Aloe Vera and its 12 Wonderful Skin, Hair and Health Benefits

Have you yet heard of the plant of immortality? No? Well it was used by ancient Egyptians for its healing properties since time immemorial. These succulent and fleshy leaves belong to the family of Xanthorrhoeaceae. The edges of the leaves have tiny spikes and the plant has no stems.

Wondering why is it known as the plant of immortality? It helps heal your body from within and has multiple hair, skin and health benefits.

Aloe-Vera-health skin and hair benefits

Aids Digestion and Intestinal Issues

Have a spoon of aloe vera gel on an empty stomach every morning and you would clean your bowels effectively. It works as a laxative and also makes it easier for the food to pass through your intestine. It helps treat constipation and also to detoxify your body. Also, it helps reduce stomach inflammation, acidity as well as intestinal ulcers. Why then won’t you have this magic potion?

Boosts your immune system

Aloe vera is high on antioxidants and is hence a well known immunity booster. It helps curb existence of free radicals in the body and also reduces risk of many diseases. Drink aloe vera juice regularly and beat the cold- actually, never catch it too. So stay young and fit – you know your secret now.. don’t you?

Treats wounds, cuts and burns

Got those wounds, cuts and burns that just won’t heal? Apply aloe vera topically. They would help cure all cuts, wounds, abrasions and skin breakage. Aloe vera has certain natural steroids that help reduce the inflammation. Aloe vera also contains salicylic acid which again is beneficial for the skin and used like aspirin in many medicines to destroy bacteria, reduce pain and inflammation.

Helps Treats diabetes

When you dry the gel of aloe vera, the consumption helps treat diabetes. It helps to lower blood sugar levels as it helps decrease insulin resistance and lowers the triglyceride levels present in your plasma and liver. It helps improve blood quality and also control cholesterol. It keeps your blood fresh and rich in oxygen as well as helps prevent chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Prevent hair loss: Thicker hair

Aloe vera is also used for hair treatments. Surprised? Don’t be. Aloe vera has been used since ancient Egyptian times as a hair loss treatment. It contains certain enzymes that prevent hair loss and promote hair growth. They are proteolitic enzymes which help eradicate dead skin cells on your scalp. It has keratolic action that also breaks down the sebum and dead scalp cells too. It has alkalizing properties which balance the pH level of your scalp and hair. So you retain moisture and your hair as well. What then can get better?

Natural Conditioner- Smoother hair

Aloe vera also acts as a natural hair conditioner. It restores great shine and luster to your hair and leaves it smooth and silky as ever. The gel found in aloe vera leaves has chemical composition similar to Keratin that penetrates easily and absorbs in your scalp thus deep conditioning it. The amino acids are responsible for the strength and luster they lend to your hair. Plus you have no grimy and grasy build up. Who doesn’t love a conditioner like that now?

Repairs dry and damaged hair

So you can also rely on the aloe vera gel to repair your dry, damaged and artificially treated hair and that too in time so short that you’d never know. The protein content in aloe vera is high, and are you not aware that proteins keep your hair strong and healthy? Aloe gel cures each strand of your hair and reinforces the outer layer that helps keep your hair less prone to damage. It also rejuvenates, softens and fortifies your scalp and flushes our the bacteria.

Helps treat Alopecia

Heard of Alopecia? It is the male pattern baldness and it occurs at a particular part of your hair. applying aloe vera can reverse the baldness. It rejuvenates the hair follicles as well as helps to reduce your hair fall. Aloe vera is used largely as a healing agent and also as a protein that promotes hair growth. So no more be embarrassed by that bald spot on your head. Just rub some aloe vera gel religiously for a few days and see your hair reappear.

Even Complexion, Radiant too

Now as much as a despise the fair skin concept, having a clear and even complexion is sure a blessing few are endowed with. But can you do yourself a favour? Aloe vera juice drunk regularly keeps your body free of toxins and helps your complexion glow. Applying the gel topically again helps to lighten your skin tone, remove dead cells and unveil a radiant glow.

No more inflammation and redness

Aloe vera is known for its healing properties. It has certain anti inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and redness of your skin and also help prevent you from breaking out with acne. You can apply aloe vera gel directly on your face to cure and prevent acne. You can also prepare a face pack with boiling leaves in water and making a paste with a few drops of honey. Apply a thick layer and rinse after fifteen minutes.

No more sunburns and stretch marks

Lost all the strap bulge this summer to flaunt the bikini body? Sorry to see the stretch mark there? Go ahead and apply some aloe vera gel regularly. You are sure to see the stretch marks gone before you ought to go on that vacation. Forgot your sunscreen home and got awful sunburns? Aloe vera has power healing ability that will not only reduce the pain but also heal the sunburns as quick as overnight. It also forms a protective layer on your skin to prevent further damage.

Anti aging and skin firming

Who likes their skin aging and wrinkling? No one. So what do they do about it? They stay hydrates, apply aloe vera juice and drink it too. The anti oxidants like beta carotene, vitamin e and vitamin c prevent your naturally firm skin from losing its elasticity and in fact also reverses effects of aging. So look young, feel younger.

That said, aloe vera helps to moisturize dry skin, it aids weight loss, helps prevent dandruff and also treat respiratory disorders.

So have you just been bitten by the aloe vera bug yet?



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  • That’s so true. I am very well aware of aloe vera benefits. I have tried it on my dry hair and results are so good. It makes hair smooth and shiny. True gift of nature.

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