33 Best Gifts you can Give Women Over 50

A woman over fifty is elegant, powerful and beautiful. She is not one to pick up quarrels with. She doesn’t like to fight and will, therefore, deal with you in a most gracious manner. She has a personality that is both enigmatic and magnetic. With traits such as these, picking up a gift for her could easily scare you off. But despite having these traits she is also austere and simple and does not indulge in revealing her emotions unnecessarily. Simplicity simply becomes her. Choosing any gift that departs from simplicity is one that we must all seek to avoid.

To make your task easier, below is a list of 33 gifts that you can choose from for a woman over 50:-

33. Aromatic Oil Burner/Diffuser


Aroma sooner or later becomes part and parcel of a woman’s life. You don’t need to think before picking up this gift for her. Although you should see to it that the oil diffuser you purchase is of a pastel shade and the aromatic oil with it is plain yet soothing. Oils like lavender, cinnamon, tea tree, rosewood, and white tea are good choices for her.

32. Phone cover


With age a woman becomes very particular about her things. If she possesses an item of value, she will take the necessary steps to keep it in good condition. A simple yet beautiful phone cover would therefore make her very happy. Of course, you should be aware of the model she is currently using and make sure you don’t pick up something extravagant.

31. Perfume


Her body is also her home! She loves to smell beautiful at all hours. It is therefore not at all absurd to gift her a perfume. The perfume should too be a mixture of too many essential oils. It should be subtle and long lasting.

30. Lamps


Lamps not only brighten your house but they also beautify it. She loves home decor but she has also lost the patience of shopping for one. Gifting a lamp would be considered thoughtful.

29. China tea set


Any china would make her happy. She takes great delight in eating and that too in beautiful plates. A beautiful china tea set would also give her immense happiness.

28. Rugs


Any woman does not like her things leaving marks or impressions on the wooden or glass table, thereby making a rug an ideal gift. You could also give her a floor rug.

27. Towels


A towel set is of great value to a woman. She loves to keep clean and dry so possessing an extra set would make her less worrisome.

26. Diary


She does not trust her phone as much as she trusts her diary. And rightly so. A diary is her all time friend and it always comes to use.

25. Organic body scrub


If you’re planning to get her something to apply on her body, pick up something organic. There’s also a huge collection of organic products but in my opinion an organic body scrub and foot scrub are ideal picks. You could even make these at home.

24. Mufflers or Shawls


Anything that is soft, warm and that can be worn will always win her heart especially a pashmina. Mufflers and shawls are a safe option when you get really confused as to what to purchase. This purchase sometimes however cannot be made in offline stores throughout the year.

23. Bedsheet set


Albeit you might be hesitant about this one, bedsheets are perfectly suitable gifts. You only need to make sure that the bedsheet isn’t very fancy. It should either be simple and classy or it could have a subtle floral design.

22. Cloth bag


She is not one to ask for plastic bags at shops. She carries her fruits and vegetables in her cloth bag, so gift her one without thinking. Put in some exotic fruits and gift it to her!

21. Wall Painting


A painting helps refurbish a room. And every woman likes that. She will thank you for it a million times and still won’t get over it. You should always give them in pairs if giving small ones or a single piece if the canvas size is big.

20. Body Oils


She would be delighted to see a pack of body oils. She loves to take care of her body as much as she does her house. She is not one to keep her skin dry so a gift like this will never go waste.

19. A relaxing spa


Gift her a spa. Her body maybe healthy but she definitely needs to relax more. And a spa would do just that!

18. A short trip


She might not say it but she needs breaks. So give her one but make sure it doesn’t call for too much exertion. And take care of all her food and lodging. Also she doesn’t like very long vacations, she might get bored so a short trip of 4-5 days will do!

17. Yoga Mats and CD guide


No one is too young or too old to learn and do yoga. Yoga will benefit her in many ways. Buy her a yoga mat and CDs that she can learn from. She is most likely an early riser and will utilise these first thing in the morning.

16. Books


When she is free, she prefers to stay at home. She will be content in reading books and staying home rather than taking the trouble of going out. Books are a lovely options. If she is a reader, you could buy her classics. If not you could buy her light novels.

15. Shades


She wants to look good too. Buy her an elegant pair of shades that she can wear outdoors. Don’t worry about the fragility of the shades, she can handle it!

14. Tickets to a play


She is always on the look out for quality, be it in the things she uses to the things she does. She doesn’t like to waste her time watching frivolous movies, she’d rather watch a good play in the nearby theatre.

13. A pair of room slippers


A pair of soft slippers will be as good a gift as anything else. The good thing is that you don’t need to be very specific about the foot size. A larger size will make no difference so buy one without hesitation.

12. Socks and gloves


This is an evergreen gift. It will most certainly be used. And it will give you joy to know that your gift is bringing her immense warmth.

11. Anything handmade


She values effort. And a hand written letter, a handmade card, or a painting will make her very special. Of course if you’re not very good at painting, I’d suggest you stick to the letter and card.

10. An framed photograph


Her head is a perfect cornucopia of memories. All of them have sculpted her into the person she is today. You will have to ask her friends or dig a little to find a perfect picture but it will be worth the effort.

9. A collection of old music


Music that she heard during her childhood and her teens could be a part of this collection. Try to find out through conversation or through her other companions. Trust me she will play it at all times from dinner to an aromatic bath.

8. Subscription to a magazine


Magazines are a good way to kill time and enjoy at the same time. A subscription to a magazine that suits her personality would make her really happy.

7. A Kitchen/Garden Apron


A kitchen and garden apron will allow her to get her hands dirty while still keeping her clothes intact. And every woman wants exactly that. They like to keep the kitchen and their garden the way they like it.

6. Photo fridge Magnets


Personalised photo printed fridge magnet do make an adorable gift. You can get some of her photographs printed on these fridge magnets. These cute gift will bring a smile to her face every time she opens her fridge and obviously she does that often.

5. An assorted tea basket


This is an all time favourite and easy available gift. She will absolutely love it. Gift it to her and you will certainly be invited over to her place for tea!

4. Cook books


It is a lovely gift for her. A woman over fifty could be anyone ranging from a wife, an independent lady or a single mother. And she loves to shower her affection either on the members of the family or on herself. A cook book will allow her to do precisely that!

3. A collection of movies


A collection of anything makes a woman feel empowered. Especially one who has crossed half a century. She doesn’t like leaving things incomplete. Gift her a movie collection of a genre that she absolutely loves. She will thoroughly enjoy this gift!

2. Plain ring or necklace


When you do not have a budget as such, you can always pick this up. A simple and beautiful ring or necklace will be a lovely gift for her. She needs no adornment as such so it could either have a small stone or have no stone at all.

1. Gift her your time


No gift could ever replace this. Neither does she need your time, not does she ask for it. But being there shows her that you care! And it is this feeling that surpasses all!


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