8 Good things about Arvind Kejriwal that make him Different from other Politicians

So the Muffler man is there to stay. In perhaps a victory that created mayhem not just in the Indian National Capital region but countrywide, there rose a man with the power of support of the’ Aam Aadmi’ or the common man. Some victory it was, only slightly less celebrated than the victory of the tricolour in the Cricket World Cup 2015 today. Delhi voted for the muffler man, but Delhites sure had thought much before casting there votes. What made the Modi wave give way to “5 saal Kejriwal”? Was it just by fluke he won, or has he to his credit the mind and ambition to change the country’s capital. While each person in NCR dwells in the same apprehension as to whether this time around the polls would make a difference, here’s why Arvind Kejriwal rose to victory. 9 good things about him that make him different from all other politicians. After all, it doesn’t happen everyday that a runaway Government gets a second chance in a row.

8. Risen above barriers of cast, creed and class


India has long been a land of divided politics. Every political party has their own target audiences, an entire class or caste they cater to. Arvind Kejriwal perpetrated these distinctions and made way for “5 saal Kejriwal” all along. He made sure that he is stereotyped as a poor man’s saviour or a rich man’s Robin Hood. His poll promises made sure that he catered to the classes as much as he did to the masses. Though his victory might partially be credited to the fact that Modi government at the centre failed to deliver in over 8 months of their victory, it would still incorrect to label Arvind Kejriwal as only another alternative. His votes came from across classes, castes and religions. And where Indians stand unified, there has to be victory, you’ve seen enough of that in cricket fields.

7. Been a part of Country’s biggest movement


Arvind Kejriwal might not have been so much a household name had he not been such an active member of Anna Hazare’s fast for Jan Lokpal bill. Somewhere, people had tied there hopes with Hazare and had started believed that this man is willing to do some good for mankind. Automatically then do you start tying your trust with the leaders in the movement. Kejriwal worked hard for the Lokpal bill and has still got it in his poll agenda. Believe it or that, that makes him different. There is finally a man in politics who made his positive presence felt first and entered politics later.

6. The Organic Intellectual


Have you ever heard of the Marxist theory and Gramsci’s theory of organic intellectuals? It always takes someone educated and intellectual to drive an entire crowd of people to choose wisely. They help people make an informed choice. And Arvind Kejriwal had exactly those intellectual individuals. Educated and experienced people from various phases of life helped him rise to victory. Kejriwal himself is from IIT and been an IRS officer. This definitely makes people more hopeful since they now want educated individuals to represent them as their government.

5. The mass appeal: Ride to Victory


Arvind Kejriwal managed to his credit a mass appeal to the people of Delhi. He had youth activists and party workers doing rounds in the city. His party symbol of a broom or “jhaadu” as it is popularly called in India too had a mass connect. He was fresh, had his own mind, came across with a socialist point of view and promised to eradicate corruption. What else would Delhi look for in a chief minister? Well, Arvind Kejriwal it is.

4. Addresses the need of the hour


He knew what has been troubling grounds for people all around. The failure of BJP in delivering to the expectations of curbing inflation gave him an opportunity to address the grievance of people at the ground level. He knew which nerve to press. Water, shelter and electricity are perhaps what every person needs to survive today, promising to cut off costs came off as a huge relief to those strangled by ever increasing inflation while the economy is much the more unstable. He addressed grievances which every person could relate to, not addressing only a certain strata of society. No wonder 67 of 70 legislative assembly seats was theirs.

3. Secular and Socialist


The man who quit his job to support a nationalist and socialist movement. Who sponsored with help of some relative and loans an entire NGO against corruption. He viewed every grievance on a case to case basis making him socialist in every sense. He is not a messiah of the Hindu, Muslim, Christian or the Sikh. He is just as much for every religion. He did not classify dalits as underpriveleged or the Hindu Brahmins as the know all. He neither favoured the Yadavs nor tormented the Khans. He came across as a secular politician that the capital of the World’s largest democracy needed for its betterment. He knew that people are not as mindless today as they were yesterday, they will seek their right of being informed and he kept them informed. Infact, if you didn’t know, here’s to inform that this man played a major role in helping India get it’s Right to Information or the RTI.

2. Been there, Seen That

Arvind Kejriwal

Most importantly, what worked for Kejriwal was that he spoke against corruption not on a superficial level. He has been an officer in the Indian Revenue Services and knows exactly how the system works. He has seen the problems in their rawest forms. He has been a part of the organizations responsible for the prevailing corruption. And noone knows the solution better than one who has faced the problem. He has seen it happen, and hence he knows how exactly to hit the soft spot. Also, in his 45 days or so stint as the Delhi Chief Minister while forming a Coalition Government with the Indian National Congress, he has learnt what it takes to be the chief minister. That stint has worked more to his credit than not. It made him more prepared for the second time over. He knew where the weak points lay and he made sure he converted them to strong points before taking his oath as the chief minister exactly a year after he quit.

1. The Power of a Common Man



The ‘Aam Aadmi’ tag which is attached to him is unique to him. It was never attached to Akhilesh Yadav in his massive 2012 sweep, neither Narendra Modi in the clear 2014 victory. They were all the high and mighty which the public knew was not from among them. He belongs to where every common man does. He has the aspirations, the grievances and the belonging of every common man ever. He has faced what a common man faces. He is not just to face them but to be their face. He is approachable, he acknowledges personally any grievances and atleast promises action. He is not here to set a monarchy, he is perhaps the only Politician who does not see governing a state as synonymous to ruling the state. He strived for “Swaraj” or self rule. As a popular dialogue from a super hit movie went, “Never underestimate the power of a common man.”

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