9 Reasons Why The Cricket World Cup Retains its Charm

And the ball goes for a massive six, the fans rise in the stands with posters alive with all slogans, wishing for their countries. The Cricket World Cup 2015 is here already and the Valentine’s day just lost its popularity with most of it going to the India- Pakistan match lined up for the next day. The Cricket World Cup has got cricket fans from around the World are glued to their television sets like never before. The game is up and live from the lands of Australia and New Zealand and are you being the ever enthusiastic person cheering right from your own home’s couch? Or are you going that extra bit to hold that match screening for your friends. Well, only to tell you, true crickets fans are up in the stands at Melbourne, Adelaide and everywhere around. You can maybe laze around with a packet of wafers but that does not make you any less crazed about the Cricket World Cup. Here’s why the World Cup stands intact, hailing with its charm all around.

9. Keeps you waiting, once in four years

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No matter how many premier leagues or super leagues you start having, the FIFA is still the FIFA and the Cricket World Cup is well the Cricket World Cup. It comes one in four years and is that not enough to make it more than special? Anything that happens daily has to be just a part of your routine and it won’t manage to charge you up with all that adrenaline or would it? But just the fact that the Cricket World Cup comes just once in four years has it keep its charm intact. Because if you don’t get excited and catch the matches this time, you’ll have to wait 4 years for the same excitement to set in again.

8. Cricket is a religion, the World Cup its Temple


Cricket, all over the World has emerged as one of the most popular games ever. This gentleman’s game has grown to be a religion in countries like India where nothing else makes the country as unified in their wishes as an international cricket match does. People break through barriers of religion and class and join hands to cheer for their nation to win. And the world cup just takes that competitive spirit a thousand notches higher and those prayers multiply by a huge margin. Well, if your internet is not working, you won’t hesitate to ask that colleague you hate that what the score was. Yes. This religion has one temple, the World Cup and followers, well there are over a dozen nations to say the least.

7. Discovers hidden Talents of Cricketers


Now everyone knows that the playing 11 for the World Cup for any team has to be their best batch of players, currently in form and delivering the best performances. Each of them is special for their own reason, some for the magic they do with spinning their bats (metaphorically) while the others for spinning the balls (literally). But when the performance goes low due to whatever reasons, you often discover hidden talents of a sportsman. While a bowler performs with the bat, some field to excellence. They adapt to new tricks just to ride their way to the top. And after every World Cup there is a discovery of a whole new talent.

6. Less Glamour, More Cricket


They say that the T20 format of cricket was a game spoiler. I agree. The game has of recent become more about glamour than cricket. Specially with the Premier Leagues and Super Leagues there is only a very little serious playing left. Most players prefer rather to deliver individually in those forms of the game than perform as a team because it is at the end of the day their individual performance that decides their worth. On the contrary, in the World Cup, every player is playing for one cause, one motive, one nation and one cup. The ultimate victory of winning the World Cup for their country.

5. Old is Gold, but New is Diamond- And this, well both


So as much cricket as you might have, I am sure there isn’t now a month where you do not have tournaments happening and all you really care about is whether the team won or lost. The entire excitement of missing work for the game happens only where there’s a World Cup, and why not. There is an entire old world charm associated with watching the World Cup matches with family and friends from crowded living rooms. So that’s the old thing, but every time the World Cup happens, they add to it new rules and new forms of the game, and that makes it all the more exciting. It’s old but it’s new in its own way.

4. Different Fields, Different performances


So this reason holds good for a selected few but I am pretty sure the hardcore cricket fans would agree when I say that there’s this whole exciting bit about seeing your players perform on fields abroad. The pitches are unfamiliar and while some offer spin the others are about bounce and how your batsmen deal with it is an entire new story. Cricket enthusiasts have this entire anxiousness of whether the weather conditions and the pitch would work in their teams’ favour or against it. It’s only a very cricket lover’s thing to understand what is so interesting about knowing the pitch, but whatever it is, it sure keeps up the spirit with which they watch the World Cup.

3. The Best from all Worlds


So it happens very seldom that in a team of  playing 11 you get to watch the best from a nation put their best foot forward. You get to see the best of all countries performing in one single tournament. Each having their own weaknesses and strengths, the game then gets about guessing more than it is about anticipating.

2. Too much Overdose, but not so much



So if there’s one thing everyone needs to agree to, it has to be that there can NEVER be an overdose of Cricket. There can be over dosage of football, of basketball and maybe even of triple chocolate fudge sundae but never of cricket. Cricket fans would agree, no amount of cricket is ever too much. As long as their favourites are on the pitch, the sleep, the food everything has to be forgotten but the match. So start living with it, there are never enough gentlemen, and there can never be enough of the Gentlemen’s game.

1. The Ultimate sense of Pride


Believe it or not, Ripley’s won’t tell you this, but the sense of pride you feel after your team has the World Cup to its credit is unmatched and unparalleled. The players might have been bid for billions in other leagues but the worth they have for bringing home the World is well unabashedly beyond worth. In the World of Cricket it’s almost like you be the United States of the World, actually no, you just be the best of all Worlds.

So now you know what makes the Cricket World Cup still be the most popular choice with Cricket watchers and Cricket lovers? Well it’s just the fact that it’s the World Cup. So keep watching and keep trending. There can never be enough of #CWC15 #IndiaWontGiveItBack.

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