.

Yes, mehendi designing is not restricted to your hands only. According to the traditional and conventional concept of mehendi designing, it is applied both on the hands and the feet of the customer. As a result, it not only looks appealing to the eyes but also makes a perfect match.

26. Keep it casual and fun.

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It’s not written anywhere that mehendi designing has to be done within the boundaries of marriage and other rituals. It can be completely casual and quirky too. You can even divert from the traditional approach. Take advantage of the bare canvas. Make use of designs which silently give voice to your personality.

25. Henna Crown Blessings.


Henna crown blessings have been growing popular these days amongst women. The idea is to give those women who have undergone chemotherapy or who suffer from baldness due to alopecia or any other problem a chance to feel beautiful again without having to resort to wigs. Losing hair can be a very traumatic experience for a woman. Henna crown gives you a platform to express yourself in a whole new creative way. It teaches you to be comfortable with how you look and it also helps you attain confidence. It’s a magnificent way to assert your beauty to the world in spite of the harrowing experiences that may have gone through or may be going through.

24. Rock it.


You can also rock these arm henna tattoo’s.  They look pretty and yet edgy too. They give your personality a hard edge that may be attractive to many people. On top of it all, it is not very conventional  to wear arm mehendi designs.

23. Wrist bands.


This dainty design looks elegant and royal. You don’t always need to wear bangles and bracelets to adorn your wrists. Try this superb method of adorning your wrists with beautiful mehendi designs. I’m sure you’ll all love them!

22. Dainty love.


Speaking of dainty, doesn’t this design look amazing? It’s small and fragile and yet very intricately woven. You can wear this design on any part of your body and feel loved. It’s beautiful in it’s simplicity.

21. On your Shoulder.


The best thing about mehendi designing is that it can actually be worn on any part of your body. For instance, this floral design on the shoulder not only looks elegant but creative too. You can easily carry off a strapless dress or an off- shoulder one with this tattoo.

20. A different approach.


I’m sure you’ll lose your heart to this design. It’s ethereal and yet very earthy. The unique design gives you a very princess-y feeling. It’s easy to make if one has enough practice with intricate designing.

19. Sexy Back.



Yes, remember that song by Justin Timberlake? I’m sure you’ll be complimented more on your back if you go out with this henna tattoo. And why not? Who wouldn’t to show off this splendid creation. Go on girl, rummage in your closet for that perfect back less dress that will show off this design.

18. Leggy, much?


This design will give your feet an extra jump. So go on and slip into your pretty slippers and let the whole world gasp at the beauty of this design. Won’t that make you happy?

17. Match it.


Make a combination of designs on your hands and feet that complement each other. The picture posted above showcases one such mehendi design.

16. Love is in the air.


You’ll only think about love when you lay your eyes on this lovely design. It’s absolutely gorgeous and yet thoroughly simple!

15. Walk it off.


Doesn’t this design gives you a Cinderella like feeling? Have you ever imagined yourself in those glass slippers? Don’t worry, if you don’t own a pair! What are mehendi designs for? This particular design will definitely succeed in making you feel like a Cinderella on the run.

14. Go Bridal on him!


It takes lots of efforts and time to pull off a beautiful bridal mehendi design. You surely wouldn’t want to upset a bride on her special day! Don’t worry, there will be many bridal mehendi designs for you to choose from.

13. Bridal feet.


This design is apt for that bride who is looking for a small but beautiful design for her wedding ceremony. This design is replete with fine details and yet it doesn’t fail to appeal to your senses.

12. Now that’s a wedding right there!


This bridal design presents wedding in all its glory. We have a bride on one hand and the bridegroom on the other. Isn’t it a perfect wedding?

11. Another wedding to go to!


We have a bride and a bride groom right here too. Enjoy the wedding, fellas!

10. <Gasp>


There’s nothing fancy in this design. It’s neither too decorative nor does it occupy much space. But the realistic quality of this design is enough to make anyone gasp out loud. It’s simply spell binding in itself.

9. Dancing Arabic design.


Well, it does look like the design is dancing it’s way up the arm. Fortunately for the girl, it’s right on its beats!

8. Old School.


I don’t know why but this design reminds of everything fine and vintage. It’s certainly a must-have design.

7. We all like our own space.


if you are the type of girl who doesn’t like too much clutter in her life and this mehendi design is just meant for you. It gives you all the space that you need.

6. Another one for the starters.


No, we have not forgotten you. We know that you are still in the initial stages of mehend designing. here’s another design that is very pretty and very easy to make.

5. Gorgeous!


I’m sure you agree with me on this.This mehendi design is simply gorgeous to look at!

4. Pakistani Mehendi.


To me, this design seems to be an amalgamation of the Indian and the Arabic ways of designing. It’s fresh and something new to try out.

3. Getting it?


If you look at this one too, you can see that it is a weird mixture of both the designs that have been mentioned above. It does give it a differently beautiful look. No arguments there!

2. Phew!


Well, it does take mehendi designing to a whole new interesting level! it looks breathtaking!

1. Simple.


Best of all are the simple chakra designs that look beautiful at any age and time. Go for this simple look if you don’t want anything too fancy.


Mehendi designing is an art. It has been practiced since the ancient times and it’s appeal is so strong that it still holds its roots defiantly. Over the years, it has evolved as an art form and it’s brilliancy has not only garnered compliments and appreciation but many awards and achievements too. Whether as a tradition or as a form of art, it sure is not going to vanish any time soon.

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