5 Pros and 5 Cons of Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment is considered to be the gravest of all punishments on earth. Everybody has its own point of view on the suitability of this punishment, which often grows into a never ending debate. Does it suits to the civilized society of human to take off anybody’s life? Why not? If an individual can turn into an animal for a fraction of a minute and can perform any brutal crime then he should be treated like an animal to make him repent for his “dare act” and even set an example in front of others in the society. Scholars, Psychologists, Activists all pour into active debate now and then and give various theories and reasons for the suitability and unsuitability of this punishment.

If you are a confused fellow and not able to decide on which side to support then let me highlight some pros and cons of CAPITAL PUNISHMENT here. May be this gives you certain light to shape your thoughts, views and personality in turn.

Here are some CONS of Capital Punishment.

1.Human Rights violation.

human right

This is the strongest of all the arguments. Human rights which are defined as the basic rights to be given to an individual to lead a respectable life are considered to be the most important right to be observed by any individual. Right to life is the basic right of any human being. Every individual has a right to live whether criminal or not. No human has a right to infringe the right to life of any individual, irrespective of his deeds.

2. Racial, Ethics and Social bias. 


It is believed by the offenders of the Capital Punishment that this punishment in a biased, and perform in racial manner. This is because approximately 48% of the criminal in federal death row are African American, thus, it is advocated that Capital Punishment is used racially. It is more often used against perpetrators belonging to lower strata of society, racial and ethnic minorities rather than who come from well privileged background. Thus, the poor becomes the lone victim of this punishment.

3. Wrongful execution.


No one can be perfect, and so the Judiciary. It is often seen that innocent people face wrongful execution. Many people have become the victim of this wrongful execution which leads to lose of faith in law and justice among citizens. Sometimes improper procedure leads to unfair execution. Life of an innocent is more precious than the perpetrator. This loophole in law is out of human error in order to avoid action leading to such irrevocable consequences. Thus, Capital Punishment should be banned.

4. Capital Punishment is less grave.


Some people believe that Capital Punishment is awarded to those convicts who have done some serious crime such as mass murder, treason, terrorism, rape etc. Such criminals deserve more severe punishment. Capital Punishment snatches away life of the criminal in a fraction of a second, which does not lead to the repentance of the criminal. Instead, convicts should be awarded life imprisonment and they should be tortured during this punishment so that they never even dream to repeat any such act. This will also lead to set an example to others as well as lead to satisfaction to the other party who has suffered out of the act of the convict. This also leads to further strengthen the trust of people in the Judiciary.

5. Second chance.


The concept of “Ahimsa” is at the centre of this concept. Offenders of Capital Punishment also put up the argument of giving a second chance to the perpetrator. Human are believed to be imperfect. Everyone should be given a second chance to correct himself. Even the perpetrators should be given this privilege. They are also human beings and in any fit of thought if he performs any inhuman activity then his whole personality should not be scaled by his act. He should be given another chance to improve himself and make himself fit for the society. Justice is for everyone. Its primary aim is to preserve life and remove crime in society not the criminal.

Now, let us discuss some PROS of the Capital Punishment.



This theory of justice which demands for “Tooth for a Tooth and an Eye for an Eye” is the strongest argument of the capital punishment. When a criminal does an act to fulfill his selfish motives resulting into personal gains then the equilibrium of justice in society is disturbed. To maintain this equilibrium the criminal should be punished with the same intensity of punishment no matter, even if it is capital punishment. If the criminal can dare to snatch away liberty, peace, lives from any individual then the justice says that he should also be deprived of all these facilities leading to a comfortable life it the society.

2. Deterrence.

moral for others

The best method to prevent a person from doing crime is to show him the fear of consequences of his actions. Like the fear of going into the “Hell” after death stops one from doing any immoral act, same way, fear of capital punishment that is, fear of losing life is the greatest fear for any human. It also acts like a moral to the rest of the mankind. It is just like a stick into the hands of law to make justice prevail in the society of civilized people. Even life imprisonment is less feared because in that case, at least the life is saved. But in the case of capital punishment snatching away of the human life is the most terrifying consequence.

3. Less damage is adopted to prevent more.

less damage

A criminal is like a rotten apple among the good ones, he is like a virus to the society, which can even infect others of the same disease. Like a doctor excise any body part to save life of a patient likewise, a criminal is cut out permanently from the society for the well being of the society. Human beings live in civilized society and do not allow anyone to perform any inhuman act which causes harm or any type of discomfort to any individual. Capital Punishment is the best way to remove such diseased people from the society. Before they could spread their immoral believes to other people in order to justify their act they should be removed from the society from the “root level”.

4. Less expense incurred.

no expense

Capital Punishment is the cheapest way to remove the ill from the society. If the criminal is given life imprisonment, all his expenditure is improvised by the government. Instead of spending money on criminals this money can be used for the development of the society and welfare of the people. Lots of people die of hunger; instead of feeding such people government spend money to feed the criminals, which in turn raises number of cases of crime in the society.

5. Eliminates negativity.


Capital Punishment proves to be the best method to eliminate negative elements from the society forever thus, leading to a more humane society. Everybody likes positive environment and people around himself and these criminals especially those who perform acts which lead to hindrance of one’s freedom and life spreads negativity in society and even results in degradation of peace of society.


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