Best 18th Birthday Party Ideas, Themes and Gifts

Okay, you all know how big turning 18 is. It doesn’t happen every year in our mundane lives. We turn 18 only once and let’s be honest, it is a big deal. You are no longer a child who is never taken seriously. You’re not the awkward teenager either who’s struggling through menstruation or cracking of voice or fierce attraction towards the opposite sex. You are getting the gist, right? It’s when you reach eighteen that you get to cross the thin line between a teenager and a grown-up adult. Suddenly, everybody starts taking you seriously. You can legally take decisions of your life and the law will no longer hold your parents or guardians responsible for your actions. You can either go straight like a boom-a-rang or you can explode like an uncontrollable cracker. It all depend on you! So it is obvious, that eighteenth birthday part is like no other normal birthday parties. It has to be special and memorable. Well, worry not! Here is a list of some of the most creative eighteenth birthday party ideas, themes and gifts. Explore it away!

10. A surprise never fails to work!


Okay, this is pretty common but the best thing about a surprise is that you can present in the manner you deem fit for the birthday boy/girl. Not all surprises are the same! A successful surprise party needs thorough planning beforehand. You have to pull it off right or all your efforts can go to waste. Collect as much information about the birthday guy/girl as possible and then, start making a plan. Meet his/her friends and get them involved into the planning. It doesn’t necessarily have to be grand and lavish. Make a list of all his likes and then, try to incorporate as much of it as possible. A good-humoured cake is a must! No more childish decorations and fondant. Raise the level a bit higher and see the birthday guy/girl swell up with pride. Nothing makes them happier than being treated like an adult.

9. A slumber party!


It’s not boring, trust me. You can use various themes for the slumber party. For instance, you can convert it into a marathon night or into a complete girl-y night (if it’s only an all-girls slumber party). Hire a home cinema system and screen and let the girls/ guys have an authentic experience of cinema. Run a movie marathon all night and keep everyone charged up with popcorn, nachos and cold drinks. Sleep late into the afternoon the next day. Won’t it be awesome?

If you want to pull off an all-girls slumber party then, go for the traditional theme but add an extra bit of oomph. Start it with the regular facials, pedicure and manicure. Hold impromptu dress sessions. Don’t scare away from fattening food items. Gorge it all down! After all it’s an eighteenth birthday party. Be creative and have fun.

8. Bonfire.


Imagine it’s a cool, windy night and you all are huddled against each other under the dark star- lit sky and a spirited bonfire is burning in the middle of it all. Scary or beautiful? Well it can be either of it. If you want to add a tinge of thrill then, swap scary ghost stories around the fire. And if it’s too dark for your birthday party mood, bring a guitar and sing the night away. Dance to the lilting tunes of the guitar and share joyous memories of your lives. You can achieve all this right in your backyard if you are unable to visit an actual camping site.

7. Adventurous, much?

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Well, it is kind of true that people do opt for conventional and “safe” party themes especially when it involves hormone-driven 17- 18 year old girls/ guys. Don’t worry, step a little out of the line. Opt for an adventure themed birthday party. Make sure that whatever you choose is safe for them. An adventure themed party can involve anything from rafting, diving, mountain climbing to sky- diving, fishing and bungee jumping. Pump up your adrenaline levels!

6. Gift him those tickets!

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We all tend to give meaningful, moralistic gifts when it comes to children but it’s not so with adults. Let the young adults have a fun-filled day, away from all the trivialities of life. Gift him/her tickets of his/her favourite band. There are various concerts where people below the age of 18 are not allowed. Getting those concert tickets as a gift will definite make them ecstatic. And not to forget, it will make them feel privileged to be a part of a group where they are not treated as children anymore.

5. Special Hamper.

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One way to actually make the guy/ girl realize that he/ she has finally turned eighteen is to gift a hamper which contains all those things that are either related to the number eighteen or is only allowed to be used after a person turns eighteen. To start with, keep the score of the goodies to eighteen. Now start scrambling for all that stuff which you are allowed to have once you turn eighteen. For instance, a driving licence. Make a card or a certificate which announces that he/ she can finally apply for a driving licence. Or make a list of eighteen reasons why it is awesome to be eighteen! Be creative and witty with your gifts.

4. A royal party.


If you have the means to throw a royal party then, you can harp on it as your party theme. Keep everything as grand as possible and get treated like a prince or princess (minus the tantrums, please!). Hire a limo to reach the venue. Splurge on a dinner fit for Kings and Queens and party through the night. Just avoid doing things that you might end up regretting in the morning.

3. A weekend trip.


This concept can turn out to be a fulfilling yet an intimate idea of a birthday party. Gather your close friends or family members and embark on a weekend trip if anything more is not possible. The choice of destination should be left on the birthday boy/ girl’s shoulders. Plan out the whole trip according to his/ her whims and desires. It’s up to you whether you want it to be a trip filled with rigorous activities or a trip bending towards complete relaxation and rejuvenation.

2. Personalized gifts.

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Don’t go for conventional eighteenth birthday gifts. Make one of your own. Keep it as personalized as you possibly can. Chart the last seventeen years of the birthday boy/ girl’s life and present it to him/ her in a creative manner. I’m sure it will be duly appreciated and cherished forever.

1. Beach Party. 


Who doesn’t like beaches? After all, it symbolizes everything romantic and beautiful. Plan a fun- filled night on the beach with your friends and family members. Swim in the ocean under the dark night sky adorned with twinkling stars and lay lazily on the warm sand of the beach. Eat to your heart’s content and while the night away singing and dancing!

Now, it has surely been established that eighteenth birthday party is important as it marks a turning point in every individual’s life. However, caution must be maintained at all times. Partying should not be reckless and unsafe. A certain decorum should be maintained for safety’s sake. It’s up to the individual to make the party as memorable as possible for he/ she will at some point of time turn back and reminiscence about the good old times.

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